Shannon Braithwaite, 16, Brutally Murdered By Cousin, Tiana Browne, 15, Who is a Troubled Teen

This tragedy literally shook me to the core of my being. Marva Braithwaite’s generosity towards a troubled teenage cousin ended in the death of her own daughter. Tiana Browne, described by the NY Daily News as a chronic runaway brutally stabbed her cousin 16-year old honor student Shannon Braithwaite and was remorseless, according to the police. Tiana Brown, 15, stabbed her cousin 29 times and slashed her throat inside the Crown Heights apartment of Ms. Braithwaite. She had taken the child in two days earlier.

“She had some issues, but I didn’t think killing people was one of them,” Marva Braithwaite told the Daily News on Wednesday. “She killed a beautiful girl, my daughter. I don’t ever want Browne to see daylight again.”

According to the NY Daily News, Browne was calm and unrepentant when she was arrested carrying a cell phone, camera and MP3 player belonging to the victim. A police source said that she even swiped the sneakers off Shannon’s feet as the dying teen’s blood spilled on the floor of the apartment foyer. What an animal. According to media reports, she acted as if she hadn’t just killed someone. Like nothing happened.

The horrified mother, who had left the teens alone in the apartment, returned to find her quiet church-going daughter lying in a pool of blood on Tuesday afternoon. Browne moved in Sunday night with the Braithwaites after running away from home for a second time in 14 months, authorities said.

“Tiana’s mother said she couldn’t control her, and asked the victim’s mother if she could help straighten her out,” the police source said. “So this poor woman takes Tiana into her home – and this is what happened.” This child did not have to die at the hands of this scumbag. Good Lord, what went wrong with this kid for her to harbor such violent intentions, which actual led the murder of this promising teenager. The victim was a member of the Knicks City Kids dance team. An ‘A’ student, she was a sophomore at Vanguard High School in Manhattan and spent the summer working at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. She was clearly on a mission to make something of herself. Marva Braithwaite walked into the carnage after a trip to the bank to cash Shannon’s final paycheck. No parent should have to go through this and I hope this kid will be locked away from decent, law-abiding people for the rest of her life. What a travesty! I cannot believe that no-one heard any screams coming from this apartment when this beautiful young girl was fighting for her life.

  • Beatriz

    I graduated from Vanguard High School last year. Shannon was in my advisory and in my spanish class the year before. She was such a sweet person, never hesitating to say hello. I remember sitting with her during advisory and giving her advice about school. She will be missed terribly! I can not believe someone would harm her like that. How is it possible that someone can have so much hate towards another human being, especially someone like Shannon?

  • DNLee

    that is sad. she must have been out of her mind – and not at all remorseful. She owes that woman a debt of her life.

  • Janet Shan

    Beatriz — I am sorry that you have lost such an exemplary young lady. It is really tragic that her mother had good intentions when she allowed her cousin to move in with them. It literally shook me to the core because that should never have happened to this family. It is, indeed, a tragic turn of events.

    DnLee — I agree with you 100 percent. I think an insanity plea could be in the works here. I have asked the same question, how could someone be filled with such rage. She stabbed her cousin 29 times and slashed her throat. She died in a violent manner and what’s even more tragic is that it is at the hands of a relative. Terrible. No mother should ever have to deal with such a terrible loss.

    Thanks for your comments.

  • Anonymous

    R.I.P Shannon. We miss u

  • Anonymous

    r.i.p. Shannon,,

  • Blog Queen

    Chills…nothing but chills all over me. This was so senseless.

  • Anonymous

    That’s my 2nd cousin there……i live in jamaica and heard of it……that cousin need help….R.I.P SHANNON . Condolences to the mom from ur cousins, father and aunts.

  • Anonymous

    I am a freshman at Vanguard h.s. and did not know shannon personally but what happened to her is horrible. Many people that did not even know her, as well as myself, cried to show love for a girl that definitely did not deserve to die at this age or in this way. It seemed as if she put a smile on peoples faces where ever she went and moved people with her dancing. At Vanguard High School we all treat each other like family so it was as if loosing someone of your own blood. I breaks my heart at the fact that I never got to meet her the way i wish I could’ve. ~R.I.P SHANNON~ you will always be remembered…

  • : JustaDog

    America is experiencing serious breakdowns from moral failings on many levels. But none of these is more serious than the breakdown of our families. As the family goes… so goes America.

