John A. Terry, 64, British Diplomat, Found Slain at Home in Montego Bay, Jamaica

John Terry, 64, the honorary British consul in Montego Bay, Jamaica, was “killed by unknown assailants at his home in Mount Carey, St. James” on Wednesday, Jamaica’s Constabulary Communications Network said in a statement. Terry, a New Zealand native, had lived in Jamaica since 1967 and represented the British High Commission on the Caribbean island’s western end. This is a sad turn of events and certainly not the public relations nightmare the island needs at this time.

The body of John A. Terry, whose throat was tied with cord and clothing, was found by neighbours yesterday afternoon in the yard of his Montego Bay home, according to police spokesman Karl Angell. Authorities have not revealed any possible motive and no arrests have been made. Source: Jamaica Observer

While the circumstances surrounding his death are unclear, this is a blow to Jamaica, which has been wrestling with high crime rates for a long time. The commission employs about 100 people who focus on promoting trade, issuing visas and topics such as politics, defense and management, the commission says on its Web site.

Joshua Bowman, 28, Arrested After Shotgun and Ammunition Found in His Car Trunk, as President Obama Gave Address to Congress

Joshua Bowman, 28, of Falls Church, Va., was arrested by U.S. Capitol for attempting to get into a secure area near the Capitol with a gun in his car as President Barack Obama gave his health care address to Congress last night.

The police said his intentions were unclear. He reportedly approached a security checkpoint near the Cannon House Office Building in a Honda Civic and told officers he wanted to park. To get into that area, one must have a permit and their vehicles searched. A shotgun and ammunition were found in Bowman’s trunk. Bowman was charged with having an unregistered firearm and ammunition.

Jamaican Wilhel Blake, 91, Grilled for Four Hours by UK Immigration, Frightened Great Grandmother Wets Self after Detention

What happened to Wilhel Blake,91, at the hands of immigration in Great Britain is unconscionable. The elderly Jamaican woman was detained for four hours and subjected to “patronizing” interrogation by immigration officers at Britain’s Gatwick Airport last month. She was reportedly kept in custody by immigration officers interrogation after once seeing her on a buggy, suspected that she had somehow illegally tampered with the National Health Service system on a previous visit. What is equally reprehensible is the fact that this woman urinated on herself because of the stress from this horrific treatment.

Blake’s granddaughter, Trish Adudu, who is a BBC journalist and radio presenter, was furious with the immigration officer’s actions. “It’s just disgraceful. The fact that they can detain a 91-year-old woman for four hours having come from Jamaica, not have her family be able to represent her in anyway and ask very patronising and scary questions for a 91-year-old – it’s disgraceful,” said Adudu.

Blake has had previous trips to England and had never come under scrutiny before. She flew to Gatwick to be at her grandson’s wedding in Coventry. She arrived at Gatwick at 10:20 a.m. and was detained until 2:20 p.m.

The treatment she allegedly suffered is cause for concern for Adudu. “She was disoriented because she had been on an eight-hour flight from Jamaica,” explained Adudu. “All she accepted from them was a cup of tea. She felt that they were very short with her. She felt very angry. She felt humiliated, distressed and frightened. She’s 91, so try and put yourself in that situation – how would you feel?”

Adudu added: “She’s really sad. She’s been here five times and it’s never happened (before). She’s over for my brother’s wedding and she felt humiliated. She was so distressed that as soon as my brother got her, when she was allowed out, she wet herself, which was humiliating for her because she’s a very strong woman. Source: Jamaica Gleaner

Sorry, but this seems to be a case of racial profiling and the 91-year old woman didn’t deserve this.

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) Yells Out "You Lie" When President Obama Says His Health Care Bill Won’t Mandate Coverage for Illegal Immigrants

Once again, the Republican Party shows that it has no class. During President Obama’s speech to a joint session of Congress tonight regarding health care reform, Republican Congressman Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) yelled out “lie” when the President said his health care bill would not mandate coverage for illegal immigrants. I can’t recall hearing any member of Congress interrupt President George W. Bush or President Bill Clinton during their address to Congress. Why should President Obama be continually subjected to such crass behavior at the hands of his opponents? We have lost all sense of decorum in this country. This is a travesty and this congressman is a disgrace.

I can’t recall hearing Rep. Wilson calling Governor Sanford a liar and a cheat when he left his office to go for a booty call in South America. Sen. John McCain, during an appearance on CNN after the president’s speech, said Wilson’s outburst was “totally disrespectful — [there’s] no place for it in that setting or any other and he should apologize immediately.” Now, that’s the John McCain I liked before the presidential campaign. First Lady Michelle Obama, overhead in the visitors’ gallery, shook her head from side to side. described the claims made by Rep. Joe Wilson as “false” and noted that one version of the legislation already includes an explicit bar on federal funding for illegal immigrants’ health care. There is an going viral, asking @CongJoeWilson to apologize for yelling “YOU LIE” in President Obama’s speech.

If you’d like to sign,please click here. 

UPDATE #1: Joe Wilson is being challenged by Rob Miller for SC-02. You can donate to Miller’s ActBlue page here.

UPDATE #2: In less than two hours, challenger Rob Miller has raised over $11K. Joe Wilson is shaking like a leaf at the outrage being leveled at him and the prospect that this outburst could, and should, cost him reelection. He has issued the following apology:

“This evening I let my emotions get the best of me when listening to the President’s remarks regarding the coverage of illegal immigrants in the health care bill. While I disagree with the President’s statement, my comments were inappropriate and regrettable. I extend sincere apologies to the President for this lack of civility.”

UPDATE #3: True to form, Fox News stepped up to the plate and showed just have right wing they are. On Fox Business News, Karl Rove and host Neil Cavuto thought Wilson shouting at the President was hilarious. “Joe Wilson, good guy,” said Rove. “Lovely,” agreed Cavuto.

Sorry, but if he wasn’t called out on his despicable behavior, he would not have apologized. These are the bottom feeders who are making decisions for Americans. Time for this moron to go back to South Carolina!

UPDATE #4: It turns out that Joe Wilson was once a member of Sons of Confederate Veterans. According to Crooks and Liars, this is an organization that, as the SPLC has detailed assiduously, has been taken over in the past decade by radical neo-Confederates who favor secession and defend slavery as a benign institution. Leading the takeover is a radical racist named Kirk Lyons, who’s been an important legal figure on the far right for some years.

Joe Wilson, as a state legislator, was one of only seven Republicans to go against their own party and vote to keep the Dixie Rebel flag flying over the South Carolina capitol:

The flag came down that year after Republicans in both houses went for a compromise that would put it on Statehouse grounds at the Confederate Soldier’s monument. The “Magnificent Seven” of Senators who voted to keep the flag up included current Congressman Joe Wilson (who I served with in the 218th Infantry Brigade of the National Guard.) Source: Crooks and Liars

Joe Wilson’s contact information:

Joe Wilson
South Carolina-2nd, Republican
212 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515-4002
Phone: (202) 225-2452

Wilson Joe Congressman
1700 Sunset Blvd
West Columbia, SC 29169 Map
(803) 939-0041

And email him at

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