Disgraceful: FBI investigates hundreds of false claims by phony war heroes

Of all the things that people could lie about, I find it most despicable that someone would lie about service to the country and medals received:

“I think it is disgusting,” said Mike Sanborn, a former Marine and the FBI agent currently in charge of tracking down phony war heroes.

Sanborn said he has been alerted to more than 200 cases of phony heroes in the last year and he says the problem is growing because of the two-front war — in Iraq and Afghanistan — that Americans are fighting. Source: ABC News

According to reports, most people under investigation used phony claims of being a war hero in order to to receive fraudulent disability payments. Not only should people found guilty of this crime be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, I also believe that their photo should be posted up on a website like they do deadbeat parents.

And since these folks took upon themselves to lie about their service in the armed forces, perhaps it might be fitting for them to actually be made to join up. Even if they aren’t physically fit to serve in combat, I say give ’em a desk job so that they can know what it’s like to be in the service. You want to lie about being in the service? Fine, now you’re in the service–deal with it!

What do you think should happen to people who make fraudulent claims of war hero status in order to get a disability check?