Brooklyn-Based Evangelist Rev. Paul Lewis Found Not Guilty By Jurors in Jamaica

Jamaican-born Brooklyn-based Rev. Paul Lewis was found not guilty by a jury in Westmoreland, Jamaica where he faced trial on sex charges.

Jamaican-born evangelist Rev. Paul Lewis was freed on sex charges of carnal abuse and indecent assault brought against him in Westmoreland, Jamaica, after two hours of deliberation by the jury.

It is alleged that in June 2009, Lewis who was a guest preacher met a 15-year-old girl at a church convention in Little London, Westmoreland.

The pastor allegedly exchanged telephone numbers with the girl and, in a later meeting, took her and her 14-year-old companion on a trip to Clarendon. Source: Jamaica Gleaner

If Rev. Lewis was falsely accused of such crimes, then he deserves to be freed. If he did commit the crimes he was accused of, but the case was shaky, then karma will catch up with him down the road. Stay tuned.