Ex-Con Mona Yvette Nelson Facing Capital Murder Charges in Death of 12-Year-Old Jonathan Foster

Ex-convict Mona Yvette Nelson charged with capital murder in death of Jonathan Foster, who went missing on Christmas Eve.

SHAME: Mona Yvette Nelson, a 44-year-old ex-convict, was charged with capital murder Wednesday in connection with the disappearance of 12-year-old Jonathan Foster, Houston Police Department sources told the Chronicle. Nelson served as a maintenance worker for several different apartment complexes in Houston. She was taken into custody Wednesday morning. Why, why, why, would this woman do this to a child? Why? This woman was a child predator, nothing less. She dumped his badly burned body not far from her home, reinforcing the point that a perpetrator never strays far from his or her home to commit crimes or dispose of evidence. Jonathan was last seen alive by his stepfather on Christmas Eve.

Investigators said the suspect met Jonathan’s stepdad two weeks before the boy vanished, and witnesses said they’d seen her around the apartment complex, near 43rd Street and Shepherd, where the stepfather lived. Police said they were led to the woman by surveillance video captured near where the body was dumped, at East Hardy and Schilder Road. They first went to her home Tuesday night, then returned Wednesday to take her into custody and collect what they characterized as a “boatload” of evidence.

Searching court documents 11 News Reporter Jeff McShan discovered Nelson’s most serious crime was a robbery she committed back in 1984. She served a 10-year probated sentence. Records also show the woman’s criminal background includes arrests for marijuana possession and making a terroristic threat. Source: KHOU

This is such a tragedy and I hope the boy was not sexually molested by this woman. It is such a rarity to hear of women committing such heinous acts against children. This little boy, like other children killed by a parent or a total stranger, have all gone too soon. I am so enraged by this act of violence against this little boy that words can’t adequately express my true feelings. This incident raises all kinds of red flags in my mind. I would venture to say Mona Yvette Nelson has a dirty little secret that’s about to be exposed. Texas is known for death penalty cases. I hope the prosecutor will use it for this POS.

UPDATE#1:  Here’s the latest news from Houston’s KHOU.com:

Jonathan’s mother, Angela Davis, said she’d met Nelson only once, on the night of her son’s disappearance. Nelson was friends with Davis’ roommate, Sharon Ennamorato, who frequently babysat for Foster. Police said Ennamorato described Nelson as a friend who used to work in maintenance at an apartment complex across the street. Davis had moved into the home with Ennamorato on Dec. 14, after she and Jonathan’s stepfather split up. Since both Davis and Ennamorato had to work on Christmas Eve, Foster was to stay home by himself until his mother returned. While at work that morning, a colleague told Davis her son had called the office and was asking for Ennamorato’s number.

It should be noted that Nelson admitted to burning and dumping the child’s body, but said she did not commit the murder. Right. There are a lot of inconsistencies in what really happened to this little boy, but if you have the guts to burn and dump a child’s body, you have the capacity to murder that child as well. The police have said they collected a “boatload” of evidence from Nelson’s home.

UPDATE#2: Mona Nelson is actually a mother. Fancy that. She was married and the couple reportedly have a set of twins. It should also be noted that she is also a grandmother. Dropped out of high school and later got her GED for a community college in Texas. She is a plumber, welder, boxer and yes, a career criminal and now a murderer.