Bobby May, McCain Campaign Chair in Buchanan County, Va., Writes Racist Editorial About Barack Obama

I came across a totally ridiculous and insulting editorial written by Bobby May, John McCain campaign chair in Buchanan County, Virginia. He is also the treasurer and former correspondence secretary of the Buchanan County Republican Party. He published this newspaper column, which contained an overtly racist attack against Barack Obama. The column appeared in The Voice, the local newspaper. He wrote that if Barack Obama was elected president, the following would occur:

“FREEDOM OF RELIGION: Mandatory Black Liberation Theology classes taught in all churches – raise taxes to pay for this mandate. Put Rev. Jeremiah Wright in charge….”

“DRUG CRISIS: Raise taxes to pay for free drugs for Obama’s inner-city political base….”

“2ND AMENDMENT: Under Obama will only apply to gang-bangers, illegal aliens, Islamo-Fascist terrorists, and Senator Jim Webb’s aide….”

“FOREIGN RELATIONS: Appoint Rev. Al Sharpton as Secretary of State, Jesse Jackson as UN Representative, and let Bill Clinton handle all other “foreign relations” … As long as Hillary doesn’t find out…!”

“THE WHITE HOUSE: Hire rapper Ludacris to “paint it black.” Taxes to be increased to buy enough paint for the job plus spray-paint for graffiti….”

“THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES: Raise taxes to send $845 billion, most of it to Africa so the Obama family there can skim off enough for them to free their goats and live the American Dream….”

“NATIONAL ANTHEM: Change to the “Black National Anthem” by James Weldon Johnson….”

“US CURRENCY: Update photos to reflect US diversity; include pictures of “great Americans” such as Oprah Winfrey, Ludacris, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Paris Hilton, and Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson (Obama’s new Secretary of the Treasury – 50 Cent refused position after learning that he would lose his crazy check if he accepted the nomination)….”

“US FLAG: Replace 50 stars with a star and crescent logo; red stripes changed to green to represent Obama’s tree-hugging radical environmentalism and his lack of experience. Flag lapel pins, having become a substitute for “real patriotism,” will henceforth be banned….”

“STATEHOOD: Extend statehood to the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Kenya, Cuba, Palestine, Freedonia, Bugtussle and the ‘Free state of McDowell’ and raise taxes…”

“THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES: Raise taxes to send $845 billion, send most to Africa so that the Obama family there can skim off enough to allow them to free their goats and live the American Dream…”

To read more on this totally ridiculous rant, CLICK HERE.

At the end of his column May challenged Obama to meet him on “County Talk,” a Friday morning talk show on radio station WMJD 100.7 in Grundy VA. You may email Mr. May at (tel. 276-881-8788) or you may also contact the The Voice at (tel. 276-881-8886).

  • : JustaDog

    I find more truth to what you claim is racist than any lies. The only dump part is the money and flag part – sounding a bit more like Saturday Night Live.

    Obama does have a record of diverting money to inner-city project that don’t help people but give them false hope. Ask anyone on the South side of Chicago.

    2nd Amemdment: Obama already has his “truth squads” activated to attack using liberal judges and DAs anyone that gives an opinion his clan deem as “untrue” – so much for freedom of speech.

    3rd world countries: Obama has alreday authored a bill to deplete Americans of over $500,000,000 toward global poverty act – countries he will pick and choose to send our money to.

    Nothing racist here, just sort of like a combo of Saturday Night Live (which you endorse if is jokes about Palin) and reality.

    Perhaps you are being racist because it was a white man saying these things?

  • Janet Shan

    Justadog — I would not even dignify your ridiculous accusations about me being racist with a comment. I stand by my position and that’s final.

  • David


    I am not sure you understand which Amendment the 2nd one is. And God forbid we give money to help other countries!

  • : JustaDog

    If you want to give your money to other countries then by all means do so.

    I am just against a growing government raping my bank account and giving it away to their person friends in other nations.

    No accountability, nothing in return.

  • IceBrain

    Yeah, it's much better to spend it in useless & never ending wars.

  • : JustaDog

    No, it should go back to the American’s that paid this growing government.

    Shrink the government by 30%, dump the socialist programs like the ones that got American’s into the current mess, and – like Gov. Palin says – let the American people be the best judge of where to spend their money.

  • Anonymous

    The Buchanan County GOP tried to hide their Web site but for some reason this page is still up –

    George Bush’s “holy war”, Michelle Obama is “anti-white”, and Barack is part of a “tide of the anti-Christ actions”…

    It’s truly scary.

    Take a screenshot before they find a way to take this page down too.

  • Anonymous

    McCain did the right thing and fired this idiot!