    In the black community, the breakdowns began in the Sixties and are culminating in an anti-American, government-dependent culture today and in the racist “victim” mentality so prevalent even in the black church.

    This fatherless spirit is growing into all American communities. You will not recognize America in the near future if we don’t stop these trends.

    Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson
    Founder and President, BOND

    (An intelligent black man – just one of many that are so way better than Barack Obama)

  • Anonymous

    I'm a sophomore & i experienced THE MOST depressing day at school today. It was really overwhelming. Shannon was such a great person. ALWAYYYYYSSSSSSSSS smiling. she will truly be missed. It hurts to see our small family-like community going through all of this ! It hurts. It Hurts real baddd. R.I.P Baby Girl your vibrant smile & vibrant personality will be missedd ! you loved to dance & youu still will, but now with dhe angels baby girl !

  • Anonymous

    shannon is my 2nd cousin and she truelly was a great person… i havent seen her in years but we grew up together before we both moved…when i heard about this i almost broke down to think that tiana would do this 2 shannon. i knew n heard stories of the runaway tiana but ive nevr met her i never wish 2 meet her…but i pray that marva has all tha possible strength 2 go ahead in life…i love u shannon 4ever n i pray ur soul rests in peace…

  • Lighthouseu.m.p


  • Chasity

    I also graduated form Vanguard high school Last year, Shannon was the sweetest girl at vanguard. She never had any problems, and she was "never fully dressed with out a smile". That song reminds me of her so much. She loved & cared for everyone. I wil miss you so much babygirl ! i love you

  • Anonymous

    I knew Tiana personally never a day in this life would i think she would do something so harsh i mean my friends and i had problems with her and to really think about it she couldve done this to any of us. this is a devasting story i mean to this day on i still cant believe my use to be friend Tiana friend killed some one her own cousin. i didnt know shannon but Tiana will never be forgotten R.I.P Shannon Tiana will pay not today not tommorrow but one day cause god dont love ugly

  • I’ll tell you what went wrong with Tiana Browne. First, Tiana was doing well at school. However, she was violently raped repeatedly as a child and the guy was never prosecuted. After those sexual assaults, she changed completely. She started running away. She started acting out and she started losing her mind. Second, Tiana was being raised by her grandmother and step-grandfather. Then, she found out that her “grandfather” was actually her father! He had raped her mother when she was 15 years old. Her grandmother knew this and yet still allowed the rapist to stay around the family AND Tiana. That was more than Tiana could take.

    The grandmother asked the aunt to take her in, but at that point Tiana had already learned that her feelings were meaningless. So I’m not saying that she did the right thing, but it isn’t hard to see that the adults around her didn’t always act in her best interest before she got to her aunt’s home. Can you imagine being violently sexually assaulted as a child, not having your mom around and then finding out that your grandfather is actually your rapist-father? I can’t imagine that. However, that was Tiana’s life. Sadly, she never got the help she needed to work through the rage she likely felt.

    • No excuse

      I completely understand the girl went through a lot growing up. So did I. Parents divorced when I was five. Following that my siblings and I had a long string of men brought in and out of our lives, we’re put last on our mothers priority list, and had to hear our mom and dad fight everytime we were around them both. Happens everyday right? Imagine the pain that causes a bunch of 5 year olds. At thirteen, my very own cousin molested me, three times, right there in my bedroom in my fathers house. Fast forward a few years, despite the hard times, I’ve graduated high school and am in college. I was raped not once, but twice. By guys who were supposed to be my “friends”. What am I doing these days, not even a full year after the second rape.? I’m working, STILL enrolled in college, and carrying on with my life, as difficult ad it may be. So, honey. A rough upbringing and rape is absolutely no excuse to kill anyone, much less someone who was nothing but kind to you.

    • MO

      I understand she went through a lot in her life..but that’s no excuse..there are other people out there who have gone through just as mush if not more than her and they don’t turn into killers..

  • josh

    So i get raped say the hell with it and go kill my cousin who is trying to help, please get a clue…