US Weekly: Arnold Klein, Longtime Dermatologist, is Father Michael Jackson’s Two Oldest Kids

Just when you thought the fallout from Michael Jackson’s death couldn’t get any worst, Us Weekly is reporting that Arnold Klein, longtime dermatologist, is the father of two of his children. Personally, Michael Jackson took care of all the needs of these kids and was their primary breadwinner. As far as I am concerned, he’s the only parent they have ever known and that says a lot, in my opinion. So what if Michael Jackson isn’t the biological father? This is much ado about nothing and Us Weekly is just trying to capitalize on this tragedy with sensationalism to sell more magazines. I cannot possibly see any justification in this being aired in the mainstream media. There have been countless people who have wreaked havoc on the lives of their biological children. No-one can make any claims that Michael Jackson did not love and take good care of his kids.

Though Michael Jackson was wed to Prince and Paris’ mother, Debbie Rowe, their biological father is Arnold Klein, Jackson’s L.A.-based dermatologist and Rowe’s former boss, multiple sources confirm to the new issue of Us Weekly.

“He is the dad,” says a Jackson insider. “He and Debbie signed an agreement saying they would never reveal the truth.”

Though neither Rowe nor Jackson ever confessed to their kids’ true lineage, she did admit in 2002 that she carried his children as a personal favor (and would not confirm that the marriage was ever consummated).

“I said, ‘Let me do this. You need to be a dad. You have been so good to me,'” Rowe — who met Jackson when she was a nurse’s assistant in the 1980s — has said. Klein would not give a comment to Us. Source: Us Weekly

This is a sad commentary and unfortunately, there will be more revelations about Michael Jackson in the weeks to come. Brace yourselves, it is about to get ugly. Us Weekly should be ashamed to become a bottom-feeder for salacious and hurtful stories about Michael Jackson or any other public figure.

Burger King’s Latest Advertisement for New Sandwich "BK Super Seven Incher" in Singapore, Hints at Oral Sex

Fast food giant Burger King has released a new advertisement for its latest sandwich and it has ruffled many feathers. The advertisement, which hints at oral sex, is distasteful and disgraceful. It should be discontinued immediately. The print ad for the “BK Super Seven Incher” — a limited time promotion in Singapore — shows the “mind-blowing” sandwich near the open mouth of a wide-eyed, red-lipsticked woman accompanied by the suggestive tagline: “It’ll blow your mind away.” “Fill your desire for something long, juicy and flame-grilled,” the ad continues.

This is misogynistic to women everywhere and cheapens the act of sexual intercourse. I am surprised that this ad was accepted in Singapore, a country which is known globally for its strict government controls of social conduct. It seems that many marketers will continue to push the envelope without regard for personal integrity and decency. The Calvin Klein billboard in New York City’s Soho district comes to mind. The billboard, which featured a young woman engaging in what seemed to be an orgy, was pulled after public outcry.

It seems that the woman’s face in the advertisement had been retouched to make it look like a doll and that the American cheese on the sandwich seemed a little too white, like semen. A spokeswoman for Burger King said that campaign was produced by a local Singaporean agency, but would not divulge the name. Gee, I wonder why?

Joe Jackson Shamelessly Plugs his New Record Label During Press Conference About Michael Jackson

Joe Jackson is such a hypocrite and I fully understand why Michael Jackson talked about him with such disdain during his interview with Oprah Winfrey a few years ago. During a news conference yesterday, the Jackson patriarch, confirmed that the family was planning an enormous memorial service but he couldn’t shed much light on that plan. What Joe Jackson had no problem plugging was his new record label — Ranch Records, a shameful dig at Neverland Ranch. This was such a self-serving move that I wonder why Rev. Al Sharpton didn’t step on his foot to get him to stop talking. Joe Jackson should take a page out of John Travolta’s play book and mourn his son’s passing with dignity and not shamefully try to exploit his name and his legacy. I have yet to see John Travolta show up on a red carpet since his son Jett Travolta passed away.

Flanked by longtime family friend and adviser Rev. Sharpton, as well as his Ranch Records partner Marshall Thompson(of the classic soul group the Chi-Lites), the elder Jackson said he wished his son were here to appreciate the tributes in the wake of his surprise death last Thursday. Right. I am sure that Joe Jackson is sad his meal ticket died, but he is foaming at the mouth to shamefully exploit his son’s legacy.

“The family and I are very proud to see all of you come out here and help us with this whole situation. I wish Michael could be here to see all this. Michael was a superstar. He was loved in every country and the U.S…but one thing Michael didn’t know, he didn’t know how strong this could be.”

