Omhari Sengstacke Arrested, Charged With Bringing Gun to Barack Obama’s Home

According to the Chicago Sun Times, Omhari Sengstacke, 31, and the grandson of late Chicago Defender publisher John Sengstacke, was arrested after an officer found a handgun in a vehicle he parked near Barack Obama’s South Side home. Omhari, a convicted felon, has been charged with unlawful use of a weapon by a felon and criminal trespassing to state land.

According to the Secret Service, Sengstacke did not make any threats against Obama. According to the Sun Times, some of Sengstacke’s family members said in a statement that Omhari wasn’t attempting to harm the Obamas, adding that they reside in the area and are supporters of the candidate.Obama was home at the time of the arrest, but flew to Florida later in the morning.

Sengstacke has a 2004 theft conviction for stealing a cell phone and a 2006 forgery conviction for trying to buy clothing with a fake traveler’s check. He received probation for both offenses.

At about 5 a.m. today, Sengstacke drove up to the security perimeter around Obama’s home in the Kenwood neighborhood. He was told to leave and drove away, but returned, police said. An officer searched his vehicle and recovered the gun as well as a bulletproof vest, a law enforcement source said.

Sengstacke’s grandfather, John Sengstacke, was publisher of the Defender for decades until his death in 1997. Omhari Sengstacke visited the White House in 2001 to witness his grandfather posthumously receive the Congressional Medal of Honor from President Bill Clinton.

The Defender, founded in 1905, once boasted a circulation of about 250,000 and was credited with starting the migration of blacks to the North. But the paper’s daily circulation slid to about 25,000 by the time of Sengstacke’s death. A company controlled by one of John Sengstacke’s nephews took over the paper in 2003.

I am not going to accuse this guy of anything, but it seems strange that he was outside Mr. Obama’s house with a loaded gun and a bulletproof vest. To make matters worst, he left and came back. According to the latest media reports, he reportedly wanted to ask Barack Obama for a job. So, do you take a gun and a bulletproof vest with you? Hmmm. Something stinks here and the real truth is bound to come out.

  • Anonymous

    Omhari does not seem like a very bright person….perhaps his time in jail will lend him perspective.

  • Anonymous

    It was very sad for me to see the whole ordeal with the guy in Florida, who wanted to assassinate Obama… and now this not so bright guy… Seriously, what is the world coming to?

    We are the US of A, a collective nation of free people from all backgrounds, race, and walks of life — this is what makes us so unique from any other nation in the world.

    I am an Asian-American and I support Obama because he IS the Change that America needs. Obama represents ALL of us and what we hope for our future and our children’s futures.

    McCain is the Evil Demon and is known to throw some of the worst temper tantrums (it’s a FACT!!! Ask the press, any Political Advisor who has followed him through the years, or anyone who knows/works/or has worked for him).

    I seriously hope Obama puts in a few soft verbal blows during their debate to push McCain over the edge — then maybe the whole world will see his true colors and the Evil Demon he really is.