Cameron Dabaghi, Yale University Junior, Commits Suicide By Jumping from Empire State Bldg 86th Floor

Cameron Dabaghi, a Yale University junior, commits suicide by jumping from Empire State Building’s observation deck on 86th floor.

Another student suicide has hit the mainstream media. This time Cameron Dabaghi, a junior at Yale University, jumped from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building’s observation deck, Tuesday shortly before 6:30 p.m.

According to the student newspaper, the Yale Daily News, Dabaghi, who was expected to graduate in 2011 was majoring in East Asian studies.

It is a sad commentary that some students are driven to a point of no return where they see their only option as suicide. This comes on the heels of two student suicides at Cornell University.

Federal Appeals Court Rules "Okay" for Cops to Taser Pregnant Woman, Malaika Brooks, Over Traffic Ticket

Washington state appeals court rules that it is okay for cops to taser pregnant woman, Malaika Brooks, over her refusal to sign traffic ticket.

It’s now okay in the state of Washington for cops to taser a pregnant woman. A federal appeals court ruled that three Seattle police officers were justified when they used a stun gun to subdue a pregnant woman, Malaika Brooks, who refused to sign a traffic ticket. This sets a very dangerous precedent that you can be tasered and thrown in jail over disputing with the officer that a traffic ticket was not warranted.

Ms. Brooks was reportedly driving her son to Seattle’s African American Academy in 2004 when she was stopped for doing 32 mph in a school zone. According to media reports, she insisted it was the car in front of her that was speeding, and refused to sign the ticket because she thought she’d be admitting guilt.

To read the entire article from the Associated Press, CLICK HERE.

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Four People Killed, Six Wounded in Drive-By Shooting in Southeast Washington D.C., Three People in Police Custody

Mayhem in Southeast Washington D.C. as four people killed, six injured in drive-by shooting. Three suspects in police custody.

SHOCK: Four people have been killed and six others wounded after a drive-by shooting in the 4000 block of South Capitol Street in Southeast Washington D.C. This mayhem unfolded around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday night when a car reportedly drove by and bullets were sprayed into a crowd standing outside an apartment building, striking ten people, according to ABC 7. Authorities say they were a group of friends.

Six males and three females were shot. Fire Department spokesman Pete Piringer says four of the shooting victims have serious injuries, but don’t appear to be life-threatening. Fire officials say all of the victims are in their 20s and 30s except one person who is a teen.

Police Chief Cathy Lanier said three people are in custody, but police say they are not being called suspects. Police also said a weapon had been recovered.

Police are looking into a possible motive and whether it could be a case of retaliation. Sources say one of suspects in custody is also wanted in connection with the murder of 20-year-old Jordan Howe, who was laid to rest Tuesday. At least some of the nine people reportedly had attended his funeral. Source: ABC 7

This is unconscionable and it is a sad commentary to see that there are so many high-powered weapons on the streets. How does one, with a criminal history, purchase a gun? There should be zero tolerance where gun violence is concerned.

This is a developing story. More to follow.

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Fox News: Arrested Hutaree Militia Leader, David Brian Stone, is a Ron Paul Fanatic

Hutaree militia leader, David Brian Stone, is a Ron Paul fanatic, his ex-fiancee, Andrea Harsh, told Fox News. He was ticked off by the historic election of President Obama.

It seems that the Fox News has uncovered something very interesting about Hutaree Militia leader, David Brian Stone. His ex-fiancee, Andrea Harsh, said Stone, who was recently arrested for plotting against police in Michigan, was ticked off by the election of President Barack Obama and that he was a Ron Paul fanatic, who thought the government would try to take away his guns. Ron Paul fanatic. That’s very interesting since this isn’t the first time we have heard his name associated with racist people. You see, some of the hatemongers who were big supporters of Paul include Holocaust Museum shooter, James von Brunn; Pittsburgh cop killer, Richard Paplowski and Pentagon shooter, John Patrick Bedell.

If that revelation doesn’t cause one to stop and think, then I don’t know what else will. Why am I not surprised that this barbaric plot to harm Michigan police officers was hatched in a trailer home in a rural area of the state. According to Fox News, David Brian Stone’s personal theology partly destroyed his marriage, at least that’s how his ex-wife put it. The aim of these scumbags was to kill police officers in the hope of sparking an uprising against the government. So, while we worry about al-Qaida and other extremists from the Middle East, we have to worry about the homegrown terrorists in our midst. For all those Ron Paul supporters out there, you’d better think twice about the scumbags that support him and his philosophy. So when Sarah “Tea Party” Palin says “lock and load,” she’s talking to people like these nine domestic terrorists who believe the literal interpretation of her words.

