NY City Transit Cop Comes Forward To Tell Account Of Alleged Sodomy Of Michael Mineo By Eight Cops

I deliberately waited a few days before writing about the latest alleged case of police brutality in New York City. The latest twist in this sodomy assault comes as a NYPD transit cop breaks ranks to implicate his fellow officers and is offering to tell what he saw the afternoon Michael Mineo allegedly said he was sodomized on a subway platform.

According to the NY Daily News, the cop’s account of what happened “is bad” for the other three officers accused by Michael Mineo of sodomizing him with a radio antenna on a Brooklyn subway platform Oct. 15. The transit cop’s lawyer is talking with the Brooklyn district attorney’s office about his client coming forward to give his version of events.

A little background…. Three patrol cops from Brooklyn’s 71st Precinct chased Mineo after supposedly seeing him smoking a marijuana cigarette. The transit cop arrived as Mineo was arrested, sources said. Mineo, 24, was issued a summons for disorderly conduct and released.

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes called a grand jury to investigate the incident based on Mineo’s medical records and the divergent witness accounts. Mineo was hospitalized four days after the incident, and released Tuesday after another, five-day stint in the hospital. All officers remain on full duty.

It would be sad if this is another Abner Louima-type case. It seems the New York’s Finest has been called on this type of behavior before. I will reserve judgment and wait until the facts in the case are revealed. I seem to recall Sean Hannity and others saying that Abner Louima had engaged in rough gay sex, but that was farthest from the truth and he went on to receive the largest settlement in New York City history for police brutality. Let me also remind you that the Justin Volpe, the ringleader, was imprisoned for what he did to Mr. Louima. I must applaud this transit cop for coming forward to tell his story. So many times, there seems to be a brotherhood among police that they will not squeal on each other.

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