Brandon Starks, 20, Shot and Killed by Store Clerk in Grocery Store Robbery, Mother Says Shooting was not Right

As a mother, I don’t want to see any thing untoward happen to my kids and I can certainly appreciate Veda Starks position regarding the shooting death of her son Brandon Starks. The problem is that this young man was committing a crime and he literally put his life in jeopardy. According to the Chicago Sun Times, his mother condemned the shooting that took his life and questioned why the store clerk of the People’s Market, who shot him outside the store did not call the police instead. Well, he should have thought twice before robbing the store.

According to the Sun Times, while questioning the clerk’s actions, she didn’t condone her son’s behavior.”I don’t excuse what he did,” she said, even as she described him as a “sweet person” who was trying to straighten out his life following his Sept. 19 release from prison. Well, let me interject my opinion– if he was trying to straighten out his life, he wouldn’t have committed another crime. Sweet person my foot. Why do these people always paint the criminals as sweet people? If he was sweet he wouldn’t still be engaging in a life of crime. I am all for second chances because we are not perfect, but to be released from prison not even two months ago and to go back the same thing speaks volumes to his attitude.

The police on Wednesday disclosed new details of the shooting, including disclosing the fact that the clerk fired seven shots at Starks as he tried to escape after the holdup on a bicycle. A bicycle. Please. According to the Sun Times, much of the shooting was captured by several security cameras. Police are still looking for a second man they believe aided Starks, but didn’t enter the store. Personally, I don’t think the store clerk should be charged in this crime. The scumbag got what he deserved. My deepest sympathies are with his mother for what he brought on himself and is putting her through. Just my thoughts, you be the judge…….

  • Cheri T.

    Hey Janet,

    Thanks for posting this story. I’ve been so deep in politics that I hadn’t heard of it.

    Perhaps I might sound too hard by saying this,but I absolutely DO NOT think that the clerk should be prosecuted.

    People need to find a way to teach their kids to be upstanding members of the community,andcut the thuggery out. While I feel for the mother’s loss, I have very little empathy for adverse events that occur in the process of comitting a crime. Hemade a bad decision and paid for it with his life. End of story.

    The lady that lives next door to my grandmother had a son who met a similar fate during criminal activity. His death was caused when a fridge he was in the process of stealing fell on him. Go figure…