NYPD Believe Leisha Jones Possible Perpetrator in Fiery Murder-Suicide that Claimed the Lives of Four Children

NYPD believe Leisha Jones possible perpetrator in horrific fiery murder-suicide at her Staten Island home that claimed the lives of four children, one adult.

The New York Police now believe Leisha Jones, a Jamaican national, was the possible culprit in the murder-suicide fire at her Staten Island home that wiped out her family. The police said they believe the badly charred note and diary found in the wreckage of the fire were written by the same person, Leisha Jones and not her 14 year-old-son, according to the NY Daily News. Though the detectives have not made a “final determination” about who is responsible. The deceased include Melonie Jones, 7, Jermaine Sinclair, 2, Brittney Jones, 10, C.J. Jones, 14 and their mother, Leisha Jones.

Investigators initially thought Jones’ oldest child, C.J. Jones, had slashed his two younger siblings’ throats Thursday before setting the Port Richmond house ablaze and cutting his own throat. The mom and a 2-year-old son also died in the blaze. C.J.’s father told The News on Sunday that pressure on the teen to help raise his siblings created friction between him and his mom before the tragedy.

Earlston Raymond, who lives in Jamaica, said his son was overwhelmed by the responsibility of raising his three younger siblings and wanted to join him – but his mother refused. “Leisha never wanted to send back C.J.,” Raymond said by phone yesterday.”I know C.J. wasn’t the one to kill himself and kill his brother and sisters.” Leisha Jones’ family refused to believe she played a role in her family’s death. Source: NY Daily News

No matter who the perpetrator is, this was a horrific tragedy that should not have occurred. I am left shaking my head and wondering why the murderer didn’t take his/her life only and left the children unharmed.