Dominic Carter, 45, NY1 Anchor, On Trial for Beating His Wife Marilyn, Led Double Life as Secret Family Revealed

Domestic violence is often a dirty little secret, hidden from the world, but it is important to note that it cuts across economic lines and often encompasses well-known, powerful and wealthy people. This time, NY 1 star Dominic Carter’s domestic abuse and his “secret family” have been revealed and threatens to destroy his career.  A relative has charged during a one-day court hearing that he spent two decades brutalizing his wife, Marilyn, and showed total disregard for her that he fathered two children out of wedlock. Carter is on trial for allegedly punching and choking his wife in their suburban home last year. She had written to the district attorney saying she lied when she said he beat her. She’s only trying to protect a monster who didn’t get two cents about her. This hot mess exposed Carter’s hidden private life and has painted a rather sinister side of a man who is widely regarded in New York City as an amiable and tough interviewer of local politicians since 1992. Well, there goes a career down the tube, literally and figuratively. The judge will issue a verdict November 19.

This one-day trial reads like an episode of “Young and the Restless.” Among the allegations:

  • Marilyn’s brother, Larry Stevens, said Dominic had beaten and verbally abused her for two decades — and that her family has repeatedly begged her to leave him.
  • Even while allegedly abusing his wife, Carter fathered two children with his high-school sweetheart, one of them a son he named Dominic Jr., said Stevens, a retired cop. Carter also has a son with Marilyn named Dominic.
  • Marilyn had told cops Dominic called her “a dumb project bitch” during the alleged Oct. 22 attack at the center of yesterday’s trial. Source: NY Post

What’s crazy is when Mrs. Carter, 52, was called to the stand she just kicked the prosecutor in the gut by bizarrely blaming her assault on a mysterious day laborer. She had blamed her hubby at the time, she claimed, only because she was “angry” at him for having an affair. Why is it that the victims chose to make excuses for their aggressors? I just cannot understand it. For me, the fact that he fathered two children with another woman while they are married is enough grounds for a divorce. He is having unprotected sex with another woman and most likely having sex with his wife too. Given all the sexually transmitted diseases out there, that’s just living dangerously.

Meanwhile, NY 1 General Manager Steve Paulus said Carter went on an “indefinite leave of absence.” Yeah, that means he is finito, done, washed up, history. What’s equally striking is the arrogance this man oozed as he strode into court, with his sidekick standing dutifully by his side. “I have never laid a hand on my wife, he declared. “I will be exonerated in court.” Didn’t Scott Peterson proclaim his love his wife and his innocence, while he knew he murdered her and their unborn baby? How many times have we heard these men try to paint the picture of a caring and doting husband, yet they were guilty of domestic abuse?

According to the NY Post, Marilyn spoke still more strongly, insisting, “This is a character assassination against my husband! “This has caused a lot of pain to my family, but he will be vindicated.” Lady, let me put it bluntly, your husband is being accused of being a wife beater and an adulterer. That has ended many marriages, as it should. It seems as though she has forgotten that there are multiple police reports detailing verbal arguments between the couple. In this most recent incident, he has been charged with misdemeanor assault, which carries a maximum sentence of one year in jail.

According to police records, Marilyn told cops at the time that he punched her twice in the face, swelling her lip; grabbed her throat while wearing a watch that scratched her ear; punched her arm; and “kicked her in her lower right shin, causing a small cut with minor bleeding.” So, wouldn’t the bruises and scratches be visible to the officer who went to the home? She also gave the cops a written statement detailing the same accusations. She said the day laborer assaulted her and not her husband. “Oh what a tangled tale we weave when we lie, hurt and deceive!” She should be charged with a crime for lying under oath. This is coming from the same woman who reportedly took out an order of protection against her husband in March, 2007 after another argument at their home. There is also a police report in 2003 that in which she said her husband choked her until she almost passed out. Here’s my question, how come NY 1 still had this monster smiling for their cameras and yukking it up with NY politicos?