Anthony Sowell, Convicted Rapist, Arrested on Charges of Felonious Assault and Rape, As Many as Six Bodies Found at His Cleveland House

One more scumbag has been taken off the streets, but sadly this has occurred after as many as six bodies have been found at his house. Anthony Sowell, 50, a convicted rapist, was arrested about noon today in his inner city neighborhood in Cleveland. The police said officers found three bodies and believe they have discovered three more but are awaiting confirmation from the coroner.

The first two bodies were found Thursday night when police went to Sowell’s home to arrest him on charges of felonious assault and rape. Police said he spent 15 years in prison for a 1989 rape. He should have never been released from prison in the first place. He was not rehabilitated by his stint in prison. He came out and did the same thing and worst — murdered six people. It will be interesting to see if he is a suspect in any other unsolved rapes and possible murders in the area.

Jayden Lenescar, 4, Beaten in Bathtub with Belt & Wire Hanger, by Mother Myrna Chen Phang & Friend, for Touching Himself

Jayden Lenescar, 4, never had a chance. He was whipped bloody in a bathtub and left in pain and agony for two days before he died. Why? According to media reports, he touched his genitals. That was a sick excuse for his mother, Myrna Chen Phang, 25, and her houseguest, Steven Dadaille, 26, to have given this poor baby the thrashing of his life. When paramedics examined his body, they could not believe their eyes. One reportedly asked “Who the f— beat this kid?” The couple have confessed to the October 23rd murder. There is no justification for the fate this child met.

“They said they warned him not to touch himself and he went ahead and did it, so they threw him in the bathtub, threw cold water on him and began hitting him with the belt,” one source said. Chenphang beat the boy first, and Dadaille, a houseguest, took the belt away because she was being too easy, sources said. “He said she was being ‘too soft,'” a source said. The beating was so severe that Jayden began urinating blood, Dadaille told cops.

Jayden went into cardiac arrest on Oct. 23. An EMS worker summoned to the Brooklyn apartment took one look at him and said, “Who the f— beat this kid?” a source said. In a disturbing twist, another source told The News Jayden may not have been simply curious about his body; investigators think by touching himself he may have been trying to tell his mother he was being molested by someone. Source: NY Daily News

The bruises and open cuts across his chest were so horrific that investigators think a wire hanger may have been used. What is equally reprehensible is the fact that the mother and her friend did not call 911, but kept the boy home from school for two days and told relatives who heard him moan over the phone that he had the flu, according to statements made by family members to cops.

The brutal treatment being inflicted on so many children in this country is horrific and the perpetrators must be punished to the fullest extent of the law. This little boy, like the thousands of children who have been kidnapped, raped, beaten and killed, do not deserve this and law enforcement must have zero tolerance for any perpetrators brought to justice for these crimes. What would drive a mother to beat her child in such a manner is disgraceful and criminal. New York state has the death penalty and this woman deserves just that.

Photo credits: Myrna Chen Phang & Steven Dadaille, NY Daily News

Faleh Hassan Almaleki, an Iraqi, Charged with Running Down his Daughter Noor Faleh Almaleki & her Friend, Found in Atlanta

Faleh Hassan Almaleki, 48, who had been accused of running down his daughter, Noor Faleh Almaleki, 20, and her friend Amal Edan Khalaf with a vehicle he was driving in a parking lot October 20, because she had become “too Westernized,” has been taken into custody at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. He was angry because his daughter was not living according to the family’s traditional Iraqi values, Peoria, Il., police said last week.
Noor Faleh Almaleki has been hospitalized with life-threatening injuries and her friend’s injuries were not life threatening. This man meant to kill his daughter and he should be slapped with attempted murder charges.  According to the police, Noor Faleh Almaleki lives with Khalaf, but they did not elaborate on how the two women knew each other.

