Pastor Anthony Hopkins of Mobile Charged with Murdering his Wife after her Body Found in Freezer in His Home

Freezer murder suspect preaches

Well, another pastor has bitten the dust. This is such a heinous crime that if he is found guilty, he deserves the death penalty. The alleged murderous scumbag is Pastor Anthony Hopkins, who was leading a revival in a small church on the outskirts of Jackson, Ala., when police discovered the body of a woman, presumed to be his wife Arletha Hopkins, stuffed in a freezer at his house in Mobile. According to the Press-Register, the police acting on a tip given by Hopkins’ daughter, the eldest of eight children, said they knew where to look and what they were likely to find when they searched the Rylands Street house. He was also charged with sexually abusing his eldest daughter.

Mobile Police Chief Phillip Garrett said that the corpse looked like it had been in the freezer for “quite a while.” He said that it is unclear exactly how long she had been in the freezer , but nobody has heard from Arletha Hopkins in more than three years.

Funny, it seems as though he had a premonition of what was to come because he spoke about forgiveness during his last sermon. Hopkins told the congregation that his eldest daughter had left the house.”He said he told her she had to do what she had to do,” Jackson said. Looking at his seven children, “He asked them to forgive him for his sins: past, present and future.” If he is guilty of killing his wife and of the rape and sodomy of his daughter, he deserves to the death penalty in no uncertain terms. What is going on in this country? So many people have lost their way.

  • LennieG

    I agree 100% that he needs the death penalty on this one. He even sodomized his own child. Sick puppy.

  • Janet Shan

    I hope he becomes someone’s girl when he goes to prison. I hope his oldest daughter will get the counseling she needs to get her life on track. She must be so traumatized. I give her credit for getting up the courage to turn this monster in.

  • Anonymous

    How is it that no one called the police after she was missing for several years. Didn’t the kids or neighbors or church members notice she was missing? Those poor kids, hiding that secret for so long.

  • Anonymous

    I am of the opinion that ALL preachers have some skeletons in their closets, some being more literal than others.