No Arrests After Gould, Ark., Mayor Earnest Nash Claims he was Pistol-Whipped During Heated Argument with Sonya Farley & Rosieanna Smith

BIZARRE: Earnest Nash, the mayor of Gould, Ark., claims he was pistol whipped following a heated discussion with city council members. He said the incident was the culmination of months of abuse against he and his family. Um, why didn’t he pick up the telephone when it started and notified the police? According to the Daily Mail, a witness said Nash had been talking to council members Sonya Farley and Rosieanna Smith in a car Thursday evening when a member of the public joined in the heated discussion. Black-on-black violence. Shameful.

Mackisha Johnson & Shacona Johnson Left 10 Children in Sweltering Car for Two Hours While Drinking at MO Bar with Christopher Jones

DISGRACE: Mackisha B. Johnson, 25, mother of six children and Shacona Johnson, 30, mother of four kids, left their children in a sweltering car for two hours while they drank at a bar with another friend, Christopher M. Jones, 38. According to the Daily Mail, witnesses told police they saw the car parked outside Alibi Lounge in Springfield, Missouri, at around 1.10pm last Thursday. The children inside were reportedly seen turning the car and air conditioning on to keep cool, particularly since the temperature was pretty high that day — 99 with a heat index of 101 degrees, the Daily Mail said.

The children, ranging in age from seven months to 11 years old, were taken into custody by children’s services. Mackisha Johnson, Shacona Johnson and Christopher Jones were arrested and charged with second degree child endangerment. It is utterly reprehensible that all they are looking at is up to a year in prison, plus a $1,000 fine if convicted. The judge should send a stern message of zero tolerance for this behavior. Some people just shouldn’t be blessed with kids. I bet you these kids had different baby daddies.

GOP Congressional Leaders Say Deal with President Obama to Raise Debt Limit Near, Now They Want to Compromise When Their Poll Numbers are Low?

URGENT: Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) have indicated that they are close to reaching a deal with President Barack Obama to raise the debt limit and avoid an unprecedented national default. That’s all good, but they all acted like spoiled brats over the last few weeks, up until today. It’s ironic that Boehner had to nerve to say, “In spite of our differences, we’re dealing with reasonable, responsible people.” Really? Didn’t he throw a hissy fit on television earlier this week and basically said it was “my way or no way?” McConnell said he talked with President Obama and VP Joe Biden “within the last hour” and was “confident” and “optimistic” that an agreement would be reached in the near future. He also added that a national default “is not going to happen.” Couldn’t we have avoided all this mess if these idiots actually compromised and took the time to work together instead of against one another, with the Tea Party leading the way where John Boehner is concerned.

UPDATE#1: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says that Republican claims of new progress on a debt ceiling deal are “not true.”

Harry Belafonte Says President Obama & "Mission" Failed Because He "Lacks Moral Courage and Vision"

“Day, me say day oh, daylight come and me wan go home….,” Harry Belafonte belted out decades ago, in his signature song. He has never been shy about letting his true feelings be known. This time he said that  President Barack Obama and his “mission” have failed because of a lack of moral courage and vision.

The president is “not a stand-alone,” Belafonte said Thursday. Regarding the debt-ceiling crisis, Belafonte said he would ask Congress, the president and other U.S. institutions of power “what happened to moral truth” and moral courage.

Well, if that’s not a smackdown to our political leaders, then I don’t know what is. Harry Belafonte is a civil rights icon in his own rights. He knows a thing or two about compromising and working together, which it is clear our elected officials don’t have the will to do.

Belafonte made his remarks to the Television Critics Association during a discussion of “Sing Your Song,” an upcoming documentary about him set to air this fall on HBO.

"Red Tails," the True-Life Story of Tuskegee Airmen, & Starring Cuba Gooding Jr., Coming to be Released in Theaters January 2012

The true-life story of the Tuskegee Airmen, who formed the first all-black aerial unit, is coming to the silver screen on January 20, 2012, via Lucasfilms “Red Tails.”

“Red Tails” will be released by Twentieth Century Fox, which brought Lucas’ “Star Wars” films to the big screen. The movie, directed by Anthony Hemingway, stars Cuba Gooding Jr., Terrence Howard and Bryan Cranston.

Hillary Clinton Comes Under Fire for "Manly" Pantsuits But Are Women Power-Brokers Viewed in Terms of their Wardrobe & Not their Abilities?

Hillary Clinton criticized for her “manly” pantsuits and Condoleezza Rice called a “Dominatrix” for wearing black boots, is there a double standard in wardrobe choices for powerful women vs. powerful men?

Hillary Clinton & her “manly” pantsuits (Corporate Fashionista)

COMMENTARY:  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was lambasted by fashion expert Tim Gunn during his appearance on George Lopez television show Thursday night. He slammed Mrs. Clinton of favoring unflattering manly clothes and that she should use her position to send a more positive message about American fashion. He said she seems to be “confused about her gender.” Gunn also said, “I have great respect for her intellect and her tenacity and for what she does for our country, her governmental role.” But is it fair to hold women leaders to a higher standard based on their wardrobe? Some of our male leaders have been seen in frumpy, plain and god-awful suits, but we don’t hear complaints coming from people like Tim Gunn. I could ask if Tim Gunn is also confused about his gender for obvious reasons.

