Sheila Jackson-Lee Says Hurricanes should be Given "Black-Sounding" Names

I have no other recourse but to give you the entire article and my position as I read it on World Net Daily about Sheila Jackson-Lee’s latest campaign. I guess Ms. Jackson-Lee is trying to get on the good side of her constituents, but if you ask me, she’s perpetuating negative stereotypes. Read on…..

Do devastating hurricanes need help from affirmative action? A member of Congress apparently thinks so, and is demanding the storms be given names that sound “black.” The congressional newspaper the Hill reported this week that Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, feels that the current names are too “lily white,” and is seeking to have better representation for names reflecting African-Americans and other ethnic groups. Again, this is an insult to any decent, self-respecting, hardworking, law-abiding black citizens.

“All racial groups should be represented,” Lee said, according to the Hill. She hoped federal weather officials “would try to be inclusive of African-American names.” A sampling of popular names that could be used include Keisha, Jamal and Deshawn, according to the paper.
Jackson Lee’s call is brewing its own storm of response across America.

Enter Rush Limbaugh….

Radio talk-show giant Rush Limbaugh says he was having dinner with his wife when he first learned of the proposal. “I just threw up my hands. I said, ‘Has it come to this now?'” Limbaugh recounted on his show. “There’s discrimination and actually elected officials wandering around worried about the discrimination in the name of hurricanes. And hurricanes are destructive. You know nobody’s very excited when a hurricane’s heading their way, and yet here she is demanding that hurricanes be named after black people.

“You know it used to be that hurricanes were named only after women because they were destructive and unpredictable. And that’s the reason. The feminists grew upset about that, demanded that hurricanes be named after men, and so now, the civil rights leaders are demanding black names for hurricanes. (Let me interject, Sheila Jackson-Lee is no civil rights leader!)

Limbaugh continued his analysis, saying it was not the mainstream populace responsible for what he called the “Balkanization” of race relations in America. “It is these elected black leaders, the civil-rights coalitions – they’re the ones that keep causing all this racial divide, they’re the ones that keep calling attention to all this,” said Limbaugh. “They’re the ones that keep stirring this pot. They’re the ones who don’t want there to be any colorblind society. They’re the ones who keep being agitated and trying to agitate others over all this, and now it’s descended into the meaningless element of the names of hurricanes.”

Historical context….

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, hurricanes were for centuries named after the Catholic saints’ days on which the storms fell. In 1953, the United States abandoned as confusing a two-year-old plan to name storms by a phonetic alphabet (Able, Baker, Charlie) when a new, international phonetic alphabet was introduced. That year, weather services began using female names for storms.

The practice of naming hurricanes solely after women came to an end in 1978 when men’s and women’s names were included in the Eastern North Pacific storm lists. In 1979, male and female names were included in lists for the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.

Final thoughts……

Sheila Jackson-Lee and all the people who agree with her proposal are, in essence, perpetuating negative stereotypes about so-called black names. It is also idiotic for her to suggest that the emergency management service utilize speech that more in line with how blacks speak. It is insulting that she could stoop to such a level. How is Ebonics going to help blacks in this country? Are we so insecure as blacks that we want to have hurricanes named after us? Ms. Jackson Lee and her cronies are engaging in a dangerous pattern of behavior that reinforces the opinions and positions of people such as Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and Pat Buchanan, among others. Didn’t she learn anything from Hillary Clinton, who has worked tirelessly for issues that affect children? If a white person had such a proposal, the entire mainstream media and everyone else, would call them racists and even go as far as to start boycotts. The bottom line is that there are way more important issues for the government to address, such as stemming the escalating gas and food prices we are confounded with, massive job layoffs across all industries and ensuring that what happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina will never occur again. Just my thoughts, you be the judge…….

  • Renee

    It is also idiotic for her to suggest that the emergency management service utilize speech that more in line with how blacks speak.

    Yeah cause we all speak the same way right. All black people are poor and don’t know how to use proper english. Some people just need a mute button

  • Anonymous

    After reading the blog, I had to go to the congresswoman’s website. Interesting, and she does not sound/seem like an idiot.
    But since all of congress does some idiotic things from time to time, maybe it was just her turn.

    “Now, ya’ll best be gittin on down cellar, ’cause days a big ‘ol storm a-coming dat kin blows ya’ll house away.”

  • msladydeborah

    There is a point in time when enough is enough! Sheila Jackson-Lee has hit that point with this proposal.

    And to suggest that storms have “Black Sounding Names” is no less than insulting! Why?

    After having just gone through a series of kick butt storms in my home state, I do not care what the name of the storm is. The gender of the name is not important. Now Jackson-Lee wants to make it a black thang? Please!

    I do not know what her folks think in Texas about this suggestion. However, she better be glad that she does not represent the business of the O~State in Congress. Her pink slip would be in preparation by the next election.

    And if we wanted something with “Black Sounding Names”, how about a research facility, or library, schools or even a hospital.

    Ooops! That would indicate that the owner of the name would have accomplished enough to warrant that type of recognition.


    I agree with you renee! This is idiotic!

    And while this may be Jackson-Lee’s moment of irrelavant legislation…I ain’t buying it!

  • Janet Shan

    I actually liked Sheila Jackson-Lee and I admired her for her determination and tenacity, but I was really taken aback when she became embroiled in this ridiculous piece of legislation she is trying to insult blacks across this country with.