In the wake of a court order yesterday granting Katherine temporary custody of Michael’s three kids, Joe said the family and the kids were happy because they had similar-aged cousins to play with.”We love those kids still,” he said. “We’re going to take care of them and give them the education they’re supposed to have. We can do that. And we have the area enough and the premises large enough to be able to extend to them all the help that they might need.”

I made reference to Joe Jackson’s shameful comments during his conversation with Don Lemon on the BET Awards red carpet on Sunday, where he dropped hints about his new recording venture. The man was a power-hungry, money-grubbing sleazebag in the early Jackson Five years and he hasn’t lost it in his old age.

Yemeni Airbus A310 Crashes in Indian Ocean Off the Island Nation of Comoros, 150 People Onboard

An Airbus 310 like the one pictured has crashed while on the way to the capital of Comoros.

An Airbus 310 like the one pictured has crashed

while on the way to the capital of Comoros.

URGENT: Another Airbus airliner has crashed. This time, an Airbus A310, from the national airline Yemenia, with 153 people aboard, (142 passengers and 11 crew members) has crashed in the Indian Ocean off the island nation of Comoros. It crashed as it tried to land during heavy wind. According to a police investigator, one toddler has been rescued alive from the sea. Three bodies have been recovered from the sea so far.

The aircraft was reportedly en route to Comoros from Yemen’s capital Sanaa, when it crashed about an hour from its destination, an airline official said. There was no immediate news of the fate of those on board. Most of the passengers were Comoran, an official at San’a’s international airport said. Moroni is about 1,800 miles south of Yemen, off the east coast of Africa.

The majority of the passengers were reportedly from the Comoros islands, returning home from Paris. Those on board included families with children and there were at least three babies on board, according to media reports.

Richard Wayde Hamar, 12, Young Bull Rider, Dies at Boulder County Rodeo After Bull Steps on Him

Richard Wayde Hamar, Dies after Bull Steps on Him
(Denver Channel)

Richard Wayde Hamar, 12, of Yuma, Colorado, died after being injured during a bull ride at the Boulder County Fairgrounds on Sunday morning. Boulder sheriff spokesman Sgt. Mike Dimond said Hamar was competing in the Little Britches Rodeo, a two-day event at the fairgrounds. He was a junior bull rider competitor. It seems that 12 years old is awfully too young to become a bull rider, considering the potential injuries that could be sustained.

“He was riding, he was bucked off and stepped on by the bull shortly after being bucked off,” said Dimond. “It was just a fluke accident.” He said the boy was wearing a helmet and a protective vest at the time but the bull stepped on his stomach. Paramedics began first aid on Hamar, who was then transported to Longmont United Hospital, where he later died. The accident happened about 11 a.m. and the boy’s parents were attending.

Dimond said Hamar wasn’t riding a full-grown, 2,000-pound bull. He said there are injuries at the fairgrounds from time to time, but he couldn’t remember a child being stepped on by a bull before.

“I’m concerned for this family and their loss, but its inherent to the sport and people go into that knowing it could happen on any given ride,” he said. Hamar was the son of Mitch and Angie Hamar, of Yuma. He attended Lone Star School and would have been in the seventh grade this fall. Source: The Denver Channel

The parents said that this was their son’s first year in Little Bridges and that he had six years of experience. The family are ranchers in eastern Colorado but “spend time with the kids at rodeos and team roping with his dad, Mitch, and 10-year-old brother, Zach. Zach and Wayde had qualified for the National Little Britches finals in team roping and ribbon roping,” the parents said in a newly released statement.

I am pretty sure that this tragedy is a rare occurrence, but what age is too young to get involved with this activity? Quite frankly, I think the boy was way too young to be competing in any sport that could potentially be deadly. This isn’t the same as falling off a bicycle or a skateboard. Every sport has some danger attached to it, but this is far more serious.

GLBT Community Protests Raid on "Rainbow Lounge" on the Anniversary of Stonewall Riots 40 Years Ago

More than 100 people rallied outside the Tarrant County Courthouse in Fort Worth to protest a raid by Fort Worth Police and members of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. Early yesterday morning, agents of the TABC, along with the Fort Worth police raided the newly-opened “Rainbow Lounge” on South Jennings St. The raid coincided with 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in New York, an event that some believe as the start of the modern U.S. gay rights movement. This is a shame and should not have happened in a country that prides itself on freedom of expression.

The Fort Worth Police Department released a statement that reads “the Rainbow Lounge” was not the only bar targeted by officers. The group first went to the Rosedale Saloon and Cowboy Palace on Rosedale Street. Nine people were arrested at those two clubs, seven were arrested at the Rainbow Lounge.

