Tea Party Darling Rep. Allen West Says Comments About Gays, Chocolate Ice Cream & Riding Scooters Taken Out of Context

Tea Party darling Rep. Allen West (R-FL) is the gift that keeps on giving. Too bad the Democrats didn’t have a viable candidate to have beaten this idiot in the elections and now we are stuck with this fool for a while. He recently met with the Sun Sentinel’s editorial board and made an asinine comment comparing gays to chocolate chip ice cream and riding scooters. He’s now saying his comments were taken out of context. You be the judge:

Should gay people change their behavior and not be gay?

“Oh, Tony, come on — no, I don’t think that. You know, I like chocolate chip ice cream, and I will continue to like chocolate chip ice cream. So there’s no worry about me changing to vanilla. I like to, you know, ride my motorcycle. What do you want me to do? You want me to change my behavior and ride a scooter? I’m not into that. Source

What he could have simply said was “I have no comment” or “I want to talk about the issues facing Americans today.” Simple.

WATCH THE VIDEO: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/videogallery/63862348/Politics/ALLEN-WEST-comments-about-the-gay-community

Right Wing Blogger, Keith Koffler, Takes Offense with First Lady Michelle Obama’s 42 Days of Vacation in Past Year

Right wing blogger Keith Koffler criticizes First Lady Michelle Obama for spending 42 days on vacation this past year, but how many vacation days did Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Bush and Nancy Reagan take?

Does anyone really care how many vacation days First Lady Michelle Obama takes? Well, Keith Koffler at the White House Dossier seems to give a sh*t. I didn’t realize First Lady Michelle Obama was an elected official. I guess Koffler and The Drudge Report, which linked to this non-story, have her confused with Michelle Bachmann, who has missed a lot of votes in the House since she decided to run for the presidency. How many vacation days did Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton take when their husbands were presidents? Do we even care? Koffler and Drudge have an issue because Michelle Obama is black and they just can’t stand her husband as well. Here’s an excerpt from the White House Dossier:

First Lady Michelle Obama over the last year has spent a total of 42 days on vacation, or a little more than one out of every nine days, according to a White House Dossier analysis of her travel.

Her vacations, the cost of which are mostly borne by taxpayers, include trips to Panama City, Fla., Martha’s Vineyard, Hawaii, South Africa, Latin America, Vail, Colo., and her visit this week to her brother in Corvallis, Ore.

The total does not include a nine day sojourn in Martha’s Vineyard that the Obamas will enjoy this month. Nor does it include a trip she made to Ireland and Great Britain in May, which I’m counting as official travel.

The total vacation time would have been slightly higher had the Obamas gone as planned for an April weekend in Williamsburg, Va. The trip was cancelled due to an extended stalemate between President Obama and Congress over the budget.

Typical right wing bullsh*t. There’s no other way to say it, considering members of Congress have been living the high life at the expense of American taxpayers like you and I. You know, flying business class, some using private jets, having a driver, expensive hotel accommodations, dining at exclusive restaurants, etc. How do they want Mrs. Obama to travel? In Coach or on a Greyhound bus?

Alabama Pastor Darryl Riley Tasered by Music Minister Simone Moore, Deacon Harvey Hunt Stabs Agolia Moore in Fracas Over Termination

Self-proclaimed R&B artist Simone Moore charged with assault tasering Rev. Darryl Riley after being fired from New Welcome Baptist Church & Deacon Harvey Hunt wanted for stabbing Agolia Moore in fracas stemming from termination.

Self-proclaimed R&B artist Simone Moore

Church service gone mad? Simone Moore, the minister of music at New Welcome Baptist Church in St. Elmo, Ala., went berserk and tasered Rev. Darryl Riley, who had just fired him and gave him is last paycheck. Moore reportedly disputed the amount. The fracas led to Deacon Harvey Hunt pulling out his knife and stabbing Moore’s mother, Agolia Moore.

Agolia Moore, who suffered a gash on her arm that required 19 stitches, claimed church leaders ganged up on her son when he was fired. “They owed him,” Agolia said. “He asked them for his money. That was the big thing right there, wasn’t no more or no less.”

