DeKalb County Ga., Top Pick for School Superintendent, Cheryl L. Atkinson, Led Worst Performing School District in Ohio, Why Bring Her Here?

Cheryl L. Atkinson, who led the one of worst performing school districts in Ohio, top pick for school superintendent slot in DeKalb County, Georgia’s third-largest school district.

How could DeKalb County, Ga., even entertain thoughts of short-changing the students by putting a school superintendent from one of the worst school districts in Ohio on its short list? According to the AJC, the county’s top pick for its new school superintendent is Cheryl L. Atkinson, who previously served as superintendent of Lorain City Public Schools, one of Ohio’s worst performing districts. Parents, it’s time to speak up to stop this madness. You don’t want this woman, who obviously didn’t do much to improve the Lorain city Public Schools, to be in charge of the third-largest school system in the state of Georgia. This is the same school district that has struggled with academic issues and scandals at the highest echelons. Sorry, but by hiring Cheryl Atkinson, the kids are being set up for more mediocrity and failure.