Sarah Palin Attends Five Colleges in Six Years Before Graduating

I am trying really hard to take the high road with Gov. Sarah Palin, but the news articles keep getting really crazy. The latest news is really somewhat baffling. According to the Huffington Post, Mrs. Palin attended five colleges in six years before graduating from the University of Idaho in 1987. None of the schools could say why she transferred. Great, if John McCain prevails in the Fall, this is who is next in line for the presidency should something happens to him. More importantly, this revelations speaks to the vetting process she underwent. According to Huffington Post, it seems as though there is no indication that any of these schools were considered as part of the background check of Palin by the McCain campaign.

So here’s the background on her college-hopping. Palin was born in Idaho. Her family moved when she was only a few months old to Alaska, where she was raised. She began college at Hawaii Pacific University, a private, nonsectarian school in Honolulu. She attended only as a freshman during the fall of 1982. Then known as Sarah Louise Heath, she was in the business administration program as a full-time student.

From Hawaii Pacific, Palin transferred to North Idaho College, a two-year school in Coeur d’Alene, about 30 miles east of Spokane. She attended the college as a general studies major for two semesters, in spring 1983 and fall 1983. From North Idaho College, she transferred 70 miles south to the University of Idaho, the state’s flagship institution. She majored in journalism with an emphasis in broadcast news. She attended Idaho from fall 1984 to spring 1985. She then returned to Alaska to attend Matanuska-Susitna College in Palmer in fall 1985.

Then she returned to Idaho, for spring 1986, fall 1986 and spring 1987, when she graduated. Despite her journalism degree, she does not appear to have worked for the college newspaper or campus television station, school officials said. She worked briefly as a sportscaster for KTUU in Anchorage after she graduated college.

Is it me, or is this a sign of a flip-flopper? No wonder she couldn’t focus on the issues last night. She calls herself a pitbull? Hmmm, I beg to differ!

  • Pelmo

    This is mud raking at it’s finest. Could it just possibly be she attended those schools because of the courses that they offered and she could not get at the other schools.

    If she kept dropping out without finishing her courses at those schools, then I could understand your point. But this is just a smear.

    To save money my daughter attended several community colleges to get her prereqesites completed befor going to the University of Illinois to major in teaching.

    I would call that quite smart as she saved me thousands of dollars.

    How low will all these liberal blogs go in trying to smear this woman.

  • Air-Cooled Head

    Gotta agree. That’s just muck-raking. I attended 6 schools over 9 years before I got my degree. Between the financial burden of college, and “life” getting in the way, many, many folks can’t/don’t get it done in four consecutive years. So? My sister-in-law took 12 years to get her Masters. In that same timeframe, my niece got a Bachelors & 2 Masters.

    It does amaze me how the media will magnify ANYTHING about a candidate into some big “NEWS” story; like it really makes a diff! Who would possibly change their vote because of this “NEWS”?

  • Janet Shan

    Pelmo, Air-Cooled Head — How is this different from what has been done to Barack Obama by the right wing media? Secondly, doesn’t this speak to the vetting process the McCain campaign did on Mrs. Palin? Seems a little odd that they reportedly never contacted any of the schools.

    I know things happen in life and people sometimes have to switch schools for whatever reason. I went to three schools and got three degrees–BS, BA, MBA. To get one degree from five schools is a bit much to me, no offense meant, Air-Cooled Head.

    Guys, thanks for the comments. They are greatly appreciated.

  • Brother OMi

    i don’t even want to talk about my collegiate history, but ANY of my professors will tell you they wanted to keep me in each of their schools. many begged and offered scholarships. so transferring to several schools (something many married college students do) is not a sign of flip flopping. ask my wife, she will tell you i am the last cat to flip flop.