Cornel West & Ralph Nader Part of Group Seeking Candidates to Mount Primary Challenge Against President Obama in 2012

Cornel West and Ralph Nader part of group seeking liberal candidates to challenge President Obama in the upcoming primary ahead of 2012 general election.

Cornel West strikes again. This time, he’s part of a group, with consumer advocate Ralph Nader, who are seeking candidates willing to mount a primary challenge against President Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election. The group said it faults Obama for the escalation of military campaigns in Afghanistan and Pakistan, for extending tax cuts first enacted by George W. Bush and for his actions during the recent debt ceiling negotiations, according to the Washington Post.

The group said Saturday it is seeking six “recognizable, articulate” candidates who would not mount serious challenges to Obama, but “rigorously debate his policy stands” on issues related to labor, poverty, foreign policy, civil rights and consumer protections.

The group’s efforts come as Democrats are growing increasingly pessimistic about the country’s direction. Fewer than three-quarters of Democrats approve of Obama’s job performance, and less than a third believe the nation is headed in the right direction, according to the most recent Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Cornel West hasn’t been making any friends in the White House and I suspect many blacks won’t pay much attention to him either. What gets me is that he was largely missing in action when the black community was down and out before, so why the sudden care and compassion now? Um, where’s his sidekick Tavis Smiley? Joining Nader and West are Chris Townsend of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America and Brent Blackwelder, president emeritus of Friends of the Earth.

United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America

Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Emanuel Cleaver’s Patience with Obama Wearing Thin

Congressional Black Caucus chairman Emanuel Cleaver said “If Bill Clinton had been in the White House & failed to address [high unemployment in black community] we’d probably be marching on the White House.

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO)

Emanuel Cleaver, (D-MO) chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, is trying to navigate the thin line between support and frustration with President Barack Obama over the high unemployment rate in the black community. He recently said, “If (former President) Bill Clinton had been in the White House and had failed to address this problem, we probably would be marching on the White House. There is a less-volatile reaction in the CBC because nobody wants to do anything that would empower the people who hate the president.” 

So, it’s okay to give President Obama a pass because of the color of his skin? Besides, what can he do to fix the high unemployment rates in the black community? He is the leader for the entire country, not just black America. Don’t get me wrong, the black community does need a lifeline, but I am not sure it will come from President Obama or that it should for that matter. His critics would have a field day.

Actor Danny Glover Gets Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres Award in France for Contributions to the Arts

Danny Glover was recently honored the Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres, in France last Monday. According to The Local, the award, which recognizes significant contributions to the arts, is not restricted to French citizens and previous recipients include Bob Dylan and George Clooney. Glover is known, not only for his superious acting abilities but for his community activism, particularly in the area of health care and education programs in the U.S. and Africa. The award was presented to Glover by culture minister Frédéric Mitterrand in a ceremony in Paris, The Local said.

“In France, it’s often the figure of the intellectual, university teacher or writer who gets involved with public issues,” said Mitterrand in his address. “In the US, well-known actors also often seize the initiative in matters of the public interest.” Source: The Local.Fr

No matter if you are of a different political ideology than Mr. Glover, you have to admit, he is one of a handful of good actors in the U.S.

Michael Wogan & Greg Morcom Among Those Killed at Reno Air Race Plane Crash

The names of the the nine people killed in the air race crash in Reno, Nev., is slowly trickly out. The names released thus far are Michael Wogan, who reportedly overcame disability to earn a college degree and start his own internet company. His father Bill Wogan was also injured and is listed in critical condition. Also dead is Greg Morcom. Officials released the names of two more people who died: Regina Bynum, 53, of San Angelo, Texas and Sharon Stewart, 47, of Reno. The death toll has climbed to 10.

Jeremiah Fogle Kills one, Critically Wounds Pastors William Boss & Carl Stewart After Bursting into Florida Church

Jeremiah Fogle, 57, killed his wife, Theresa Fogle, at their Florida home and then ran through the doors of the Greater Faith Christian Church in Lakeland, Fla., where he once served as a deacon, wounding Pastor William Boss and associate pastor Carl Stewart before he was tackled by church members. Both pastors are said to be in critical condition. Deputies are trying to figure out what led to the murder and attempted murders of the two pastors.

Maria Beauford said the slain woman was her sister, 56-year-old Theresa Fogle. The Fogles married in 2002 and ran a transportation business together. They had been members of Greater Faith Christian Center Church, where the shootings happened, but had started their own ministry out of their house and regularly hosted Sunday services, Beauford said. Source: USA Today

According to court records, Jeremiah Fogle killed a previous wife, Diane Fogle, more than 20 years ago. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to probation in 1987. The man was a threat to society from as far back the 1980s. I wonder if Theresa Fogle knew he had killed his previous wife? No matter how you view this, it is a sad, sad turn of events. The Fogles, who are black, were described as good neighbors. What drove this man to such acts of violence is a mystery to their families. It should be noted that Jeremiah Fogle was married seven times. Seems to me this man had some real demons.

Floyd Mayweather Shows the World How Little Class He Has, Tells Larry Merchant "HBO Needs to Fire You, You Ain’t Sh*t" After Controversial Knockout

By now you should have heard that Floyd Mayweather knocked out by Victor Ortiz in the fourth round at Saturday night’s WBC Welterweight match in Las Vegas. But what’s also making waves is the drama that ensued during and after the match. Floyd Mayweather has shown that world that he has no class. Ortiz lost a point for an illegal headbutt and that was clearly wrong and in poor taste. When the referee resumed action, Ortiz hugged and kissed Mayweather on the cheek to apologize, then backed up with his hands down. He was obviously not mounting any type of defense and that’s when Mayweather decided to take a cheap shot. He caught him with the a left hook that ended the fight at 2:59 into the fourth round.

Mayweather showed the world just how classless he is by refusing to talk to HBO announcer Larry Merchant as he attempted to do his traditional in-ring post-fight interview by saying: “You don’t never give me a fair shake. I’m through. Put somebody else up here to give me an interview. HBO need to fire you because you don’t know shit about boxing. You ain’t shit.” Merchant had a response of his own: “I wish I was 50 years younger and I would kick your ass.” Well, I guess Victor Ortiz learned a valuable lesson, “protect yourself at all times.” It is clear that Floyd Mayweather cannot even dream of walking in the shoes of boxing great Muhammad Ali much less actually walking in those shoes.