I am amazed that many of these fathers are so fanatical about their daughters maintaining family traditions in a foreign country where the way of life is completely different. Still, if you are concerned about your daughter’s lifestyle or behavior, you don’t get behind the wheel of a car and run her down. That is a criminal act that was premeditated and he should be charged as such, in addition to the fugitive charges.

UPDATE#1: The Peoria Police Department said Noor Almaleki, who was run over by her father, died around noon today. She had undergone spinal surgery. Almaleki and her boyfriend’s mother were walking across a Peoria parking lot when they were struck, officers said. The girl’s father was returned to Arizona Saturday to face aggravated assault charges. Faleh Almaleki was arrested Thursday when he arrived at Atlanta’s airport, sent from the United Kingdom after authorities denied him entrance. He was returned to Peoria, booked and taken to a county jail.

Family members said Noor Almaleki had been living with her boyfriend and Khalaf, and Faleh Almaleki was upset that his daughter had become too “Westernized,” had failed to live by traditional Muslim values and had disrespected the family. After the incident, authorities said Almaleki went to Mexico. He eventually flew to London, but United Kingdom Port of Entry authorities denied him entry into the country.They contacted U.S. authorities and Almaleki was put on a flight back to Atlanta, where he was arrested. Source: CNN

This is a sad turn of events and now I hope the prosecutors will throw the book at him. What an animal!

Large Debris Field Found in Aftermath of Crash Between Coast Guard C-130 Plane and Marine AH-1 Cobra Helicopter Southern California Coast, Nine People Missing

URGENT:  A large debris field has been found and a search and rescue mission has been launched following the collision of a Coast Guard plane and a Marine helicopter off the southern California coast. Nine people are believed to have plunged into the water after the mid-air collision, a Coast Guard spokesman said. The assumption is that there may be survivors, but the longer it takes to find any survivors the likelihood that there will be casualties.

According to media reports, a Coast Guard C-130 plane and its seven crew members had been searching for a missing person when it collided with a Marine AH-1 Cobra helicopter on a military training exercise, Farris said. The helicopter had a two-member crew. A pilot reported seeing a fireball about 7:10 p.m. Thursday near the crash site off San Diego, California’s, coast.
Coast Guard cutters, small boats and helicopters searched the area all night with help from the U.S. Navy. With the water temperatures in the 60s, it is estimated that survivability could be up to 20 hours. The Coast Guard plane had been on a search mission for a couple of days before Thursday’s collision.

Photo credit:  Crash site, CNN

Dominic Carter, 45, NY1 Anchor, On Trial for Beating His Wife Marilyn, Led Double Life as Secret Family Revealed

Domestic violence is often a dirty little secret, hidden from the world, but it is important to note that it cuts across economic lines and often encompasses well-known, powerful and wealthy people. This time, NY 1 star Dominic Carter’s domestic abuse and his “secret family” have been revealed and threatens to destroy his career.  A relative has charged during a one-day court hearing that he spent two decades brutalizing his wife, Marilyn, and showed total disregard for her that he fathered two children out of wedlock. Carter is on trial for allegedly punching and choking his wife in their suburban home last year. She had written to the district attorney saying she lied when she said he beat her. She’s only trying to protect a monster who didn’t get two cents about her. This hot mess exposed Carter’s hidden private life and has painted a rather sinister side of a man who is widely regarded in New York City as an amiable and tough interviewer of local politicians since 1992. Well, there goes a career down the tube, literally and figuratively. The judge will issue a verdict November 19.

This one-day trial reads like an episode of “Young and the Restless.” Among the allegations:

  • Marilyn’s brother, Larry Stevens, said Dominic had beaten and verbally abused her for two decades — and that her family has repeatedly begged her to leave him.
  • Even while allegedly abusing his wife, Carter fathered two children with his high-school sweetheart, one of them a son he named Dominic Jr., said Stevens, a retired cop. Carter also has a son with Marilyn named Dominic.
  • Marilyn had told cops Dominic called her “a dumb project bitch” during the alleged Oct. 22 attack at the center of yesterday’s trial. Source: NY Post

What’s crazy is when Mrs. Carter, 52, was called to the stand she just kicked the prosecutor in the gut by bizarrely blaming her assault on a mysterious day laborer. She had blamed her hubby at the time, she claimed, only because she was “angry” at him for having an affair. Why is it that the victims chose to make excuses for their aggressors? I just cannot understand it. For me, the fact that he fathered two children with another woman while they are married is enough grounds for a divorce. He is having unprotected sex with another woman and most likely having sex with his wife too. Given all the sexually transmitted diseases out there, that’s just living dangerously.

