Derek Black, Son of Racist Don Black Wins Seat on Palm Beach County Executive Committee, Only to be Kicked Off

The Chloe Black racist connection rears its ugly head again. This was the woman who served as an administrator at a school for blacks and Latino kids in Florida. Well, another family member has joined the fray. Derek Black, the son of Chloe Black’s husband, former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, Don Black, caused some controversy in the GOP. On Tuesday, he easily won a seat on the Republican Executive Committee in Palm Beach County. The committee kicked him off yesterday based on his family’s notorious racial hatred past.

“Well, I don’t know why he wants us,” said Chairman Sid Dinerstein. “But for sure we don’t want him, and we’re not going to have him.”Black’s father, Don, runs the racial hate Web site StormFront. The Web site is run out of a West Palm Beach house, where Derek, Don and Chloe Black live. Chloe Black is the former wife of white supremacist politician David Duke. Dinerstein said as soon as the committee realized who the Blacks were, it disqualified Derek Black because the committee said he hadn’t signed the party’s loyalty oath. The oath, according to Dinerstein, said members won’t engage in any activities that might be injurious to the Republican Party.

Derek Black said he’s not a Klansman. But, according to ABC affiliate, WPBF-TV, when he was 12 years old, USA Today did a feature story about how he wrote a children’s page for his father’s Web site. It was unclear whether Derek Black was still working with his father on the Web site.

These people have been in the news lately, but the committee did the right thing. There is no room for such racial bigotry in any organization that represents the public. These people are nuts, if they think any decent person would sit by and let them sink their hooks into our society and try to effect change without a fight. The young man says that he is not racist, but yet he cannot identify one ideological difference between his father and the KKK. So, in my opinion, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it is a duck. These people have no place in elected office to make decisions that could affect all races. I don’t care how seemingly insignificant the office is, they have no business trying to effect any change.

  • Anonymous

    Derek Black Fights for his Constitutional Right to take his Legally-Elected office.

  • glpjr1

    I’m concerned with the conclusionary aspects of your comments. In a two party country, de facto, why shouldn’t Derek Black have a voice in the politics that affect his life? When you registered to vote as a Republican or a Democrat, did they ask you to declare your personal beliefs? Would you ok if they said you couldn’t vote because your beliefs didn’t line up with the party line?

    Derek Black was ELECTED to office by the Republicans in his precinct. Do you actually think those voters don’t have a right to be represented by whichever Republican they desire?

    Honestly, here we have a young man trying to lawfully, honorably, and selected by the voters, trying to enter the mainstream political debate, and because you don’t like his beliefs, he should be barred, in your opinion. I KNOW you know just how wrong that is.

  • Anonymous

    How can you say this man doesn’t deserve his elected seat based on his perceived ties? Is this a democracy or what? Do we condemn without trial? Being the son of a White supremacist is now a crime? If he were a member of the Black panthers and was denied his elected seat you would all be rioting in the streets but since he has ties to a White supremacist it’s ok to deny him his constitutional rights. You should all be ashamed.

  • Anonymous

    I just can not figure out why the promotion of “Black, Hispanic, Jewish” causes are mainstream acceptable while the promotion of “White” causes is ALWAYS racist in itself. Answers anyone???

  • Anonymous

    What would happen if this were the son of a Black Panther? If I am not mistaken, that too is a racist group.

    Would that be ok with you? Or would you be calling every lawyer and the ACLU?

    I am not racist by any means, but I do believe what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • Anonymous

    You said:

    “These people are nuts, if they think any decent person would sit by and let them sink their hooks into our society and try to effect change without a fight.”

    I say:

    That’s exactly the way we feel about Obama. He ignored the desire of 18 million people by NOT selecting Clinton as his running mate. A fight you desire? A fight you shall have. Moreover, don’t say “our” in an all inclusive context. There is no “our”, there never has been, there never will be….

    Derek Black and his family are not crazy for wanting to serve in office and represent “US”. He’s been elected, he’s going to serve, and the Jewish supremacists in Florida can not deny him that right. The voters have spoken. You don’t have to like it. Though, we all know, when Obama loses this election, blacks will riot.

  • Anonymous

    This is a Democracy. Not a Dinerstein-ocracy. Sid Dinerstein should get ready to be booted out of office for thinking he is the ‘big bagel’ in Florida.

    How intolerant of the “tolerant” Mr. Dinerstein to act like Hitler.

  • Dan

    A democratically elected representative should be allowed to take up his post, simple. Not allowing him to do so shows the contempt for democracy extremist jews like Dinerstein represent.

  • Anonymous

    welcome to racism agaist whites in 2008 America… and it will only get worse as time goes on. the bottom line is that being a proud unapoligetic white American will earn you the title “racist” and “nazi” everytime… whereas the liberals are the real intolerant ones who by definition define Fascism to the T.

  • WardKendall

    Anyone wishing to fully understand the white nationalist issue should first begin by reading the novel listed in the attached banner. Then everything will become clear.