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State Sen. Jack Murphy (R-GA) Sponsors Bill to End Multilingual Driver’s Tests, Critics Say it’s Anti-Immigrant

Georgia State Senator Jack Murphy sponsors bill to end multilingual driver’s tests. Critics charge it is anti-immigrant and anti-economic development.

The Georgia legislature is taking aim at multilingual driver’s tests. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, State Sen. Jack Murphy (R-Cumming) said there are 13 languages in which someone can test for their Georgia driver’s license. He believes that a dozen too many.  He revised and got the Senate to approve a bill, SB67, that would make English the only language one can use to get a driver’s license. That will certainly unnerve many non-English speaking residents of Georgia and it may even be called anti-immigrant.

From a safety-issue, I agree with the legislation. If you can’t read the street signs, then how can you be expected to obey traffic laws? You would pose a great danger to other motorists and pedestrians too. The reality is I can’t go to Greece or South Korea and get a driver’s license because I don’t speak the language of either country. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the naysayers of the bill are quick to point out that illiterate Georgians are still allowed to drive and are helped with the test.

Their overriding concern is that the bill is anti-immigrant and could stunt economic development in the state. They even have a name for it: the “Kia Go Home Bill,” named after the South Korean automaker that builds cars in Georgia with a sizable Korean work force.

“This bill would tell Kia that it is OK to invest a billion dollars here in Georgia, but your employees cannot drive here,” said Jerry Gonzalez, executive director for the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials. “This is sending the wrong message and would make Georgia the only state in the country with a law like this. It is anti-immigration, anti-Latino and anti-economy development.”

SB 67 was actually a bill from the last legislative session that many thought was long dead. It passed the Senate and the House last year, but lawmakers failed to agree on language before the session ended. Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution

It should be noted that the bill only affects permanent residents and temporary license seekers are exempt. Here’s where I have a problem with this bill. Murphy said the bill targets non-English-speaking people who can’t read traffic signs and emergency messages, but it doesn’t account for illiterate Georgians. So, they would be in the same boat as the non-English speaking immigrants. Sorry, Rep. Murphy, you can’t have it both ways. You are, in essence, showing a bias towards people who speak another language. Still, I don’t think this bill will have an effect on the state’s economy.

Georgia Southern Baptist Convention Wants to Remove Church from Rolls Because Pastor is a Woman

Georgia Baptist Convention wants to remove church from rolls because pastor is a woman, Rev. Mimi Walker.

The Georgia Baptist Convention wants to remove Druid Hills Baptist Church from its rolls because its co-pastor is a woman. As we living in the dark ages? The pastor in question is Rev. Mimi Walker, who was ordained in 2003 and has been co-pastor for the church since 2008. Her husband, Rev. Graham Walker is also a co-pastor.

The GBC’s executive committee made the recommendation to sever ties with the church at a March 16 meeting. If its recommendation is approved at the annual convention in November, the GBC would no longer accept money from Druid Hills for missions and programs, nor would the church be able to send delegates — called messengers — to future annual meetings.

“…Druid Hills Baptist Church of Atlanta is not a cooperating church as defined in Article II, Section 1 of the constitution because a woman is serving as co-pastor of the church,” the GBC said in a statement.
“We are keeping faith with the Baptist Faith and Message with regard to women serving as pastor,” GBC executive director J. Robert White said in a statement. “The GBC has never been opposed to women serving in ministry positions other than pastor.” Source: AJC

It seems disingenuous for the church to tout inclusivity on one hand and then penalize Druid Hills Baptist Church for having a female pastor. Then they wonder why people are getting turned off from organized religion.

To read the entire article, CLICK HERE.

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Glenn Beck Fill-in host, Doc Hollywood, Says Tanning Salon Tax is Racist Because "Dark-Skinned People" Don’t Use Them

Doc Hollywood, fill-in host for Glenn Beck, says tanning salon tax is racist.

Glenn Beck and his posse have really outdone themselves this time. Fill-in host Doc Hollywood says tanning tax is racist. Here’s his ridiculous rant:

For years I’ve suggested that racism was in decline and yeah, there are some, you know, incidents that still happen with regards to racism, but most of the claims I’ve said for years, well, they’re not really real. But I realize now that I was wrong. For I now too feel the pain of racism. Racism has been dropped at my front door and the front door of all lighter-skinned Americans. The health care bill the president just singed into law includes a 10 percent tax on all indoor tanning sessions starting July 1st, and I say, who uses tanning? Is it dark-skinned people? I don’t think so. I would guess that most tanning sessions are from light-skinned Americans. Why would the President of the United States of America — a man who says he understands racism, a man who has been confronted with racism — why would he sign such a racist law? Why would he agree to do that? Well now I feel the pain of racism.