Meanwhile, NY 1 General Manager Steve Paulus said Carter went on an “indefinite leave of absence.” Yeah, that means he is finito, done, washed up, history. What’s equally striking is the arrogance this man oozed as he strode into court, with his sidekick standing dutifully by his side. “I have never laid a hand on my wife, he declared. “I will be exonerated in court.” Didn’t Scott Peterson proclaim his love his wife and his innocence, while he knew he murdered her and their unborn baby? How many times have we heard these men try to paint the picture of a caring and doting husband, yet they were guilty of domestic abuse?

According to the NY Post, Marilyn spoke still more strongly, insisting, “This is a character assassination against my husband! “This has caused a lot of pain to my family, but he will be vindicated.” Lady, let me put it bluntly, your husband is being accused of being a wife beater and an adulterer. That has ended many marriages, as it should. It seems as though she has forgotten that there are multiple police reports detailing verbal arguments between the couple. In this most recent incident, he has been charged with misdemeanor assault, which carries a maximum sentence of one year in jail.

According to police records, Marilyn told cops at the time that he punched her twice in the face, swelling her lip; grabbed her throat while wearing a watch that scratched her ear; punched her arm; and “kicked her in her lower right shin, causing a small cut with minor bleeding.” So, wouldn’t the bruises and scratches be visible to the officer who went to the home? She also gave the cops a written statement detailing the same accusations. She said the day laborer assaulted her and not her husband. “Oh what a tangled tale we weave when we lie, hurt and deceive!” She should be charged with a crime for lying under oath. This is coming from the same woman who reportedly took out an order of protection against her husband in March, 2007 after another argument at their home. There is also a police report in 2003 that in which she said her husband choked her until she almost passed out. Here’s my question, how come NY 1 still had this monster smiling for their cameras and yukking it up with NY politicos?

Kristy Sanchez-Trujillo, Albuquerque, NM, High School Social Studies Teacher, Arrested & Charged with Sex with Middle School Student

Teachers engaging in sexual relations with their students won’t stop until the sentences handed down by judges are severe, such as life in prison. The latest child sex predator is Kristy Sanchez-Trujillo, a social studies teacher at Jimmy Carter High School in Albuquerque, NM. She has been charged with three counts of rape after she confided to a fellow teacher that she was having sex with one of her 13 year old male students. Thankfully, the teacher did the right thing and contacted the authorities immediately. Her arrest will spell doom for her father, Chris Sanchez’ quest to become sheriff, since his daughter is now accused of being a child rapist.

Police said the teacher told them that the relationship simply started out as a student teacher relationship, but it spilled outside of school this week. They also said Sanchez-Trujillo and the 13-year-old saw some movies and were talking on the phone. Sanchez-Trujillo is a single parent with three children. She will most definitely lose custody of these children and her teaching license will be revoked, as it should.

This woman abused her power and violated this child. The judge should throw the book and everything else at her. She needs to be locked away for the rest of her life. Once a pedophile, always a pedophile.

Shaka Cobb, 25, and Ebony Smith, 25, Teachers at Rex Hill Middle School, Fight Over Man in Front of Student

Police said a love letter found on Facebook sparked an all-out, on-campus, profanity-laced brawl between two teachers. Shaka Cobb, 32, who said she and a man who teaches at Rex Hill Middle School in Rex, Ga.,  are expecting a child together, got into a fight with Ebony Smith, 25, because she discovered a love letter from Smith. What is shameful is that the altercation reportedly got so out of hand that both teachers were arrested. This love triangle erupted into a fight before students. If the teachers cannot conduct themselves with some dignity and grace, what do they expect the students to do? Of course, the school district had nothing to say. Both women have been placed both on administrative leave with pay pending an investigation. Both teachers face disorderly conduct charges and Smith faces simple battery as witnesses described her as the aggressor. If you ask me, these two hood rats should be fired immediately.

