Toxicology Reports on Cause of Death of Pastor Zachery Tims Delayed Now Due to "Family Concerns"

The toxicology results for the late Pastor Zachery Tims have been delayed again. We just spoke with Ellen Borakove, director of Public Affairs at the New York Chief Medical Examiner’s office, who said the “family has some concerns” and the delay is now due to that. They are working to see what needs to be done. What that basically means the results aren’t what the family wanted to hear. They are being evasive and tight-lipped for a reason. If he had no drugs in his system, then why the hold up? Where there is smoke, there is usually a fire. We were told we would receive a phone call once the matter has been resolved and the ME is ready to release the results.

Mitchell Wilson, 12, Commits Suicide by Suffocating After Being Bullied Because Of His Disability

TRAGEDY: Mitchell Wilson, who suffered with muscular dystrophy, committed suicide by suffocating himself after months of being bullied and robbed of his iPhone. According to the Daily Mail, he was beaten by another boy at the school, as he was out walking. The attacker was arrested and removed from the school, but Mitchell’s father said his son was never the same after the attack.

Mitchell committed suicide and was found dead in his bedroom earlier this month on the day he was due to start a new school year. It was also one day after he received a subpoena to testify against his alleged attacker, who cannot be identified for legal reasons. Mr Wilson said his son was embarrassed and apologised to him because he could not stop the attacker beating him up. Source

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Mitchell Wilson. I wish the parents of all the bullies out there would realize their children are inflicting more harm in the schools and their communities. Take a stand against bullying. One kid who kills himself because he is scared of being picked on and beaten is one kid gone too soon.

President Obama Says America is a Great, Great Country That’s Gone Soft

President Obama won’t get positive press for saying America has “gotten a little soft” during an interview with a local NBC affiliate in Orlando. His basic argument is valid — we have lost our competitive edge. America is being beaten out by other countries on so many levels and we continue to see a slide in our educational standards. You can’t expect to be the superpower when we aren’t educating our kids properly.

“I mean, there are a lot of things we can do,” Obama said. “The way I think about it is, you know, this is a great, great country that had gotten a little soft and, you know, we didn’t have that same competitive edge that we needed over the last couple of decades. We need to get back on track.” Source

Without making excuses for Obama, it’s simply not fair to listen to just two or three sentences out of an entire interview. He is right. We have gone soft as a country. Individually, there are many people busting their butts to make ends meet and take care of their families on a shrinking salary, but we have got to regain our technological edge or we will no longer be the superpower.

More Money Troubles for Bishop Long, Must Pay Nearly $2 Million to Settle Lawsuit Stemming from Hoops & Fitness Gym

Bishop Eddie L. Long and business partners in Hoops & Fitness gym ordered to repay State Bank & Trust nearly $2 million to settle civil lawsuit.

Bishop Eddie L. Long is in the news again and this time, it involves a $1.9 million dollar settlement. This man pays out more money than the Georgia Department of Revenue. We blogged about the case, which involved Long and two business partners who bought the Hoops and Fitness gym on Tara Boulevard in Jonesboro in 2007. According to WSB-TV, they formed a partnership — The West Indies Holding Company — and each signed a document borrowing money to purchase the building. Guess what, they didn’t pay as agreed and State Bank and Trust hauled them into court. Well, the result is Long and his partners must pony up more than $1.8 million, plus interest, fees and property taxes, WSB-TV said. One of the partners may be off the hook, since he filed for bankruptcy.

Um, I wonder, with all this money Long has to pay, could he be heading for a financial ruin too? True to form, Long had no comment on this latest settlement, nor did he show up for a deposition in a separate matter — a sexual harassment lawsuit against Michael Ceaser, a former employee. This is another disturbing series of events that continue to dog Bishop Long. How many more embarrassing incidents will the church board and the members of New Birth tolerate from this man before saying bye, bye? I am getting really sick and tired of hearing about this man in the news. The members of his church hve got to hold this man to a higher standard. He is playing them for a fool. Unbelievable. What’s next? Oh yeah, another lawsuit. This one was filed by the man who sold him the gym. He claims Long defaulted on a settlement with him by failing to pay nearly $200,000 owed. So, exactly why is Bishop Long parading around Atlanta in a Bentley when he can’t pay his bills. Oh wait, his piggy-bank, New Birth, pays the tab on the Bentley, right? It’s equally amazing that we haven’t heard peep out of his PR mouth piece Art Franklin.

Steven Fitch Dead After Online Date Leads to "Sex & Drugs Party" at Home of Rev. Mark Bidwell

SHAME: Rev. Mark Bidwell, pastor at the Metropolitan Community Church in Ferndale, called police last week to report Steven Fitch had stopped breathing. It seems that Rev. Bidwell is an openly gay pastor. According to the Daily Mail, Fitch died after a sex party held at the pastor’s home. That just doesn’t jive with what the Bible says about how pastors should live their lives.

