Marine Reservist & Muslim, Yonathan Meluku, Identified as Man Carrying Backpack with Suspicious Items inside Arlington National Cemetery

BREAKING NEWS: Yonathan Melaku, a Marine reservist, has been identified as the man carrying a backpack with “suspicious items and products” inside Arlington National Cemetery overnight.

Yonathan Melaku Found in Arlington National Cemetery (Fox News)

Yonathan Melaku, a Lance Corporal, is currently in the custody of law enforcement agents. He lives in Virginia and his a Muslim. That’s all GOP presidential hopefuls Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich want to hear is that he is a Muslim.

According to Fox News, a notebook was also found on Melaku that is believed to contain threatening phrases such as “Al Qaeda,” “Taliban rule” and “defeated coalition forces.” I’d love to hear his excuse as to why he was inside Arlington Cemetery when it was closed. He was up to no good.

London High Court Rules Catholic School’s Ban on Cornrow Hairstyle of African-Caribbean Student Discriminatory

London High Court rules St. Gregory’s Catholic Science College discriminated against African-Caribbean student when it said there was a ban on wearing cornrow hairstyle.

UK Guardian

St. Gregory’s Catholic Science College in Harrow, north London, banned certain hairstyles, including cornrows. The High Court ruled Friday that it has resulted in “unlawful, indirect racial discrimination which is not justified.” Smackdown! The case stemmed from a student of Caribbean descent, who wears his hair in cornrows as part of a family tradition. According to AFP, the child, 11 at the time, was turned away from St. Gregory’s on his first day at the school in September 2009, because of his hairstyle. His mother then challenged the school’s policy and was victorious on some fronts.

G, who cannot be named, and his mother challenged the school’s policy of banning cornrows.
A judge on Friday ruled that the policy was not unlawful in itself, “but if it is applied without any possibility of exception, such as G, then it is unlawful”.

Mr Justice Collins, sitting in London, said in future the school authorities must consider allowing other boys to wear cornrows if it is “a genuine family tradition based on cultural and social reasons”.

“This is an important decision,” said G’s solicitor, Angela Jackman, after the hearing. “It makes clear that non-religious cultural and family practices associated with a particular race fall within the protection of equalities legislation.” Source

Andrew Prindiville, principal of St. Gregory’s says he stands by the school’s decision to encourage “a traditional schoolboy haircut or a ‘short back and sides’.” Whatever Mr. Prindiville, whatever. We are living in a different era. So, what would he say about white boys who wear their hair long? Or even have dreadlocks?

State Sen. Scott Beason (R-AL) Called Black Greenetrack Casino Customers "Aborigines"

Alabama State Sen. Scott Beason heard on tape he recorded for FBI in gambling corruption probe calling black customers “aborigines.”

Alabama state senator Scott Beason (R-Gardendale), who recorded conversations for the FBI in the state’s gambling corruption probe, called black customers of the Greenetrack casino in Eutaw, “aborigines” during one of those taped conversations.

A defense attorney for indicted casino owner Milton McGregor presented a transcript in court Wednesday from a recorded conversation that Republican Sen. Scott Beason of Gardendale had with two other GOP legislators. The three were joking about economic development in predominantly black Greene County and the customers at one of the county’s largest employers, the Greenetrack casino in Eutaw.

“That’s y’all’s Indians,” one Republican said. “They’re aborigines, but they’re not Indians,” Beason replied. When quizzed by defense lawyer Bobby Segall, Beason said he didn’t recall recording the conversation, but he didn’t dispute its accuracy. Source: BusinessWeek

I hope the people in Alabama, particularly blacks realize they were being treated with disdain and played like yo-yos. How else do you explain tricking blacks with free buffets, gambling credits and being bused to the polling stations in last year’s elections? Black people need to wake up to the reality that there are still some in our midst who want to keep us under their feet while laughing in our faces as though they really, really care.

Jamaican Flood News Remix: DJ Powa "Nobody Canna Cross It" After Bridge Washed Away Due to Torrential Rains

Parts of Jamaica were flooded and roads washed away due to torrential rains recently, but the spirit of resilience of the people of the island is always admirable. So much so that they can find humor in their circumstances at times. DJ Powa added his touch to a recent news report about a section being flooded and a bridge washed out. The tune went viral on the Internet — “Nobody Canna Cross It.”

Watch DJ Powa’s “Nobody Canna Cross It:”

Shouldn’t Bishop Eddie L. Long be Forced to Resign Since Anthony Weiner Was Forced to Step Down Over Lewd Online Photos & Sexting?

Bishop Eddie L. Long should be held to the same standard as ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner, who was forced to resign over sexting & lewd behavior online. Long’s alleged misdeeds of sexual coercion of four young men are far more despicable.

Since Anthony Weiner was forced to resign from the U.S. Congress for his lewd behavior, shouldn’t we expect a resignation from Bishop Eddie L. Long from New Birth Missionary Baptist Church for his lack of respect for his congregation and ministry supporters in the wake of the gay sexual coercion lawsuit settlements? Are we holding him to a higher standard for allegedly engaging in far more serious misconduct? We’re still waiting to hear from Long’s PR mouthpiece Art Franklin on his denigration of black bloggers over the report Vanessa Long allegedly moved out.

