Sarah Palin Fails to Dazzle Global Investors in Hong Kong, Criticized President Obama Causing Two U.S. Delegates to Walk Out

Sarah Palin/Hong Kong

Once again, Wasilla’s own Sarah Palin has proven that she’s too ignorant to be taken seriously. This time, she gave her “speech” to a group of global investors in Hong Kong about her views from “Main Street USA.” This speech was billed as a wide-ranging talk about governance, economics and U.S. and Asian affairs. Er, that’s not Sarah Palin’s forte, so it was rather comical to read about her presentation, which is rumored to have bagged her a fee in the low six figures.

According to AFP, two U.S. delegates left early, with one saying “it was awful, we couldn’t stand it any longer.” Wow, that’s a vote of confidence for the former governor, don’t you think so? Of course, she probably has no clue about the slap on the cheek as a result of these two delegates’ actions. “I’m going to call it like I see it and I will share with you candidly a view right from Main Street, Main Street U.S.A.,” Palin told a room full of asset managers and other finance professionals, according to a media reports. “And how perhaps my view of Main Street … how that affects you and your business.” People we are talking about Wasilla, Alaska. That is vastly different from Main Street New York, for that matter.

Palin spoke out against government intervention in the economy. “We got into this mess because of government interference in the first place,” Palin said, according to the Wall Street Journal. “We’re not interested in government fixes, we’re interested in freedom,” she added. She also praised the conservative economic policies of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, according to another attendee who declined to be named because he didn’t want to be seen as speaking on behalf of his company. She claimed that if taxes were cut and the capital gains tax and estate tax eliminated, the world would “watch the U.S. economy roar back to life.”

Palin argued that many average Americans are uncomfortable with health care reforms that infringe on private enterprise, Chris Palmer, an American fund manager for Gartmore Investment Ltd., told reporters. She didn’t refer to President Barack Obama by name, the Wall Street Journal reported, but said she called his campaign promises “nebulous, utopian sounding… Now 10 months later, though, a lot of Americans are asking: more government? Is that the change we want?” Source: AFP

Of course, that certainly wasn’t the place to attack your president and some attendees reportedly said they were disappointed by her focus on her home state of Alaska and her attacks on Obama. As usual, she was ready to criticize President Obama but “offered no solutions.” Then she managed to insult the Chinese by mentioning China’s ethnic problems, an obvious dig about the tensions between Muslim Uighurs and Han Chinese that have led to riots. She argued that they are “a sign that China lacks mechanisms to deal with regional issues.”

Sorry, but this speech will not help to burnish her international credentials. This Hong Kong trip was an attempt to defray some legal and other bills that she has. If she could diss the president in public, God knows what she would say in private.