Movement for Justice & Truth: Christopher LaVell Jones Murdered Last Year

Christopher LaVell Jones, son of Pastor LaVell Jones and Brenda Grisham, was gunned down on December 31, 2010, after being caught in a cross fire in Oakland, Calif., after leaving a relative’s home to grab a bite. We must get the guns off the streets. The men are in jail, but won’t be charged for Christopher’s murder and will end up back on the streets. Say no to that gross miscarriage of justice…. 

Christopher LaVell Jones


In cases where there is a overwelming amount of substantial evidence to establish motive and intent of the act. Polygraph test should be mandatory and failed test should be entered as physical evidence. In the case of Christopher though he was not the intended target he lost his life to felons who should not have been able to spread fear in our community. These young men will be on the streets unless we demand something be done. A life for a life is never the answer BUT to just let them walk the streets is not the answer either. This petition is important for many reasons.

As the mother of a son, Christopher LaVell Jones my only son, who was murdered on December 31, 2010 – New Year’s Eve in the city of Oakland California as gunmen opened fired in the pursuit of doing harm to someone else and 17 year old Christopher was caught in the cross fire and well as his 24 year old sister who survived. Christopher was gunned down in front of myself his two sisters and baby niece 5 months old. Christopher was a high school honor student at EOSA high school and had completed his required credits and was enrolled to begin part- time classes at Laney college set to begin a few weeks after his death and had applied to the School of Music at Cal State East Bay where he would have continued his education begining this month, Christopher was a church musician, singer, composer just a well rounded young man.

In no way is my intention to overlook the rights of all parties involved but would like to bring an even balance to the judicial system. Too many innocent people lose their lives to senseless violence. It is an injustice to continue to pretend like there is nothing we can do. Let’s Begin To SAVE Live’s and not be a part of taking them by looking the other way and allowing murder’s to walk the street with innocent citizens.

Learn more about Christopher by adding a link we can also help bring closure to other cases.