Terrie Robinson Charged with Murder After Body of 3 YO Son Found in Oven in Greenville, MS Home

Mississippi woman, Terrie Robinson, charged with murder after body of her three year old son, Tristan, found in oven in kitchen, still warm.

SHOCK: Terrie Robinson, of Greenville, MS, has been arrested and charged with murdering her three year old son, Tristan. The cops happened upon a grisly scene at her home. The child was found dead in the oven — body still warm. This has made me sick to my stomach. I read about it yesterday but I couldn’t bring myself to even put it up until today.

Washington County coroner Methel Johnson said Tristan suffered head trauma, but he was still trying to determine whether the child was dead before being placed in the oven.

“This is a really sad moment for me. I’ve seen a lot of things, but this is one that will stick in my memory for a long, long time,” Johnson told The Associated Press. The coroner said a young girl was found in the home and placed in protective care.

Robinson’s sister, Sherrie, told local TV station WXVT her family is in shock. “She was a great parent, a good person. We don’t know what’s wrong. We don’t know what happened,” Sherrie Robinson said through tears. Source

I beg to differ with her sister. A great mother doesn’t put their child in an over to bake like a chicken. A great mother would not inflict such harm to her child. I will concede one point, maybe the woman is insane. I can’t imagine any sane person having the guts to commit such a heinous act.