Retired Jamaican Cop Osbourne Whitton Kills Married Lover, Officer Bevon Hutchinson-Anderson & Two Others Then Commits Suicide

More gun violence in Jamaica involving a law enforcement officer. According to the Jamaica Observer, retired police officer Osbourne Whitton went on a shooting spree in Manchester Sunday night after a female corporal Bevon Hutchinson-Anderson tried to break off a relationship with him. Whitton killed her, the child’s father and her son before killing himself. The newspaper said he flew into a jealous rage upon seeing the woman with her child’s father in her home.

Whitton then killed her, the child’s father Rohan Shaw, 45, of Rosedale Drive in Mandeville, and their son Keinon Shaw, 12, of Melrose Mews. Hutchinson-Anderson reportedly also had a husband in the United States with whom she has a 21-year-old son. Whitton also had a spouse in the US.

A neighbour, Delroy Martin, told the Observer that he heard gunshots, after which Whitton came over to his house to talk to him. The ex-cop asked to speak to Martin’s wife, with whom he knew Hutchinson-Anderson had a friendship.

Martin said that he feared the ex cop wanted to kill his wife. He recounted that Whitton told him that Mr Shaw had reportedly pulled a gun on him but that it jammed, which was when he started firing.

After telling him this, Whitton then returned to the house and more shots were fired, Martin said. When the police arrived, a single shot was heard, believed to be from the former policeman killing himself. Source

This news comes on the heels of the shooting rampage Corporal Wayne Llewellyn went on earlier in April that led to the deaths of his estranged wife and four members of her family before he committed suicide. What a tangled web these Bevon Hutchinson-Anderson and Osbourne Whitton weaved! Adultery all the way around and an innocent child caught in the crossfire.

UPDATE#1: It would seem that Ms. Bevon Hutchinson-Anderson felt scared in the last days of her life. But the bigger issue for me is her compulsion and motivation to carry on an adulterous relationship. Nothing good can ever come out of a love triangle, but pain and death, as in this case. My heart goes out to the innocent child who was caught in the crossfire of the reckless behavior of the adults involved in this mess. This can’t be all about sex. Why complicate matters by cheating? You play, you pay one way or another.

Photo credit: Osbourne Whitton, Facebook