So much attention is being paid to what women wear, particularly powerful women. Take former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, for example. In 2005, she arrived at the Wiesbaden Army Airfield on Wednesday dressed all in black and some in the press went nuts. Here’s how the Washington Post described her attire:

She was wearing a black skirt that hit just above the knee, and it was topped with a black coat that fell to mid-calf. The coat, with its seven gold buttons running down the front and its band collar, called to mind a Marine’s dress uniform or the “save humanity” ensemble worn by Keanu Reeves in “The Matrix.”

As Rice walked out to greet the troops, the coat blew open in a rather swashbuckling way to reveal the top of a pair of knee-high boots. The boots had a high, slender heel that is not particularly practical. But it is a popular silhouette because it tends to elongate and flatter the leg. In short, the boots are sexy.

Ms. Rice’s boots oozed “sex and power,” and, according to the writer, she was a “Dominatrix.” Really? Are we so jaded that we can only pay attention and give respect to a powerful women dressed in a sexually-suggestive manner?

Let’s turn to Madeleine Albright, secretary of state under Bill Clinton’s administration. Does anyone even know about she was unanimously confirmed on December 5, 1996 by a 99-0 U.S. Senate vote? Or does anyone even care about the struggles she went through in her early life that shaped the tough secretary of state she became late in life? She got married at 22 while her husband was in the Army, she had dreams of becoming an international correspondent, had twin girls and at 24 started her Ph.D. but didn’t finish until they were in high school. What we are programmed to remember about Mrs. Albright are her pins, nice clothes and yes, those bright red heels. Madeleine Albright was asked about the fact that powerful women and the issue of being scrutinized for their clothes:

“Well, it’s pretty irritating actually because nobody ever describes what a man is wearing. But people did pay attention to what clothes I had. What was interesting was that, before I went up to New York as U.N. ambassador, I talked to Jeane Kirkpatrick who’d been ambassador before me, and she said, “You’ve got to get rid of your professor clothes. Go out and look like a diplomat.” So that did give me a lot of opportunities to go shopping. But still, there were all kinds of questions about, did you wear a hat? How short was your skirt? And one of the things – if you remember Condoleezza Rice was at some event and she wore boots, and she got criticized over that. And no guy ever gets criticized. But that’s the least of it.” Source

Michelle Obama has come under fire too, for many of the outfits she has worn since her husband became president. The most stinging criticisms come from people who believe she should limit her choice of designers to American designers. Her choice to bare her arms caused an uproar in her first official picture as First Lady. Then during President Obama’s first Congressional address, she wore a purple sleeveless dress, again baring her toned triceps and biceps. The press went nuts.

The obsession with how a woman is attired shouldn’t be the focal point of any debate, particularly where our nation is concerned. Barring the Frederick of Hollywood look, shouldn’t our female power-brokers be allowed to dress as they feel and are comfortable? Does a dark, well-tailored suit spell competence for our male political leaders and power-brokers, while women in similar positions of power have to contend with cultural demands and understand that success is tied to one’s wardrobe? Are Hillary Clinton’s “manly” pantsuits an attack on feminism, considering the U.S. and other countries are fighting for their economic lives at this juncture?

Kensley Kirby, 5, Dies After McDonough GA Urgent Care Clinic Gives Her Deadly Dose of Lidocaine Trying to Set Her Broken Arm

Kensley Kirby, five year old Henry County, Ga., girl dies after Family Medical Clinic gives her too much anesthesia as they tried to put her broken arm in a cast.

How can a child go to an urgent care clinic for a broken arm and end up dying? According to WSB-TV, Kensley Kirby was taken to an urgent care clinic in Henry County, Ga., for a broken arm and ended up dead.

This week, the coroner told Diamant that someone at the Family Medical Clinic on Hampton Road in McDonough gave Kensley a lethal dose of anesthesia. In June, Kensley’s parents took her to the urgent care clinic after a fall. “They went from picking the color of the cast with their daughter to basically being with her as she died,” said Pete Law, the Kirby family’s attorney. Law said clinic workers gave Lensley too much medicine while trying to set her arm instead of sending her to an emergency room. This week, the Henry County Coroner confirmed that Kensley died from a lethal dose of a local anesthetic called lidocaine. Source

If the clinic couldn’t handle this, they should have told the parents to take to the hospital for proper medical attention. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. This could have been avoided. I hate to say it, but until this case is litigated, people should steer clear of the Family Medical Clinic in McDonough. You’re better off taking your chances at the hospital.

UPDATE: The Medical Board suspended the license of physician assistant and clinic co-owner Allan Imes for injecting Kirby with three times the recommended dose of Lidocaine for someone her size and performing an unauthorized procedure on Kirby’s broken arm, WSB-TV said.

Cartoons of the Day: Republicans Digging Grave for President Obama, Compromise is a Dirty Word in Washington D.C.

CARTOONS OF THE DAY: What’s in President Obama’s closet?

Compromise is now a dirty word in American politics, at least from the Tea Party’s perspective.

Republicans and Democrats kicking any chance of compromise down the road

Republicans digging a grave for President Obama on so many levels

Do either Republican or Democratic parties really give a hoot about unemployed Americans and the eroding black and Hispanic middle classes?

President Barack Obama has a big headache — Republican Party

Philadelphia Police Investigating Fatal Stabbing of 21 Year Old Man on Campus of Drexel University

Philadelphia police are investigating the fatal stabbing of a 21 year old man, early Friday morning on the campus of Drexel University. According to media reports, the man was stabbed in the head and chest on the corner of 34th and Race streets. It is not clear at this time whether he is a student at the university.