(WSBTV) Police: Teachers Fight Over Man In Front Of Students

If the students displayed this behavior they would be suspended or expelled. These two teachers should be fired immediately. According to police, Cobb found the love letter on her fiance’s Facebook page last weekend. She angrily responded back on Facebook and all hell broke loose on Monday when both women met at the school in the eighth-grade hall. The police report states that there was cursing, threats to put the love letter on a blackboard for all to see and punches being thrown. The police officer did the right thing by arresting these two women. The last thing a pregnant woman should want to do is get into an verbal altercation, much less an all-out brawl.

William Gorzynski, 15, Stabs Brother, Matthew Gorzynski, to Death Over Loud Music

William Gorzynski, 15, is being held in juvenile custody on suspicion of second-degree murder in the Monday afternoon death of his brother 14-year-old Matthew Gorzynski. The two brothers were alone in their home when an argument occurred, which spiraled out of control, leading to one brother stabbing the other to death. For those of you with siblings, how many times have you gotten into an argument with your brother or sister? I am pretty sure you never grabbed a knife to stab he or she. I really am stunned at the level of violence being exhibited by some of our young people today.

According to police in Coral Springs, Fla.,, Matthew was playing music on a home computer. William was watching television nearby and complained the volume was too loud. He told him to turn it down. Matthew refused. The two yelled at each other, then fought. Sgt. Joe McHugh said William then went to the kitchen, grabbed a 7-inch knife and stabbed his brother in the upper left chest. He called 911 soon after and told the dispatcher that he had just stabbed his brother. Because of his description of the incident, the police have said this murder was not accidental.

According to the police report, officers responded and smelled an “overwhelming odor of marijuana” inside the home. The report said the younger boy was “lying on the floor of the bedroom near a stain of blood that soaked into the carpet.”

Sheila Bethea Smoked Crack, Did Heroin & Drank Alcohol Before Crashing Van, Killing Two Foster Children, Injured Three Other Children

Sheila Bethea admitted she smoked crack, did heroin and drank alcohol before she wrecked a minivan, killing two foster children. Ms. Bethea caused an accident, killing two of four foster children and injuring her biological daughter, none of whome were wearing seat belts. According to law enforcement sources, investigators believe she wrapped a crack pipe in a tissue and hid it in a body cavity after the crash shortly before 5 p.m., law enforcement sources said.  The foster mother for the children, Genevieve Bethea, is just as complicit in this tragedy. She knowingly allowed this woman to get behind the wheel of a car with the children, when it should have appeared obvious that she was impaired.

Bethea was held on $500,000 bail last night after pleading not guilty to manslaughter, assault and endangering the welfare of a child charges.  Queens Criminal Court Judge Mary O’Donoghue also ordered Bethea not to have any contact with the surviving girls. When will the courts hand down lengthy prison sentences for repeat DUI offenders? How many more children will die before something drastic is done?

What is incredulous is that Ms. Bethea is no stranger to driving under the influence. She pleaded guilty in 2003 to driving a vehicle while impaired by alcohol, told cops she lost control of the van because a replacement tire gave way.

She said was going 45 mph at the time of the crash, though cops believe she was traveling more than 70 mph.  One of the foster kids in the van said yesterday that she knew they were in danger moments before they slammed into another car on a St. Albans street in Queens, NY.