New Haven CT Elementary School Principal Ramona Gatison on Leave for Failing to Report Sexual Abuse Allegation by 14 YO Student

Connecticut elementary school principal Ramona Gatison on paid leave after failing to report 14 year old girl’s alleged sexual assault by eighth grade boys.

Ramona Gatison, principal of Lincoln-Bassett Elementary School in New Haven, CT, is on paid leave after she failed to report a 14 year old girl’s claim that several eighth grade boys sexually molested her. The principal is out while the state Department of Children and Families investigate the matter, which came to light after the girl’s mother filed a report of the alleged abuse. The incident occurred on May 31, 2011, on a field trip. The principal didn’t report the incident until last Thursday.

Principal Ramona Gatison on paid leave over failure to report alleged sexual assault of 14 year old girl, watch the video:

Union Leader Chris Shelton Calls NJ Gov. Chris Christie "Adolf Christie" & Says Americans Living in Nazi Germany

Union vice president Chris Shelton calls NJ Gov. Chris Christie, “Adolf Christie” over proposed pension reform plans and says we’re living in Nazi Germany.

Communications Workers of America vice president, Chris Shelton, stooped to the lowest level possible, when he called New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, “Adolf Christie” and said it appears Americans are living through another Nazi Germany. He said it is going to “take World War III to get rid of Adolf Christie.” He made these inflammatory statements during a rally against Christie’s proposed pension reform plans. You may not like Christie for some of his moves and his brash style, but to compare him to Adolf Hitler and to say we are living in Nazi Germany is wrong and disturbing on so many levels. An apology from Chris Shelton should be demanded by union members everywhere. “Heil Adolf Christie” — that’s just plain wrong.

Watch video – Union leader Chris Shelton calls Gov. Chris Christie, Adolf Christie:

White Metro North Train Passenger Asks Black Conductor "Do You Know How Well Educated I am?" After Being Told to Lower Voice

Loudmouth white Metro North train passenger told by black conductor to lower voice & she asks. “do you know how well-educated I am?

Some people just love to throw their education around, even when they are acting ghetto. A white loudmouth, riding the Metro North train, was asked by a black conductor to lower her voice as she talked on her cell phone. Instead of being courteous, the woman flipped out and asked if she knew “how well educated” she was. Ridiculous. She also did the wrong thing by touching this woman. That’s a move that could have resulted in a shoving match.

Metro North train passenger flipping out & asking “do you know how well educated I am?”

UNM Football Player Deshon Marman Placed Under Citizen’s Arrest by US Airways Pilot for Sagging Pants

University of New Mexico football player Deshon Marman placed under citizen’s arrest by US Airways pilot after he refused to pull up his sagging pants as he tried to board Phoenix-bound flight.

Deshon Marman, a University of New Mexico football player, was arrested Thursday after a citizen’s arrest by a US Airways pilot on a flight from the Bay Area that led to a melee with San Francisco police officers. According to media reports, Marman was told by a customer service agent and a flight attendant to pull up his sagging pants as he boarded a Phoenix-bound flight Wednesday morning, but he refused. The pilot was notified and put the student under citizen’s arrest. Some people should never leave home. This is just ridiculous and plain tacky on his part. Still, does his pants and his response to being told to pull up his pants rise to the level of being a safety issue? Weren’t they overreacting a bit?

“The incident started in the boarding area prior to getting onto the aircraft,” San Francisco Police Sgt. Michael Rodriguez said. “The customer service agent for US Airways asked the gentleman to pull his pants up which were down around his knees. She told him that (wearing his pants like that) was not going to be allowed on the aircraft.”

“He went down the jetway and was asked again to pull his pants up…The flight attendant at the door said he told her – ‘I paid for my ticket and I’m just going to do what I have to do.’ So he got onboard and sat down in his seat.”

Rodriguez said both the flight attendant and the agent said they thought it was offensive that Marman’s pants were around his knees and his underwear exposed. Source

Pure ghetto. That’s the only thing I can say to this. There is no reason why these young men have to wear their pants in such an unbecoming manner. In fact, it’s just plain nasty and I wouldn’t want to stare at his underwear while boarding and deplaning. But I am still a little bothered by the reaction of the pilot. Did he see this young man as a thug and assumed he was up to no good? In other words, was this a case of racial profiling? It should be noted that he has an outstanding warrant from Santa Clara County for marijuana possession. Marman was charged with trespassing, battery and resisting arrest in the US Airways incident. He was released after posting bail Thursday evening.

Jazz Musician John Coltrane’s NY Home Listed Among America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places by National Trust for Historic Preservation

Jazz great John Coltrane’s Dix Hills, NY, home is among America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places.

It is a sad commentary that the house of jazz musician John Coltrane, located on Long Island, NY, is among America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places. The list was issued by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The trust said the deterioration of the home in Dix Hills, where Coltrane wrote “A Love Supreme” was attributed to a lack of funds. It said a local group hopes to restore the home as an education center but needs more support. This is a real shame. Coltrane gave so much to the music world that it’s a shame nobody bothered to preserve this home. CLICK HERE to view slideshow of John Coltrane’s home.