Daystar Founder Rev. Marcus Lamb Admits to Extramarital Affair Several Years Ago, Claims Blackmail Attempt

Daystar founder Rev. Marcus Lamb, admits to committing adultery several years ago, prompted by alleged $7.5 million blackmail attempt.

Another famous pastor has admitted to having an affair. This latest pimp in the pulpit is Bedford, Texas-based televangelist Rev. Marcus Lamb, founder of the Daystar television network. According to NBC DFW, Lamb and with his wife, Joni, by his side, admitted he had an “inappropriate relationship” with another woman several years ago. So, you might ask why is this suddenly revealed to the world? He admitted because he claimed he was the victim of a blackmail attempt. Of course, supporters of the network don’t seem to have an issue with his sexual misconduct. They claim he’s under attack by the Devil. Really?

Lamb said three people tried to extort $7.5 million from him to keep the affair quiet. He did not name the people. A statement on Daystar’s website said the couple restored their marriage through counseling. “After Joni told her husband the Lord convinced her he was worth fighting for, together they submitted to an intense process of repentance, forgiveness, reconciliation and restoration,” the statement said.

A spokesman for the Lambs, Larry Ross, told the Associated Press they went to authorities with their allegations, but he said he could not discuss specifics for fear of interfering with any investigation. He said the extortion attempt was made within the past few weeks. Police in Bedford said no crime had been reported. Police in Colleyville, where the Lambs live, also said nobody had filed any such complaint. Source

Here’s the reality of this situation. The timing of this admission is suspect. Seems to me like Rev. Lamb only admitted this relationship because he was scared of what details would be revealed about his lifestyle, since he likes to lead by the mantra, “do as I say, but not as I do.” Another snake in the pulpit and on the Christian airwaves. When will people learn that many of these pastors are truly wolves in sheep’s clothing.’s affair as “an emotional relationship” with a woman that became “an improper relationship.” Here’s another bit of information floating around. A regular reader of the blog said there has been rumors in the past saying that Lamb is gay. Not sure what to make of this and it’s strange that the local police department said they haven’t launched any investigation into the matter. Where’s there’s smoke, there’s usually a fire. Most Christians in the U.S. and the world know about Daystar, that has aired broadcasts from pastors including Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn and T. D. Jakes.

UPDATE#1: I knew the sh*t was about to jump off with Rev. Lamb when he admitted to the adulterous affair. Why some women have such low self-esteem to be a “clean-up” woman for a married man is beyond me. According to NBCDFW, former director of marketing Jeanette Hawkins has filed a lawsuit alleging she was pressured to participate in a cover-up of an extra-marital affair by the Rev. Marcus Lamb that left her suicidal and involuntarily committed to a mental institution. Her lawyer said that Lamb’s allegations he was being blackmailed was “preposterous,” according to NBCDFW.

The lawsuit, filed in Dallas County District Court on Wednesday, is the latest twist in a saga that began Tuesday, when Lamb and his wife made the affair public in a live broadcast of their television show “Celebration.” They also claimed that three people threatened to tell reporters about the affair unless Daystar paid them $7.5 million.

In the lawsuit, Daystar’s former director of marketing Jeanette Hawkins alleges that another employee found e-mails from Lamb to the other woman, who at the time was one of his top assistants…..

  • Marcus Lamb’s affair with a top assistant lasted seven years.
  • An employee found “many lewd statements” in e-mails Lamb had written to the woman. In one of them, according to the lawsuit, Lamb said he “could not wait to make her the next Mrs. Marcus Lamb.”
  • Daystar bought the woman’s house and “entered into a sham consulting agreement under which Daystar paid substantial sums of hush-money to her.”Source: NBC Dallas Forth Worth

I have been reading the comments left regarding this post and I must say that I am amazed at how gullible many of his supporters are. Doesn’t the Bible specifically speak about wolves in sheep’s clothing and that in the last days we will have pastors who don’t follow God’s word but are out for financial gain? Please, don’t even come with the “he who is without sin, cast the first stone” mess. For all those supporters sending money to Daystar, you’d better think twice and wonder specifically how your hard-earned money has been spent by Rev. Lamb and his cronies. Chances are, you were taken for a ride and have literally been fleeced.

Want a good laugh? Watch the video:

  • Luisa48

    This is for people who do not know the God of the Christians. Please don’t judge our God when a Christian pastor sins. God is grieved when one of His leaders sins. God forgives when a Christians repents. But when A pastor sins more than once or for 2 – 7 years, now this person is playing games with God and God is not amused. Marcus repented and asked God to forgive him, and God forgave him, but Marcus is now reaping the consequences of his sins. And he hurt his wife and family and his followers. Now he is going to have to prove his faithfulness to his wife and family and followers if he can. But all he has to do is say NO next time if he is tempted.

    • Kbob

      He is not a leader for Christ he is an false teacher, and this is a perfect example of reaping what you sow