GOP Presidential Hopeful Herman Cain Says Obama Isn’t a "Strong Black Man" Like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., But Neither is He

GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain is questioning President Barack Obama’s “blackness” again. This time, he tells the New York Times, Obama isn’t a “strong black man” like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his father Luther Cain Jr. Really Herman? News flash, we could make the same argument about you! He said if Obama wants to call himself black that is fine with him and if he wants to call himself African American, that was also fine. Why do we get hung up on race? Still, who is a strong black man? Obama has been married to the same woman for years, doesn’t have children out of wedlock and all over the place, plays an integral role in raising his two daughters and isn’t an absentee father, is gainfully employed, isn’t verbally or physically abusive (we would have heard about this), doesn’t have a criminal record, is very educated, among other things. So, exactly how different is Obama from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in that regard?