Bucks County Judge Diane Gibbons Sued for $1 Billion For Racial & Gender Discrimination of Hispanic/American Man in Child Custody Case

Bucks County Pa., Judge Diane Gibbons sued by Michael Orozco for $1 billion for racial discrimination, violation of his Constitutional rights, among other issues, in ongoing custody case though he alleges clear evidence of physical abuse of his small daughter.

Bucks County Judge Diane Gibbons sued for $1 billion
(Philly Will Do)

Some time ago we blogged about Bucks County Judge Diane Gibbons, of the Court of Common Pleas – Family Court Division, who ordered Anthony Morelli to take down a website critical of his ex-wife during divorce proceedings. Well, she’s back again, front and center. This time she is being sued in civil court for constitutional violation by Michael Orozco (Filed 08/17/11 File#2011-07360). When I wrote about Anthony Morelli, I maintained that he was protected under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, particularly if he wasn’t advocating violence against his ex-wife, but voicing his frustration with the system. In this latest lawsuit, Mr. Orozco has alleged ethnic/racial and gender discrimination, government oppression, dereliction of duty to act in the best interest of a child, abuse of privilege, violations of the Canons of Judicial Conduct, state constitutional rights violation, etc., against Judge Gibbons. The plaintiff said the judge’s alleged actions have caused him emotional distress and irreparable harm to the parent-child bond with his young daughter, among other things. This is big.

The lawsuit alleges that the judge’s actions continue to cause the minor child to be subject to abuse and irreparable harm despite overwhelming evidence of abuse such as photographs, expert testimony and other reports of sexual, physical and emotional abuse. This all stems from the case Orozco vs. Wilson – A06-07-61401-C. From the lawsuit, it seems that Judge Gibbons is in some way, acting in favor of the defense, who is represented by Judith Algeo, who is running for the Republican Party in the 8th District.

The lawsuit alleged that the child suffered black eyes, had patterned bruising on legs, burn marks on toes, showed signs of physical neglect and abuse under the care of her biological mother, Fawn Wilson and her boyfriend, Kevin Moyer. It gets worse. There are also allegations that the child was sexually abused and was taken to a hospital after complaining for vaginal itching and burning. Still, the judge didn’t see fit to remove the child from the home.

We don’t know what the truth of the matter is, but it is very alarming that once again, Judge Diane Gibbons is mixed up in questionable legal proceedings. This time, on a far greater scale than Anthony Morelli. We are wondering why the father’s constitutional rights have been trampled upon and it doesn’t seem that these incidents of abuse of the child happened under his watch. Is there a cover-up of sorts or is Judge Gibbons playing favors and blatantly re-interpreting the law and her judicial responsibilities. The plaintiff, Michael Orozco, maintains in his lawsuit, that the actions thus far in the case, by the judge and the defense attorney, have violated his 1st, 5th, 9th and 14 Amendment rights.

We are still sifting through this voluminous lawsuit, but the allegations set forth are very serious. The plaintiff is seeking $500 million in compensatory damages and $500 million in punitive damages. I’m not sure if this will ever be granted by a jury, but it speaks to the severity of this case. What’s the relationship between Judge Diane Gibbons and Judith Algeo? Can you really trust someone like Ms. Algeo as your next representative for the 8th District, should she prevail in the elections? Developing. More to follow….

  • Michael

    Good for you Michael, I believe this Judge is not just at all! Please, I would like to know who is Mr. Michael Orozco Attorney, and more info about his case with Judge Diane E. Gibbons. I have a similar situation with Judge Diane E Gibbons. I feel she wrongfully imprisoned me for being in arrears in child support and incarcerated me for 6 months, knowing I had full custody of a second minor child in elementary school, while I was collecting state assistance health and food for me and my second minor child. She asked me for an unreasonable amount of $3,000.00 towards back support, knowing the maximum state guide line amount she could ask for was $1,000.00. I would like to get representation on filing suite for oppression, violation of my constitutional rights, mental trauma, pain and suffering, and the turmoil she caused to me and my child. Please contact me directly.