Denver Mayor-Elect Michael Hancock Reneges on Promise to Release Unedited Cellphone to Bills to Refute Prostitution Link

Denver’s second black mayor, Michael Hancock, reneges on promise to release unedited copies of cellphone bills that may show any links to prostitution service.

Congratulations are in order for Denver on electing its second black mayor, Michael Hancock, but he has a slight problem. According to the Denver Post, he has reneged on an agreement to release unedited copies of his cellphone bills and other records that may show whether or not he ever placed or received a call to arrange a liaison with a prostitution service.

Records kept by the former owner of now-defunct Denver Players show the name “Michael Handcock” listed among the service’s clients, along with the cellphone number for the mayor-elect. Those records show that the client paid up to $300 cash to prostitutes on at least three occasions from 2004 to 2006. Nine days ago, as those records from Denver Players were first made public by the blog Complete Colorado, Hancock vigorously denied any association with the service. Source

Well, I won’t throw him under a bus because of this. Just think Charlie Sheen, Eliot Spitzer and Sen. David Vitter. Still, mayor, if you have nothing to hide, why not just hand over the unedited records as you promised? I hope he won’t ruin his chance at going down in Denver’s history of all the right reasons.

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