Simone Moore, 46, surrendered to cops late Tuesday and was charged with third-degree assault, the Press-Register reported. Hunt, who is also facing an assault charge, has not yet turned himself in, the Press-Register says.

Riley told the paper Moore Tased him twice on his left arm and bashed him in the head with a money box, opening up two cuts that required 32 stitches. Moore flew into a rage when he eyed his final paycheck and demanded an extra $600, Riley added.

All I can say to this is, Jesus, please take the wheel of the bus at New Welcome Baptist Church. These people are behaving like common criminals. Simone Moore is described as a self proclaimed R&B artist, who ran unsuccessfully for the US Senate. He is a teacher in Mobile County. Some role model for kids.

Pregnant Woman, Darla Napora, Mauled to Death by Two Pet Pit Bull Terriers in Pacifica, Calif., Home

A pregnant woman, Darla Napora, was mauled to death in her home by one of her pet pit bull terriers. She was reportedly bitten dozens of times and the dogs were found covered with blood by her husband when he returned to their Pacifica, Calif. home.

Police say the two-year-old unneutered pit bull believed to be responsible was hovering around the woman, who had major injuries to her upper body and face.When they arrived, they found the victim laying in her own front living room; she was not breathing, unresponsive and had major trauma to her upper body,’ said Pacifica Police Captain Dave Bretini.

Police shot the pit bull terrier, similar to the one pictured, dead as it tried to escape from the Napora’s back garden. Police shot the blood covered animal dead as it tried to escape from the back garden whilst officers conducted their investigation. ‘The last thing we wanted to happen was for the dog to get out and start attacking bystanders or be loose in the neighborhood,’ Bertini said. Source

Why do people continue to keep these dogs as pets? I don’t care how docile some people claim pit bulls are, I believe they can and will turn against you at some point. Why take the risk?

VA School Board Votes to Remove Sherlock Holmes Book from Reading List After Parent Complains It’s Derogatory to Mormons

Virginia school board votes to remove Sherlock Holmes book, “A Study in Scarlet,” after parent complains it’s derogatory to Mormons.

The Albemarle County School Board voted to remove a Sherlock Holmes book, “A Study in Scarlet,” from sixth-grade reading lists after a parent of a Henley Middle School student complained that it is derogatory to Mormons. The Victorian-era book, written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, was deemed appropriate for older students. Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 3:

(John Ferrier) had always determined, deep down in his resolute heart, that nothing would ever induce him to allow his daughter to wed a Mormon. Such marriage he regarded as no marriage at all, but as a shame and a disgrace. Whatever he might think of the Mormon doctrines, upon that one point he was inflexible. He had to seal his mouth on the subject, however, for to express an unorthodox opinion was a dangerous matter in those days in the Land of the Saints.

So, we have to remove books because a parent complains, but we can force so-called gay history to be taught in California schools over the objection of thousands of parents.

Black Women’s Historian Group Criticizes "The Help" Saying it Distorts Experiences of Black Domestic Workers

The Association of Black Women Historians released a statement, urging fans of Kathryn Stockett’s best-selling novel and the new movie “The Help” to reconsider supporting the popular tale of black maids living in Jackson, Miss., in the 1960s, who risked sharing their experiences with a young white journalist. The statement reads, “Despite efforts to market the book and the film as a progressive story of triumph over racial injustice, The Help distorts, ignores, and trivializes the experiences of black domestic workers.” Um, if the ABWH cares so much about how the story of black maids is being told, why not mobilize the black film directors in the U.S. to tell it from the black perspective? Here’s an excerpt from the press release issued by ABWH:

On behalf of the Association of Black Women Historians (ABWH), this statement provides historical context to address widespread stereotyping presented in both the film and novel
version of The Help. The book has sold over three million copies, and heavy promotion of the
movie will ensure its success at the box office. Despite efforts to market the book and the film as a progressive story of triumph over racial injustice, The Help distorts, ignores, and trivializes the experiences of black domestic workers. We are specifically concerned about the representations of black life and the lack of attention given to sexual harassment and civil rights activism.

