Christian Painter Stephen Sawyer’s "No Appointment Necessary" Painting Portrays Jesus as a T-Shirt & Blue Jeans Wearing Dude Flexing Tattooed Tricep

Is Christian painter Stephen Sawyer’s latest painting, “No Appointment Necessary,” portraying Jesus flexing tattooed tricep and wearing a t-shirt and blue jeans an insult to Christians?

Christian paint Stephen Sawyer has taken his craft to a new low — denigrating Jesus as a tattooed, t-shirt and blue jeans wearing dude, flexing his right tricep, with his “No Appointment Necessary” painting. So, I guess we can look forward to seeing a hip-hop Jesus Christ coming soon!

The 58-year-old Christian artist’s goal, according to his “Art for God” website, is to use his paintings to “reflect the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth in the 21st century.” The painting described above has appeared in hundreds of different newspapers around the world, Sawyer says, including the Jerusalem Post.

“Those people who have tattoos, many of which are bikers, who have turned their heart over to God … instead of them being embraced by Christian fellowship … they had Leviticus being spouted out at them,” Sawyer told The Christian Post on Tuesday while explaining the purpose of the painting. “That was my open hand slap to say, ‘Stop judging people based on the outside of their cup,’” he said.

He was referring to Leviticus 19:28, which in the New International Version says, “Do not … put tattoo marks on yourselves.” Source

Of course, no-one knows what Jesus looks like and I guess that’s up to one’s interpretation of the Bible. I guess if he wanted to be accurate from a historical context, he should have portrayed Jesus with a darker complexion.