Sandra Renia Joseph Accused of Murdering Son, 11-Year-Old Samuel Utomeh, With Her Suzuki SUV

What could possess a mother to take the life of her child is beyond me. Well, Sandra Renia Joseph of Louisiana is accused of doing just that. She has been arrested and charged with the murder of her son, Samuel Utomeh, who was 11-years-old. This precious baby did not deserve what his mother did to him. This case will shock even the toughest cop who has to investigate this horrific crime. You might ask how this child was murdered. She used her SUV to do it and to make matters worst, this woman was a member of law enforcement. She was a cop.

The incident occurred Saturday morning. At around 9:15am on February 21, a call came into the Saint Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office. A woman said she was walking along a rural road when she noticed a silver Suzuki SUV with extensive front damage. She said the driver told her to contact the police because she had just run over her son.

When the authorities arrived at the scene, they say the driver said the same thing to them – that she had run over her son. They also allege she directed them to his body. The victim was found next to a barn near the road. Samuel Utomeh was 11-years-old. According to the police, there were multiple points of impact that caused severe blunt force trauma to the child. His mother, Sandra Renia Joseph, was charged with first-degree murder. The 49-year-old is being held without bond. Source: CNN

This is a tragedy of untold proportions. This woman deserves the death penalty. She needs to be rammed with a Mack truck instead of a SUV. I don’t care what demons she may have been confronting. I call on the people of her community, to call for her to be fired from her job or suspended without pay. She was a police officer from 1985 to 1990 and now works at the Louisiana Department of Social Services. Right, imagine her trying to help another kid who is the victim of abuse. Nobody, absolutely no-one deserves to die like this and perhaps, worst of all, at the hands of a parent. That is simply reprehensible.