He said he met the man, Steven Fitch, 43, of Lincoln Park, on a website the night before and invited him over to his house for sex. According to the police report Bidwell told a 911 operator: ‘I’ve got someone who has apparently stopped breathing.’ When the dispatcher asked how old the victim was, the 52-year-old replied: ‘Honestly, I don’t even know. We just met today.’ Police said Mr Fitch brought crystal methamphetamine to Rev Bidwell’s home and injected himself with the drug. He died later in hospital. Rev Bidwell told officers that Mr Fitch also injected him with the drug as well. The men had sex and invited a third man to join the party, police added. Source

I would venture to say, this isn’t the first time Rev. Bidwell has just picked up someone for a romp in the sack. It shows poor judgment, not to mention a serious health risk. I can’t imagine the church would ever condone this behavior from Pastor Bidwell. Not only was he engaging in unsafe sex, he was using drugs as well. Talk about pastors gone wild and saying “do as I say, but not as I do.” Never mind the fact that Bidwell was also a police chaplain.

Bishop Eddie Long to Speak At Stand Campaign 2011 After Alleged Multi-Million Settlement in Gay Coercion Lawsuit

I find it interesting to note the line up of speakers for the Stand Campaign 2011 scheduled for Atlanta Georgia on October 1, 2011. Just in case you doubt me I am attaching the link which shows the line up of speakers including Bishop Eddie Long. I can hear your silent questions of unbelief that Bishop Long is included in a campaign which seems to have as its core message a oneness of spirit. To be truthful, I haven’t contacted the organizers to determine if they are aware of Bishop Long’s history.

But I must tell you this, let me be clear on my position of grace and mercy. I believe that we are sinners saved by grace. I believe that God’s mercy enables us to live day by day for all the failings of our human character. I also believe in forgiveness. That no matter the sin, grace and mercy predated the sinful act and you are forgiven before you sin. That is redemption by grace.However there is a certain level of accountability that Christian leaders, in fact all individuals in leadership positions are required to maintain. Bishop Eddie Long in his capacity of pastoring a large church, mentoring young impressionable men who looked up to him as some sort of spiritual father failed in his duties to display the love of God shed abroad to all humanity. The accusations leveled at him by five young men who paint a disturbing picture of a leader run amok of his spiritual obligations and high indecency and immorality who placed his hands on them inappropriately causing undue emotional and spirtual damge not only to their individual psyche but also to the portrait of God the Father and the body of Christ.

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"Change Me, I Stink" Billboard Mocking President Barack Obama Erected Outside NO Home, Protesters Says It’s Racist & Disrespectful

“Change Me, I Stink” billboard outside New Orleans home of Timothy Reily, mocking President Barack Obama sparks outrage with protesters saying it’s racist and disrespectful.

Like Rodney Dangerfield saying “I get no respect,” the same holds true for President Obama, but the latest anti-Obama billboard, which says, “Change Me, I Stink,” has sparked some controversy in New Orleans. The billboard, which shows Obama in diapers and crying, was erected outside the home of Timothy Reily, who declined to be interviewed about the sign, which many have called racist and disrespectful. Former mayor Ray Nagin did manage to meet with Reily, but wouldn’t discuss what they talked about, WWLTV reports.

Fidel Castro Calls President Obama "Stupid" & Says UN Address was "Gibberish"

Fidel Castro mocked President Barack Obama, calls him “stupid” and says UN address was “gibberish.” Um, wasn’t this the same guy who praised Obama last year? What’s got Castro riled? He’s upset because President Obama said he’s open for changing U.S. policy toward Cuba if there is change on the island first. Castro the wrote in Cuba’s “state-owned paper “How kind! How intelligent!” He adds that such goodwill has not led Washington to end its five-decade-old economic embargo against the island, according to The Blaze. He also added “perhaps that empire will fall first,” referring to the U.S. Later he calls Obama “stupid.” Sorry, but until Castro can point to concrete change in Cuba, he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Dang, everyone is piling on Obama.

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani Still Has Presidential Ambitions, Not Convinced Current Slate of Candidates Can Beat President Obama

Former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani still flirting with presidential bid, “dispatched key emissary to New Hampshire to test waters.

Former New York City mayor and adulterer Rudy Giuliani just can’t take a hike. According to media reports, he has “dispatched a key emissary to New Hampshire on Wednesday to gauge their interest in his possible presidential bid.”

 “Giuliani has visited the first-in-the-nation primary state four times already this year and advisers have maintained regular contact with potential staffers in the event he decides to seek the presidency. During his last trip in July, Giuliani said he wasn’t convinced any of the candidates were strong enough to defeat President Barack Obama. Until he is, he said he wouldn’t rule out a run of his own.” Source

Rudy, we didn’t want you in 2008 and we don’t want you now. You can’t be trusted — Bernie Kerik and Donna Hanover are enough to keep you out of the White House.