Criswell College Interim President Dr. Lamar Cooper in Hot Water for Calling Illegal Immigrants "Wetbacks

Criswell College interim president Dr. Lamar Cooper in hot water for referring to illegal immigrants as “wetbacks” during radio-broadcast on Sunday.

Criswell College interim president Dr. Lamar Cooper’s recent comments about the Arizona immigration legislation before a radio-broadcast last Sunday during which he referred to illegal immigrants as “wetbacks.” Wow, how compassionate! According to the Dallas Morning News, church officials have condemned the remark and said it was “off-hand” and “unfortunate.” Er, it was very insensitive.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the broadcast has been taken off-air indefinitely and the church is apologizing individually to each person who has complained about Cooper’s language.

Criswell, a small Christian college in Dallas, prides itself as developing “God-called men and women in the Word, both intellectually and academically. Really? Compassion is one of the first things Lamar Cooper ought to develop. He should learn to lead by example.