Is Verizon Wireless your cellular phone provider? Well, maybe if you are behind on your monthly payment, you’d better watch out for a crazy debt collector. The company is being suied by Al Burrows, who alleges that one of its debt collectors threatened to blow his house up over a $308 unpaid bill. Burrows, who lives in New Mexico, said Verizon had already given him 90 days to pay his bill when he received a call from another bill collector. According to ABC News, he was pressed for immediate payment and threatened by the collector: “I am gonna blow your m*****f****** house up,” the bill collector said, according to the lawsuit filed with New Mexico’s First Judicial District Court.

Burrows, who lived in Las Cruces, New Mexico at the time, acknowledged that he owed Verizon Wireless $308 on an account that he had opened on behalf of his stepson, but said he worked out a payment plan as soon as he found out about the debt.

This is a hot mess and a clear violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If found guilty, the FTC will hand down a large fine to Verizon Wireless and I am sure, Mr. Burrows will be compensated for this aggravation.

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H/T to Enrique Castillo for telling us about this story!