“Alcohol beverage code inspections are conducted frequently at establishments located within the city limits of Fort Worth. These are conducted in order to ensure a safe environment for all. A thorough internal investigation into the allegations made is being conducted as all allegations against officers are investigated,” police reported. Source:

It is very unfortunate that this incident occurred, especially as it coincided on the anniversary of the Stonewall protests. Surely we have grown from such an ignorant and criminal mindset, into a more inclusive one. Times have changed and unlike 40 years ago, people of every community across the United States can hold the government, state and federal, accountable for the actions of their employees, including law enforcement. The rights of all Americans must be protected, whether you agree with their sexual orientation or not. This is shameful and seems like a deliberate act of violating the civil rights of the patrons.

Bernard Madoff Sentenced to 150 Years in Prison for Multi-Billion Dollar Ponzi Scheme

Disgraced financier Bernard Madoff, 71, has been sentenced to 150 years in prison for his multibillion-dollar fraud scheme. U.S. District Judge Denny Chin handed down the sentenced in New York on Monday. The former Nasdaq chairman was arrested late last year after confessing to his sons that his secretive investment advisory business was a “big lie.” He pleaded guilty to securities fraud and other charges in March and has been jailed since. Bernard Madoff has apologized to his family and to the victims of his multibillion-dollar fraud scheme.

He said at his sentencing that he “will live with this pain, this torment, for the rest of my life.” Really? Not as much pain as the people who lost their life savings and are now penniless today. This POS will not see freedom again and the government should seek to bring charges against his wife next. She knows way more than she has let on.

Hat tip to Simon Owens of Bloggasm for sending me this hilarious screen shot.

Kristina Higgins, New Miss Georgia Quits One Day After Winning Crown

One day after winning the Miss Georgia title Saturday night at the annual pageant in Columbus, Gwinnett County school teacher Kristina Higgins relinquished the post, which has now been filled by the runner-up, Emily Cook, a Marietta law student. This is not worth the drama and I am glad she bowed out sooner rather than later.

Higgins reportedly said she stepped down because her responsibilities as a middle school teacher would not leave her time she would need to serve as Miss Georgia. Wow. Didn’t this occur to her before the signed on to enter the competition.

Cook, 22, is a recent graduate of the University of Miami and had been accepted into University of Georgia’s Law School. Instead she’ll be competing for the Miss America crown in January in Las Vegas.

Well, I guess that maybe this is a blessing in disguise that Ms. Higgins bowed out before anything scandalous came to light. Odd. Really odd.

Supreme Court Rules for New Haven, Ct., White Firefighters over Promotions, Rules Against Nominee Sonia Sotomayor’s Appeals Court Endorsement

In a stinging blow to Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, the SCOTUS has ruled that white firefighters in New Haven, Conn., were unfairly denied promotions because of their race, essentially reversing a decision that Sotomayor endorsed as an appeals court judge. The court said in its 5-4 decision that “New Haven was wrong to scrap a promotion exam because no African-Americans and only two Hispanic firefighters were likely to be made lieutenants or captains based on the results.” The city said that it had acted to avoid a lawsuit from minorities. This ruling could singlehandedly alter employment practices nationwide and make it harder to prove discrimination when there is no evidence it was intentional.

“Fear of litigation alone cannot justify an employer’s reliance on race to the detriment of individuals who passed the examinations and qualified for promotions,” Justice Anthony Kennedy said in his opinion for the court. He was joined by Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Samuel Alito, Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas.

In dissent, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said the white firefighters “understandably attract this court’s sympathy. But they had no vested right to promotion. Nor have other persons received promotions in preference to them.” Justices Stephen Breyer, David Souter and John Paul Stevens signed onto Ginsburg’s dissent, which she read aloud in court Monday.

Monday’s decision has its origins in New Haven’s need to fill vacancies for lieutenants and captains in its fire department. It hired an outside firm to design a test, which was given to 77 candidates for lieutenant and 41 candidates for captain. Fifty six firefighters passed the exams, including 41 whites, 22 blacks and 18 Hispanics. But of those, only 17 whites and two Hispanics could expect promotion. The city eventually decided not to use the exam to determine promotions. It said it acted because it might have been vulnerable to claims that the exam had a “disparate impact” on minorities in violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The white firefighters said the decision violated the same law’s prohibition on intentional discrimination. Source: Washington Post

What the city of New Haven did was patently racist and should not have been tolerated one iota. There will be backlash from this latest Supreme Court ruling and it will have an effect on Ms. Sotomayor’s confirmation hearings. I don’t think it will be enough to derail her chances of serving on the highest court, but it is a stinging reversal and plays right into the hands of her detractors who have made it clear that they believe she harbors a racist ideology.

