Rev. Al Sharpton’s Ex-Wife Kathy Jordan and Daughter, Dominique, Arrested on Obstruction Charges, Disorderly Conduct

Rev. Al Sharpton’s ex-wife Kathy Jordan, 53, and his oldest daughter, Dominique, 23, were arrested in Manhattan Friday night for resisting arrest after speeding past a patrol car and through a red light on Eighth Avenue in Harlem, according to the NY Daily News. Sources said as the officers attempted to issue the women a summons for the traffic violation, the pair became belligerent, arguing that they were only trying to get around the squad car that was driving too slow.

Sources said Dominique was the driver and argued against the summons, which led to disorderly conduct and obstruction of governmental administration charges. They were issued desk appearance tickets and allowed to go home. Rev. Al weighed in through his lawyer Michael Hardy who said, “How what was apparently a minor traffic dispute ended up with two arrests with desk appearance tickets is highly questionable and unusual.” I see exactly where this is going. Stay tuned, there will be more to come.

According to Hardy, Dominique Sharpton called her mother, who rushed to the scene and found her daughter handcuffed and in the back of a police car. Rev. Sharpton took to Twitter to voice his anger over the incident. He said, “I cannot imagine how two unarmed women with no record, could be taken in cuffs from a traffic dispute with NO personal or property damage involved.” He added, “Well this is what we deal with everyday. We will never accept unfairness.”

I got a ticket earlier this year for running a red light, which was unintentional, however, when I was pulled over, I didn’t argue with the police officer because I knew exactly what happened. He told me that I ran a red light and asked me if I didn’t see that the light had changed from amber to red. Hey, I didn’t argue with him. I took my licks like an adult because I was in the wrong. Kathy and Dominique Sharpton think they are above the law and they can drop the “Sharpton” name in the hopes that it will scare the officer. Sorry, if you are pulled over by a cop, there’s no need to resist arrest. Take your ticket and move on. If the cop was wrong, there is ample time for them to contest it court and file a formal complaint against him. Anyone with an ounce of commonsense know you don’t argue with police officers and expect to walk away.

UPDATE (05/17/15):  Dominique Sharpton is in the news again…she sued New York City for $5 million after spraining her ankle during fall.

  • Bob

    Not too hard to understand, the two women think like Al does. That they are above the law.

    • Douglas Mend


  • Joe Welter

    Time for another march Al??

  • Knuckle Head Smith

    Janet , When you write: ” Anyone with an ounce of commonsense know you don’t argue with police officers and expect to walk away”. You make two mistakes in the same sentence. Common sense is not a compound word and it should be “knows”, not know. “Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows you don’t….”
    Far too many folks butcher plurals by making them singular. I do agree totally with your opinion about the Sharpton “ladies”.

  • Katie

    Can’t someone dump Al Sharpton in a landfill and make him disappear?

  • glen

    true blue reason why the cops shoot blacks..they all think there above the law because there black.glad they got arrested

  • Jimh77

    They all need to be imprisoned. Al is nothing more than a whore. He is responsible for the black folks not getting further ahead in life than they are. Sharpton needs to be in Prison. Such a POS.
    Worthless Jungle monkey ever.