SHAME: Memphis City councilwoman, Barbara Swearengen Ware, who is black, has been indicted by a state grand jury investigating practices at the Shelby County Clerk’s office, according to the Commercial Appeal newspaper. What she is accused of doing is just disgraceful. Her name reportedly surfaced in a probe of auto registration practices, where eight auto title clerks were charged in April 2009 with taking bribes. According to the Commercial Appeal, three of the clerks accepted cash from Ware. Please keep a straight face when you read how much she allegedly paid these clerks – $5. So, she was willing to ruin her career over a measly sum of money. A warrant has been issued for her arrest. Unbelievable. $5.

It should also be noted that Ms. Swearengen is currently hospitalized. I hate to be a cynic, but why do many politicians or even other famous people, mysteriously end up in a hospital after being accused of a crime? It is a shame that her political career may come to a screeching halt as a result of these allegations.

The grand jury returned a felony indictment weeks ago, but Ware hasn’t been served or taken into custody since she entered the hospital roughly three to four weeks ago, sources said. Source: Commercial Appeal

I have to ask the question, why in the world would they prosecute her for $5, when I am pretty sure hardened criminals are being released every day from Memphis prisons, quite oblivious to the safety of the public. It will cost far more than the measly $5 she is accused of bribing the clerks with, to litigate her case.