Matt Drudge, Creator of The Drudge Report, Loses Grip on the U.S. Media

I came across a very interesting commentary in the Financial Times newspaper. It seems that Matt Drudge has lost his edge. Everything negative that he has reported about Barack Obama has literally backfired. Doesn’t this remind you of the “Teflon President” Ronald Reagan? Well, the article states that it was a shocker in the tradition of Mr Drudge’s scare stories and hyped-up trivia about Democratic candidates in US presidential campaigns, to go with past items about John Edwards’ $400 haircut and John Kerry’s windsurfing. This time, however, it was not merely tendentious but false. I actually wrote about Matt Drudge featuring a picture of Barack Obama kissing a white woman in Ohio. It seems that Drudge was trying to start a fire, where there was none. Barack Obama’s mother is white. Since when kissing a white woman became a big deal. Was he trying to remind us of Jim Crow? That was a cheap shot.

Drudge has spent the past month blatantly cherry-picking poll results that favor John McCain, to the loud derision of Obama-supporting blogs, of which Black Political Thought is one. He deliberately shows poll results for one group of voters and not the others. Drudge has cried wolf so often in recent weeks and it is a real shame.

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