Sanford FL Police Officer Ned Golden II Fired for Falsely Accusing Teco Livingston of Attempted Murder

Police Officer Ned Golden II fired from the Sanford Police Department in Florida for trumping up attempted murder charges against a driver, Teco Livingston.

SHAME: Sanford Police Department fired police officer Ned Golden II, a second-generation Florida cop, for lying when he accused a driver, Teco Livingston, of attempted murder, claiming he tried to run him over. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement recommended that Golden be charged with three crimes: aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, official misconduct and filing a false police report. Prosecutors opted not to file any charges because they felt the case would have been hard to prove.

The incident happened at a gas station Dec. 28. A store video shows him walking up to a car, his weapon drawn, then grabbing the driver’s door handle. The driver pulls away with Golden’s hand still on the handle, Golden running alongside for a short distance. He told dispatchers that he was dragged and suffered a skinned knee, but FDLE said it found no evidence of that.

Golden’s police report about the incident accused the driver, Teco Livingston, of trying to murder him. The car got away that night, and Livingston was not arrested. In his complaint Livingston wrote that Golden had his “gun pointed at me and the other people in the car for no reason at all. I was afraid for my life!” Source

How many more Teco Livingstons are out there who have been falsely accused by an unscrupulous police officer? I am Ned Golden II got what he deserved. Too bad he wasn’t arrested and tried on criminal charges.


    The WHOLE STORY?? How about the fact that Golden Jr himself documented the LIE that Teco had a gun drawn on him and his passengers? Or how about the LIE that Teco purposely tried to run him over?
    Teco had nothing to think about two or three times before pulling his weapon and rushing Teco who was pumping his gas. You don’t have to agree, who’s unemployed? Bummer technology had an eye on him that night and pinched his ass!
    Bummer that your personal friend who’s “a very good family man” completely failed his son! If he’d shown by example that you can’t rush a man, that’s pumping gas, with a drawn weapon because a clerk thinks he was rude. And this is in spite of the fact the man may have a record, which Golden Jr didn’t even know about at the time.

    He got what was coming to him and so did Daddy-dearest!