Katherine Willis, 15, and Melissa Elh-Mirra, 5 – two of the four foster children in the care of Bethea’s mother – died hours after being crushed inside the vehicle. Bethea’s daughter, Tatiana, 6, is in a medically induced coma with massive internal injuries. Alyahh suffered massive bruises on her chest and neck and cuts all over her body, but said she was only worried about her 10-year-old sister, Camara Sergonvich, who was crammed into the backseat. Source: NY Daily News

The biological parents of the four foster children and Bethea failed them on so many levels. What is ironic is that two of the biological mothers for two of the foster children, railed against Sheila and foster mother Genevieve Bethea for putting the kids in harm’s way, when they shoulder some of the blame as well. Another mother, Pholia McArthur, 50,  had six of her 10 children placed in foster care, and had the nerve claimed the Bethea family used the kids as “paychecks” and abused them, yet she is clearly guilty of being a bad mother to her children. How do you allow yourself to have 10 children and then have six of them in foster care? Isn’t there a big problem here? Genevieve Bethea was not arrested in this tragedy, but she should have been, for endangering the welfare of the foster children, by allowing them to get in a car with someone who was under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Photo credit: Sheila Bethea, NY Daily News

Black Students at University of Maryland Demand Apology for Slavery

It seems like demanding an apology for slavery is becoming commonplace in our society. The latest group to jump on the bandwagon is a group of black students from the University of Maryland, College Park. In light of the recent revelation that slaves helped to build the university, without any type of acknowledgement, some Black students have called for President C. Dan Mote, to issue a formal apology for the institution’s use of slave labor. I am now awaiting those descendants of the slaves who helped to build the White House to seek President Barack Obama’s apology for the use of slave labor.

The university held a forum, “Release of a New Study on Slavery and UM Early History” Mon., Oct. 9 and remarks were made by Mote, noted historian Ira Berlin, the Rev. L. Jerome Fowler, a descendant of one of the Blacks who played a role in the early years of the university-Adam Plummer, university curator Elizabeth McAllister and Dottie Chicquelo, assistant director of the Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Education and president of the Black faculty and staff organization.

The study, “Knowing Our History,” which was produced by an undergraduate class taught by Berlin and Herbert Brewer, a graduate student, delves into the origins of the University of Maryland, with passages that explore the origins of slavery in Europe and how it evolved into a lucrative, worldwide enterprise that reached into the Americas. Source: The Washington Informer

So, some students say that he should apologize and give credit to those who sacrificed their labor. I do agree that our forefathers were brought here through no will of their own and subjected to denigration for eons, but what good will an apology do? The perpetrators of this unspeakable injustice have dead for eons.

The University of Maryland was founded by wealthy plantation owner Charles Calvert as the Maryland Agriculture College in 1856. Classes began at the institution in 1859 and, with the norms of 19th century America, excluded women and Blacks. However, in the “Overview and Appreciation” section of the publication, released in August 2009, Berlin pointed out that the issue of slave labor was discussed during the building of the institution. This was particularly relevant because the school’s first president, Benjamin Hallowell, was opposed to slavery. He was told by Calvert and the board of trustees that slave labor would not be used in the construction of the university. Hallowell resigned one month into his term as president and while the publication does not say directly that it was tied to slavery, there is an inference of it.

“…although the evidence points elsewhere,” Berlin said. “Slavery was the elephant in the room, which everyone recognized but no one could acknowledge. Political necessities may have forced both Calvert and Hallowell to avoid the direct discussion of slavery, but slavery’s omnipresence-as a source of wealth, status and labor-made it clear that slaves were no silent partner in the establishment of the Maryland Agriculture College.” Source: The Washington Informer

I agree that is it important to acknowledge the contribution of African Americans in American history, but I still don’t get why apologizing for slavery will change how we feel in any way. Slavery was an abhorrent practice and no matter how it is viewed, it will forever be a stain on America’s storied history. As a country, we all shared in the benefits and the tragedies of that dark era. As a country, I am sure most of us are remorseful of the suffering and injustices perpetuated upon our African American foreparents and even today when isolated cases of racism occur, but I still cannot say that an apology for slavery will change anything.