    Anonymous–your comments in “ebonics” was actually funny! Yes, this is her IDIOT moment and I hope she comes to her senses quickly.

    Renee–Her proposal is insulting to black people. Yes, she definitely needed a mute button when she dreamed that idea up.

    Msladydeborah–Ms. Jackson-Lee has just lowered many people’s opinion of her and that is sad.

    Thanks for the comments all!

  • Brother OMi

    this has to be a joke, right?

  • Janet Shan

    Brother Omi, sadly, this is no joke. It was over the news yesterday. She is actually the laughingstock in this. I think she has lowered the opinion of many about her. Boy, isn’t this a helluva comeback for her constituents after many felt she betrayed them when she supported Hillary Clinton despite their overwhelming votes in the primary for Obama.

  • Anonymous

    sheila jackson-lee aka best friend of missy billary: With ALL the other VERY IMPORTANT matters/issues that are going on in Texas & in the rest of the world – say- economic, housing catastrophes, levees breaking and flooding agricultural lands, ever-soaring gas prices, hurricanes/tornadoes/cyclones/violent storms reaking havoc on millions of people, an ineffective FEMA, a bankrupt Red Cross, oh, and an African-American presumptive Democratic nominee who your constituents supported overwhelmingly over missy billary who tried to ruin him- to name a few, when do you have time to think on such non-sensical drivvel? And you are being paid [quite well] to do THIS???
    People in Texas, it is soooooo time for a replacement!! Please elect someone who will address YOUR problems/concerns.
    I wish I could be shocked at the time she used to put this mess on paper and to present it to adults. But, obviously, she has nothing else to do. She who “plays in the snow” is now trying to “blacken a hurricane” rather than the White House.
    She is to be pitied!

  • Brown Man

    I’m late to the party but this was HILARIOUS!!

    I laughed out loud as I pictured the weatherman – “Hurricane Dontavious is a hundred miles north of Miami, and a tropical storm is just above Puerto Rico, with winds that are starting gust up to eighty miles an hour…”

  • Anonymous

    Hurrican Young Breezy is a coming fo yo ass so moo bitch get out da way get out day moo bitch get out da way get out da way! Dat Breezy ain’t blowing so eazy. Dat mutha fucker coming straight outta compton with some serious knock out power fool. My cussin Nay Nay say it blowing at about a benjamin plus fitty, so that shit b serious nigga. Category 2 Pac…Thug life… and fo those who don’t konw you better ask somebody.

    And fo tho niggas who aint leaving, watch you shit nigga cuz they be looting.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I can hear it now: A weatherman in Houston reports…

    “Wazzup, mutha-fukkas! Hehr-i-cane Chamiqua be headin’ fo’
    yo ass like Leroy on a crotch rocket! Bitch be a category
    fo’! So grab yo’ chirren, yo’ Ho, be leavin yo crib, and
    head fo’ da nearest guv’ment office fo yo FREE shit!”

  • Stupid Git

    A few months back a friend was complaining about how two black girls moved in across the hall and how that meant there would be all kinds of problems. I was truly offended by his assumption that just because they were black that they’d cause problems. To my dismay they ended up getting busted for running a prostitution service from the apartment… Dammit!

    It’s so frustrating when so much effort in erasing negative stereotypes can be erased by the actions of a few morons.

    Looks like the National Weather Service may need to take this class on how to talk to black people:

  • Yellowcat

    I realize it’s late to be responding to this, but given the recent spate of hurricanes affecting Texas and the Gulf Coast, this article has been resurrected in in-boxes everywhere.

    When I read this, my first thought was, “Barbara Jordan would be utterly dismayed.” This type of inane pettiness is so unworthy of serious legislative consideration and a waste of precious time and taxpayers’ money.

    Indulging in silliness like this further lowers public perception of politicians, assuming that’s possible. Especially damaging is the fact that it gives those who look for such things yet more ammunition in their attacks on the credentials of African-American politicians.

    This is hardly in the realm of sober, serious, thoughtful legislature, and only serves to trivialize the efforts of those who promote genuine, positive changes.

    Ms Jackson-Lee did herself and her community no favors with this one.

  • Anonymous

    It’s amazing what people will waste their time on when there are much more important things to do.

    Does anyone really want a hurricane named after them? My lily-white niece Katrina isn’t exactly thrilled that her name is now infamous with a hurricane that destroyed New Orleans and several other cities.

  • really????

    would she like this in the news…..Wazzup, bro, Hehr-i-cane Chamiqua be headin’ fo’ yo ass like Leroy on a rocket!Bitch be a category fo’! So, turn off dem chitlins, grab yo’ chirren, leave yo crib, and head fo’ de nearest FEMA office fo yo FREE s— .
    What kind of crap is this? This lady needs to get a life

    • Susceptible Emilio


    • John

      She needs to get an education Period.

  • Yvette Clarke

    Hurricanes destroy communities…makes sense!

  • Nitro229

    What a dumb ass article

    • John

      No the article illuninate a Dumb Arse, a real moron. I think Maxine waters might be smarter?

  • shoquel

    people like her is what keeps racism up and running. it makes me sick to think that this is what you get for an elected official. i agree please try hard to get a life and be more normal

    • Shoquel — She is one of the least credible black lawmakers on Capitol Hill.