During the 1960s, the era covered in The Help, legal segregation and economic inequalities limited black women’s employment opportunities. Up to 90 per cent of working black women in the South labored as domestic servants in white homes. The Help’s representation of these women is a disappointing resurrection of Mammy—a mythical stereotype of black women who were compelled, either by slavery or segregation, to serve white families. Portrayed as asexual, loyal, and contented caretakers of whites, the caricature of Mammy allowed mainstream America to ignore the systemic racism that bound black women to back-breaking, low paying jobs where employers routinely exploited them. The popularity of this most recent iteration is troubling because it reveals a contemporary nostalgia for the days when a black woman could only hope to clean the White House rather than reside in it.

Both versions of The Help also misrepresent African American speech and culture. Set in the South, the appropriate regional accent gives way to a child-like, over-exaggerated “black” dialect. In the film, for example, the primary character, Aibileen, reassures a young white child that, “You is smat, you is kind, you is important.” In the book, black women refer to the Lord as the “Law,” an irreverent depiction of black vernacular. For centuries, black women and men have drawn strength from their community institutions. The black family, in particular provided support and the validation of personhood necessary to stand against adversity. We do not recognize the black community described in The Help where most of the black male characters are depicted as drunkards, abusive, or absent. Such distorted images are misleading and do not represent the historical realities of black masculinity and manhood.

So, I guess the ABWH also had a problem with “The Color Purple,” “Imitation of Life” and other movies set in the darkest period of America’s history, from the dialect used, right? One thing I know, Viola Davis is a damn good actress and I would watch any movie she stars in because she brings a lot to the role. The bottom-line is until we start telling our story in our words, people like Kathryn Stockett will do the job for us, from the white perspective. Where were Spike Lee and Tyler Perry to produce and direct a film exploring the plight of black maids during the 1960s? Oh wait, they were busy arguing about who is a coon and who isn’t. Well, I will be going to see this movie and won’t let a group dictate my decision to see it or not. I’ll post a review later this evening.

Review: A good friend and I saw “The Help” on Saturday and I must say, I cried, I laughed, I shook my head in disbelief at the plight of these black maids and I was also awestruck at the strength each of these women exuded in the face of being belittled on a constant basis. I don’t see what the big deal is about the dialect. We all know the black grammar at the time wasn’t the best, but the story was powerful nonetheless. If we could each learn a valuable lesson from the least among us during the darkest period in America’s history, that poverty and racism shouldn’t determine one’s character and to fight in the face of adversity, then this country would be a far better place. Viola Davis, who played Aibileen, and Octavia Spencer, who played the sharp-tongued, but hilarious Minny, deserve to be nominated for Oscar awards. I would hope the Academy would recognize great acting and honor these two women for their powerful roles. Surely we can honor greatness — not in the ilk of Mo’Nique in “Precious” or Halle Berry for “Monster’s Ball.” Both movies represented the worst kind of black woman. Octavia Spencer was the face of a woman abused by the system and abused by her husband. There’s so much more to “The Help” than the dialect. When the movie ended, the theater burst into a loud applause. I was one of three black people in that theater watching this great movie unfold in the screen. I was proud that these women, in the face of unspeakable racism and denigration, risked all to tell their story. I don’t care to whom they told it, it was told and the story was powerful. Yes, even if it came through the eyes of a white woman, it was powerful.

I was also struck that during that time, there were starving kids in Africa, 50 years ago. The young white women in Jackson, MS, made it a project to collect money for the hungry kids in Africa, but treated the black kids in their city horribly. We have come a long way in race relations in this country. Jackson, like many Southern cities, was a hell-hole for many blacks and a virtual paradise for white middle class families. The “Andy Griffith Show” and “Leave it to Beaver” both ignored the world in which blacks lived in misery and were denigrated for no other reason but the color of their skin. Thanks to Skeeter for telling this story and being a catalyst for change. It was a very sobering moment for me. The things that we complain and bitch about today, pale in comparison to the lives of our black ancestors, particularly during slavery and the civil rights era. We owe them a debt of gratitude that we can never repay. I kept repeating Aibileen’s affirmation to “Baby Girl” “You is kind, you is smart, you is important.” What powerful words to live by, notwithstanding the dialect. So, I’m not sure why the ABWH got all bent out of shape, when the movie addressed some really tough issues.