BET Awards Tribute to King of Pop Michael Jackson Fell Mostly Flat, Too Much Profanity

I must admit, I rarely watch BET, but last night I decided to watch the awards show because it was a tribute to the late King of Pop Michael Jackson. Even before the show started, I was turned off by family patriarch Joe Jackson, who just proved once and for all that his primary motivation in much of this is money. He brought his attorney and a record company executive with him on the red carpet. He made a passing reference, when asked about Michael Jackson’s legacy by CNN Don Lemon, to some type of recording deal. I was taken aback, but not surprised by his comments. Jamie Foxx opened the show with a parody of “Beat It,” but his constant use of profanity and sexually tinged comments were too much. I’ll grade the show along the appearances of some of the performers:

Keri Hilson: “Knock You Down.” A hot mess, in my opinion. I was confused as to which song she was singing. It was a tangled mess of off-key notes. C

Jamie Foxx & T-Pain & Travis Barker: “Blame It.” Another hot mess, which marked by its artless Auto-Tune vocals, became even more cluttered with Blink-182’s Travis Barker arrival to hammer away in the song’s final few moments. D

Soulja Boy Tell’em: “Turn My Swag On.” Well, I thought this show was retooled to honor Michael Jackson? I thought his pants were going to fall off any second. He was off-key and just a disgrace to real rappers. All I can say is, ain’t America great? D

Beyoncé: “Ave Maria” and “Angel.” Looking classy in a thin white dress, but wait? She was basically wearing a slip with a see-through robe to sing a religious song. Isn’t that a bit disrespectful? Where was Chaka Khan? Then I thought I was about the see the commercial for abandoned pets flash up on the screen when she switched midway to Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel.” Sorry, Beyoncé is overrated and her rendition was not the best. C

Mary Mary: “God in Me.” Foxx introduced Mary Mary as “the new Queens of Gospel,” but I beg to differ. If this is all gospel music has to offer, then that’s a major disappointment and a blow to record sales. A midpoint appearance from Queen Latifah picks things up, but even the queen couldn’t salvage that hot mess. C

Ne-Yo with Jamie Foxx and Fabulous: “She Got Her Own.” It’s quite obvious that Jamie Foxx couldn’t handle this song. Again, why couldn’t BET have asked Chaka Khan to sing? Or even Queen Latifah? Why did we have to see Ne-Yo and Jamie Foxx perform ad nauseaum? That performance was a major disappointment. D+

BET flashback moment: Keith Sweat’s “I Want Her,” Guy’s “I Like” and Bell Biv DeVoe’s “Poison.” Nice to see Keith Sweat again, but the profanity from Bell Biv DeVoe was just uncalled for. They didn’t seem to serve a purpose in the show. It seemed as though they were thrown in as an afterthought. D

Tevin Campbell, Trey Songz, Tyrese and Johnny Gill: A tribute to the O’Jays with “Forever Mine,” “Back Stabbers,” “Stairway to Heaven.” Introduced by “Soul Train” creator Don Cornelius, who credited the O’Jays as “the soundtrack of the black experience.” Their performance was mostly good, except for Trey Songz. The guy’s vocals were weak. B

Drake, Lil Wayne and Cash Money: “Best I Ever Had” and “Every Girl.” Drake was good, but Lil Wayne is a rapper I just cannot like. Much of the “Every Girl” performance was inaudible to the home viewing audiences, with BET censors protecting the world from Lil Wayne’s explicit anti-commitment rap. All that profanity just wasn’t called for and was in poor taste. Again, if this was a tribute to Michael Jackson, why the vulgarities? C-

The O’Jays: “Let Me Make Love To You,” “For the Love of Money” and “Used Ta Be My Girl.” Thank God they salvaged the show. The O’Jays were all suave and class. A

Maxwell: “Pretty Wings.” I was happy to see him on the stage again. The silky smooth R&B veteran performed his new single, the elegant, late-night, slow groove of “Pretty Wings.” Feathers draped the crowd, and a sax helped the song reach its swoon. Maxwell surely calmed the nerves of anyone who was getting impatient. A

So, the BET Awards ended on a positive note, but the show was mostly flat and the profanities didn’t help and cheapened the show’s mission of honoring a musical genius. Sorry, Michael Jackson never used profanity in his act and I am sure those performers who did last night could have gone one night without being so crass. BET had a chance to prove once and for all that they are a viable entertainment outlet, but they blew it. If many of these performers are now the voices and the faces of BET, then they won’t be elevated any higher in terms of being taken serious by many. Personally, the show was a hot mess and did very little to honor the legacy of Michael Jackson. Overall, I give the telecast a D.