Jody Hice, GA GOP Congressional Candidate, Launches Several Billboards Calling Out President Obama’s "Socialist" Policies

Jody Hice, Republican candidate for Georgia’s 7th Congressional District, launches several billboards calling out President Barack Obama’s so-called Socialist policies, complete with sickle.

Jody Hice, who is a running for Georgia’s 7th Congressional District, has erected several billboards around Atlanta calling out President Barack Obama’s so-called “socialist” policies. Okay, I can deal with calling him a Socialist, but must we use the symbols of a dark period in Europe’s history to make that point? The use of the sickle is divisive.

I am not surprised Hice chose this method to score brownie points with his constituents. You see, the 7th Congressional District, which includes most of Gwinnett County, parts of Forsyth and Newton counties, as well as all of Barrow and Walton counties are solidly conservative.

According to his website, he launched the billboards across Georgia’s 7th Congressional District which visually contrast Hice’s position as a “constitutional conservative” against what he sees as President Obama’s socialist policies. The lower portion of the billboard features an image of the American flag and the Constitution along with Hice’s name. There is a banner across the top of the signs asking voters if they have “Had Enough of Obama’s Change?” The “C” in change is a red hammer and sickle and represents the socialist change that Hice alleges Obama is pushing in America. Source:

His solidly conservative 7th District includes most of Gwinnett County, parts of Forsyth and Newton counties and all of Barrow and Walton counties. Hice calls himself a non-nonsense candidate who is in it for the people. Really? What you have here is a pastor who wants to push his view on his constituents. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Hice drew headlines in 2008 when he sought to pick a fight with the IRS. He urged his congregation at Bethlehem First Baptist Church in Barrow County, to vote for John McCain over Barack Obama. The IRS should have revoked his church’s tax-exempt status, since he was trying to dabble in the political process from the pulpit. He resigned as pastor of the church three months ago to focus on his radio show and his so-called political career. Sorry but there should be a separation of church and state. Jody Hice will go into office representing the people of his constituency according to his religious convictions, whether they are flawed or not.