“I want to yell so loud that Baby Girl can hear me that dirty ain’t a color, disease ain’t the Negro side a town. I want to stop that moment from coming – and it come in ever white child’s life – when they start to think that colored folks ain’t as good as whites. … I pray that wasn’t her moment, Pray I still got time.”

I would encourage everyone to go and see “The Help.” I guarantee you will walk away at the end of the movie a changed person, with a new appreciation for what we have today and how far we have come. This movie is an Oscar contender — Viola Davis for Best Actress and Octavia Spencer for Best Supporting Actress. If it isn’t then they were robbed, as the black maids were in the 1960s.

Jason Dean Charged with Felony False Imprisonment for Handcuffing Co-Worker at Ringgold GA Taco Bell for Refusing to go on Date

Jason Dean arrested & charged with felony false imprisonment after handcuffing co-worker at Taco Bell store in Ringgold, Ga., to him, after she repeated refused to go out with him.

Jason Dean, 24, is facing a felony false imprisonment charge after handcuffing himself to a female co-worker at a Ringgold, Ga., Taco Bell, after she repeatedly refused to go out with him on a date. He reportedly handcuffed himself to the 18 year old woman in the parking lot of the restaurant Monday night. She was freed after other Taco Bell workers convinced him to release her. Crazy, crazy things happen in Georgia. Jesus take the wheel…..

TN Music Teacher Daniel Torroll Caught Performing Sex Acts with a Doll Outside Local School

Daniel Torroll, a music teacher, caught naked engaging in sex acts with a doll outside Allendale Elementary School in Spring Hill, arrested and charged with public indecency, claims he has attention deficit disorder.

BIZARRE NEWS: Be careful who you let your kids take private music lessons from. Daniel Torroll, a music teacher was arrested Thursday morning after he was caught engaging in a sex act with a doll outside Allendale Elementary School in Spring Hill, TN. Torroll was arrested and charged him with public indecency, which is a misdemeanor. He reportedly attributed his lewd and sick behavior to attention deficit disorder, which he claims affects his ability to resist certain sexual impulses.

Officers were called to Allendale Elementary School on Prescott Way in Spring Hill amid reports of a white male with a duffle bag under a bridge on school property. The bridge provides access to the school from the main road.

Spring Hill police told Nashville’s News 2 the responding officer witnessed the man, identified as 56-year-old Daniel Torroll, performing sex acts on a child-like doll police later discovered he’d cut holes into. The officer reported the man was naked and in a location where he could be seen by people driving up to the school.

Jesus take the wheel….. To think that this man is also a parent. Wow. This is just plain sick. Sex acts on a doll? To think that he could even give an interview to a reporter after being caught engaging in such sick behavior is just bold. Just saying…..

USPS Proposal to Cut 120,000 Jobs Will Affect Thousands of Black Postal Workers

Postal service proposed elimination of 120,000 jobs will have an adverse effect on black postal workers if Congressional approval received.

The U.S. Postal Service is proposing massive jobs cuts to the tune of 120,000 and pulling out of its health care plan. You know what that means if Congress signs off on that proposal — job losses for thousands of blacks. How many white postal carriers have you seen lately? Or even when you do go to the post office, how many white clerks do you come in contact with? Not many. The majority are black.

The financially strapped U.S. Postal Service is proposing to cut its workforce by 20 percent and to withdraw from the federal health and retirement plans because it believes it could provide benefits at a lower cost.

The layoffs would be achieved in part by breaking labor agreements, a proposal that drew swift fire from postal unions. The plan would require congressional approval but, if successful, could be precedent-setting, with possible ripple effects throughout government. It would also deliver a major blow to the nation’s labor movement. Source

The Republicans are proposing cuts to entitlement programs, which will also have an adverse effect on blacks, Latinos and the poor. We know the postal service has engaged in wasteful spending for decades, but should fixing the problem be at the expense of the middle class, particularly the black community?