Steve Harvey’s Hypocrisy Shows in His Wife, Marjorie Harvey’s, X-Rated Outfit at the Hoodie Awards

Comedian and born-again Christian Steve Harvey can’t be serious about his new-found religion if he let his wife, Marjorie Harvey, who was married to two big-time drug dealers, walk out of the house in a revealing outfit like this to the Hoodie Awards. Leave that nasty-ass stuff to Shirley Strawberry, Lady Gaga and J-Lo. Why am I not surprised? He couldn’t handle his ex-wife Mary Harvey and he can’t handle this one. This isn’t a positive image being portrayed by he or his wife. They are CINO – Christians in Name Only.

If this is the salvation that Steve Harvey found in this gold-digger, then the little bit of respect I had left for him is now gone. Marjorie Harvey is too old to be wearing this mess.