Why do people continue to take these wingnuts seriously? Let’s not forget that using tanning bed can lead to skin cancer. Gee, funny that logic is lost on these idiots over at Faux News.

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Fitzgerald Jolly Stabs Pregnant Wife, Sister Over Her Refusal to Have an Abortion

SHOCK: Fitzgerald Jolly stabs pregnant wife and her twin sister because she wouldn’t have an abortion.

Fitzgerald Jolly, enraged over the fact that his pregnant wife, Petrona Kates, refused to have an abortion, slashed her throat and then stabbed her twin sister, Patricia Kates, Monday night in front of children in Jamaica, NY, police and relatives told the NY Daily News.

The Kateses’ cousin Lesia Wickham, 32, said that according to family members’ account, Petrona Kates’ husband, Fitzgerald Jolly, became furious after he returned from Philadelphia and learned his wife was pregnant. “I guess he didn’t want her to carry on with the pregnancy,” said Wickham, shocked over the bloodshed, which took place in front of at least six children, including Petrona Kates’ young son.

“They were arguing. He left, then came back inside, took a knife from the kitchen and started to attack them.” Wickham said that as Jolly stormed out of the house, he “dropped the knife in a neighbor’s yard and jumped in his vehicle and drove off.” Cops later found the vehicle abandoned on the Whitestone Bridge, but Jolly’s whereabouts are unknown, police said. Source: NY Daily News

If he didn’t want his wife to have another baby, then he could have also practiced safe sex and used a condom or had a vasectomy. He may have had legitimate concerns about having another child given the tough economic conditions in this country, but resorting to violence isn’t the answer. If you see this man, please call police and have him taken off the streets. He needs to be behind bars. You don’t solve a problem with violence.

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Norris Daniels Arrested & Charged with Third-Degree Felony for Barking at Police Dog

Norris Daniels arrested and charged with third-degree felony for barking at a police dog.

There’s always a crazy story in the news on a daily basis, but this one takes the cake. Norris Daniels, a Princedale, Pa., man, was sentenced to jail for barking at a police dog. Monessen police said Daniels, also known as “Big Dog,” was taunting a police dog named Ibo in the back of a police cruiser. He kept barking after an officer told him to stop. According to The Pittsburgh Channel, Daniels said he was barking at some nearby pit bulls, not at the police dog. This is laughable, but Officer Brian Vitale told Channel 4 Actions News that it is a serious matter because the animals become unpredictable when they are angered. Illegal taunting of a police animal is a third degree felony.

Daniels agreed to plead guilty to the lesser charge of disorderly conduct. He was sentenced to two to 12 months in jail by a Westmoreland County judge, who immediately paroled him. He had been jailed since his arrest on January 27, because he could not post bond. He was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation.

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Sidra Qureshi, Muslim Student, Leads Group Trying to Force Trinity University to Remove "Our Lord" From Diplomas

Sidra Qureshi, a Muslim student at Trinity University, leads group to force university to remove of “Our Lord” from diplomas.

A group of students at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX, is lobbying trustees to drop a reference to “Our Lord” on their diplomas, arguing that it does not respect the diversity of religions on campus. What’s interesting is the fact that the group is led by Sidra Qureshi, a Muslim. So, does she prefer to see a reference to Allah on the diploma? The reality is that each school has a historical basis — Georgetown University was founded by Jesuits, Indiana Wesleyan University has a Christian tradition and Trinity University, also has a Christian tradition, therefore, the students who attend these institutions should understand this and ascribe to the beliefs of the school. Again, would Sidra Quireshi feel better if it said, “In the Year of Allah?”

According to the Houston Chronicle, Qureshi, president of Trinity Diversity Connection, said, “A diploma is a very personal item, and people want to proudly display it in their offices and homes.” “By having the phrase ‘In the Year of Our Lord,’ it is directly referencing Jesus Christ, and not everyone believes in Jesus Christ.” This is nothing but hogwash and Trinity University should not budge one iota and capitulate to the wishes of this movement. Sidra Qureshi knew exactly what the school was all about when she applied for admission. Trinity University was founded by Presbyterians in 1869, and has been governed by an independent board of trustees since 1969 but , according to the Houston Chronicle, maintains a “covenant relationship” with the church. The trustees are expected to consider the students’ request at a May board meeting.