Robert Peterson, Teacher at Obama Girls’ School, Sidwell Friends, Charged with Sexual Abuse of a Minor

Robert Peterson, a teacher at the prestigious Sidwell Friends school where Sasha and Malia Obama attend, has been charged with sex abuse of a minor and was released on a $250,000 bond. Peterson, 65, taught seventh and eighth grades at the private school, where many children of Washington D.C.’s elite attend.

According to CBS News, the school reportedly announced on January 20 that it had placed Peterson, who resides in Silver Spring, Md., on leave before the school year commenced and dismissed him January 14.

CBS states Montgomery County charging documents allege Peterson repeatedly invited a male student to his home, showed him pornography and touched him inappropriately. According to the case information, Peterson is charged with sex abuse of a minor and a fourth-degree sex offense. The incidents allegedly occurred from June 1, 2008 to August 1, 2009. His criminal nightmare won’t be over for a while. He also faces charges in Queen Anne’s County, where he reportedly was the director of the Sidwell Friends’ summer camp.

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Washington Wizards Player Javaris Crittenton Charged with Firearm Possession Over Locker Room Argument with Gilbert Arenas

Washington Wizards player Javaris Crittenton has been charged with weapons violations following a plea deal. He was charged with two misdemeanors — possession of an unregistered firearm and carrying a pistol without a license. Crittenton’s deal comes 10 days after teammate Gilbert Arenas pleaded guilty.

“Mr. Crittenton brought a lawfully owned, unloaded handgun into Washington, DC, only because he legitimately feared for his life,” said his lawyer Peter White. “The government’s proffer of facts to be filed today acknowledges that his handgun was not loaded and that he never threatened anyone with it. The gun was legally purchased, but bringing it into the District, even for self-defense, violated the city’s strict gun control laws.” Source: NY Post

Arenas has been suspended indefinitely from the NBA without pay. He pleaded guilty Jan. 15 to a felony gun charge connected to a locker-room argument over a gambling debt that is believed to have involved Crittenton. Prosecutor Chris Kavanaugh revealed new details of the case during his court hearing, including that during a Dec. 19 team flight, Arenas and Crittenton argued about a card game, and Arenas said he would “burn” Crittenton’s Cadillac Escalade or “shoot him in the face.” Crittenton retorted that “he would shoot the f- – – out of Arenas” and “shoot Arenas in his” surgically repaired knee, according to the NY Post. Aren’t these guys such an asset to the Washington Wizards? Of course I am being facetious.The reality is “if you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.” No amount of money in the world will change the mentality of these thugs.

Nazi Party of Colorado Adopts One-Mile Stretch of Highway 85, Claims It’s a Good Recruiting Tool


The Nazi Party of Colorado has adopted a one-mile stretch of U.S. Highway 85, south of Bromley Lane in Brighton. The members of the group call themselves the National Socialist Movement and claim they are inspired by the teachings of Adolf Hitler. According to Fox 31, they believe interracial relationships and homosexuality should be crimes. They also want to start a sovereign Aryan country. In other words, an all-white country.

The group claims the Adopt-a-Highway program is a good PR move for them and a recruiting tool, according to Fox 31. The group’s initial request was denied by the Colorado Department of Transportation, but the Denver Anti-Defamation League advised the state to approve the application based on their Constitutional right to freedom of speech. It’s a sad commentary when hate speech is protected in this country.

Well, let’s just go ahead and grant terrorists the right to adopt a stretch of highway in any U.S. city they so desire.

Mark Kerrigan, Brother of Former Figure Skater Nancy Kerrigan, Arrested in Suspicious Death of Father, Daniel Kerrigan

Former Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan’s brother, Mark Kerrigan, has been arrested in the suspicious death of their father, Daniel Kerrigan, 70. According to NECN, he will be arraigned today on criminal charges. There are reports surfacing that he has been “charged with assault, plus battery on an elder, serious bodily injury in connection with his father’s death.”

Mark Kerrigan is 45 years old. MyFoxBoston also reports that a “struggle” between Mark and his father occurred before Daniel’s death yesterday in his Stoneham, Mass., home.

“He [Mark Kerrigan] stated that he wanted to use the phone and his father would not let him,” according to a Stoneham police report filed in court. “He said that he struggled with his father and put his hands around his father neck and his father fell to the floor. He said that his father was faking it.”

