LaHeather Wilson, mom whose 7-month-old son died after being left in car over night didn’t call 9-1-1, high on Rx drugs

In our original article written by Janet Shan (reposted here), we told you how LaHeather Wilson allegedly left her 7-month-old son, Christian in his car seat over night (after picking him up from day care), which resulted in his death.

As the story unfolds, we now find that according to the affidavit, Wilson was high on the prescription drug, hydrocodone and didn’t even call 9-1-1:

“CEDAR HILL – A woman whose infant died after being left overnight in a car made four telephone calls, none of them to 911, after she discovered her son’s lifeless body, according to a police affidavit. A neighbor finally called the emergency number.

Cedar Hill police say LaHeather Wilson told them she ‘blacked out’ on Tuesday evening after taking Hydrocodone prescribed for a knee operation and drinking wine.

The affidavit says she awoke at 6:45 the next morning on the couch, only to discover her son’s play pen empty. After a frantic search, she found 7-month-old Christian still strapped in the car seat in the back of her 1994 Plymouth Acclaim parked in front of the house[…]

Wilson said Tuesday afternoon, she took two pills before she picked up her three children from day care, then a third when she returned home. She brought the diaper bag inside from the car, but not the baby, according to the affidavit.” Source: Fox News

As I stated in my original comments about this case, drugs and/or alcohol had to be involved. We have received an outpouring from readers claiming to know Wilson, who have stated that she was a good person and would never have done these things deliberately. On the other hand, one of our readers was so outraged that she called her a “wayward dog” for her actions.

I still stand by my original opinion of Laheather Wilson:

Barring mental illness, there is no way that a mother could forget her baby in the car overnight unless she was on drugs or something. Either way, she should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

And if an unfortunate incident (such as being beaten with a bag of nickels) befell her while in prison, I would have no objections.

This kind of thing disgusts me… Source: The Thomas Tribune

So what do you think? Considering that Laheather Wilson was high on prescription drugs, how does this change your opinion of this case?