In the police report, police said that Mark Kerrigan appeared intoxicated and was belligerent toward officers as they tried to help his father. Police said in the report that pictures were knocked off the walls and that there appeared to be some blood near where Daniel Kerrigan was found. Source: Boston Globe

The cause of Mr. Kerrigan’s death is undetermined, pending an autopsy by the state’s medical examiner’s office.

More to follow…..

Mia Landingham Sentenced to Three Years Probation, Community Service for Killing Boyfriend by Sitting on Him

Mia Landingham gets three years probation, 100 hours community service after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter for killing boyfriend by sitting on him.

Mia Landingham, an obese woman who killed her boyfriend, Mikal Middleton-Bey, by sitting on him August 2009, was sentenced to three years probation and 100 hours community service, after she pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter, according to CBS affiliate WOIO.

Landingham, reportedly weighed over 300 pounds at the time of the incident when she sat on Middleton-Bey as he was face first on the couch. Her lawyer said there was a history of domestic abuse between the two. The victim, according to media reports, was 5’10” tall and weighed 126 pounds.

Ethiopian Airlines Crashes into Sea After Take Off From Beirut, French Ambassador’s Wife Marla Sanchez Pietton was On-Board

An Ethiopian Airlines flight from Beirut, Lebanon to Addis Ababa crashes into the Mediterranean Sea shortly after take-off. French ambassador’s wife Marla Sanchez Pietton was on-board the plane.

BREAKING: An Ethiopian Airlines plane crashes into the Mediterranean Sea after taking off from Beirut, Lebanon early Monday morning. All 90 passengers and crew feared dead. According to Reuters, the aircraft disappeared from radar screens shortly after take-off. The flight from Beirut was bound for Addis Ababa. The plane is a Boeing 737 aircraft.

About 51 passengers were reportedly Lebanese nationals, 23 were Ethiopians, two Britons and citizens from Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Canada, Russia and France, Ethiopian Airlines said. The French ambassador to Lebanon, Denis Pietton’s wife Marla Sanchez Pietton was on-board the flight.

According to state-run Lebanese National News Agency, by midday Monday, crews had recovered 23 bodies, but found no survivors. The plane reportedly crashed about 2.1 miles west of Na’ameh, which is nine miles south of Beirut.

UPDATE#1: The pilot flew in the opposite direction from the path recommended by the control tower after taking off from Beirut in thunderstorms, Lebanon’s transportation minister said Tuesday.

Transportation Minister Ghazi Aridi said the pilot initially followed the tower’s guidance, but then abruptly changed course and went in the opposite direction.(NY Daily News)

Marijuana Could be Coming to a Classroom in a School Near You

Marijuana could be coming to a classroom near you.  According to the Christian Science Monitor, medical marijuana legally prescribed to young people is showing up in classrooms. This is literally putting teachers and principals in a predicament of sorts. What’s troubling to some is that these students don’t have to tell their teachers about having “weed” in their possession. Some doctors are now more inclined to prescribe marijuana (as an alternative to Ritalin) for children diagnosed with ADHD.

It’s a controversial trend among medical practitioners. “It’s safer than aspirin,” Dr. Jean Talleyrand told the New York Times. Dr. Talleyrand is a marijuana advocate who founded a network of 20 clinics in Oakland, Calif. which dispense medical marijuana – including to teenagers diagnosed with ADHD.

But Stephen Hinshaw, the chairman of the psychology department at the University of California, Berkeley, calls it “one of the worst ideas of all time.” He cites studies showing that the active ingredient in cannabis disrupts attention, memory and concentration – already issues for people diagnosed with attention-deficit disorder. In addition to being at the forefront of medical marijuana law, California now is considering legalizing and regulating the general use of marijuana.

A proposed bill would remove marijuana and derivatives from existing statutes defining them as controlled substances and make it legal to possess, sell, and cultivate marijuana by those 21 and older, reports the Monitor’s Daniel B. Wood. It sets up wholesale and retail sales regulation with special fees to fund drug abuse prevention programs. And it bans local and state assistance “in enforcing inconsistent federal and other laws.” Source: Christian Science Monitor

This is very interesting. What are your thoughts on this latest trend?