Washington Times Columnist Joseph Curl Says First Lady Michelle Obama is “Very Angry”

Here comes Michelle Obama, the angry black first lady. That’s what Joseph Curl, columnist at the ultra-right wing newspaper, The Washington Times, would have you believe. I am shaking my head in disgust at his latest column — the angry black woman. Here’s an excerpt from his screed:

Michelle’s back, and she’s madder than ever. She was already pretty angry, seemingly unhappy with just about everything. As her husband wrapped up the Democratic nomination in 2008, she let fly her real feelings: “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country.” A few months into her job as first lady, her French counterpart asked how she liked the gig: “Don’t ask!” she reportedly spat. “It’s hell. I can’t stand it!”

She even seems to be mad at her silver-tongued husband. When the two were to set off on a luxurious 10-day vacation to Martha’s Vineyard, she left early – four hours early – and flew up alone. And those private vacations. She’s traveled to some of the world’s most plush resorts, taking 42 days off in the past year – that’d be eight weeks of vacay time if she held down a normal job.

Now, she is ready to spew her bilious disgust with America on the campaign trail. A dignified, transcendent first lady? No chance. Michelleis going to break with a hundred years of tradition and play the role of attack dog, heaping derision on her husband’s political opponents like no other first lady before her.

And it’s already begun. Mad Michelle this week popped down to Davis Island, Fla., to hobnob with the very people her husband despises – the 1 percent. At a massive mansion on the bay, filled with the wealthiest of the wealthy, America’s first lady launched into a tirade about “them” – the Republicans.

“Let’s not forget about what it meant when my husband appointed two brilliant Supreme Court justices, and for the first time in history, our daughters – and our sons – watched three women take their seats on our nation’s highest court. But more importantly, let’s not forget the impact their decisions will have on our lives for decades to come – on our privacy and our security, on whether we can speak freely, worship openly and love whomever we choose. That is what’s at stake here,” she said to applause. Source: Washington Times

Wow, did Joseph Curl come up with this all by himself? Give me a break. When people were criticizing former president George W. Bush left, right and center, Laura Bush came out swinging, saying that it hurt like hell to hear people talking about him in such a manner. Let’s not forget Nancy Reagan was no easy task in the White House during Ronald Reagan’s tenure in office. So, what’s wrong with Michelle Obama taking up for her husband?

Body Thought to be of 10 YO Missing OK Girl, Jasmen Gonzalez, Found in Texas

Texas police said they have found the body of a child, feared to be that of missing 10 year old Jasmen Gonzalez, who vanished from the home of Carrollton, TX, relative late Saturday night, according to KDFW 4 News. The initial reports stated that Jasmen may have been sleepwalking, but those reports have since been refuted.

According to The Oklahoman newspaper, the body was discovered about 3:30 p.m. Sunday after police and the FBI organized a search for Jasmen.  Several volunteer canine-units were also involved in the search.


GOP Presidential Hopeful Herman Cain Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations During 1990s

Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain is feeling the heat of sorts since allegations of “sexual harassment” have surfaced. The word is he sexually harassed two women while he was head of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s. His team has accused “inside-the-Beltway media” of attacking him with these allegations. Um, if memory serves me correct, they also tried to smear then-candidate Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and the list goes on. Herman Cain isn’t above the scrutiny.



The Hinterland Gazette is Moving to WordPress

We are pleased to announce The Hinterland Gazette is moving from Blogger to a self-hosted site! Please bear with us as we make this transition. It is your support that has helped us to outgrow Blogger. The move will be seamless and will be the beginning of great things! The site may go down for a few hours, but I can assure you, we will back on track quickly! Please bear with us as we make necessary upgrades and changes!

Dion Evans & RMG Radio, Candlelights For Community…

I am pleased to see my friend Dion Evans of RMG Radio, Oakland California organize and execute a non-violent vigil in his community. Many of us in one way or another, have seen or witnessed some form of violence. It doesn’t matter whether the violence affects you personally in the form of violence against your person or against some one you know, the fact is all of us need to be aware of the damaging effcts of violence in our community. Read more: http://harrietcammock.blogspot.com/2011/10/dion-evans-rmg-radio-candlelights-for.html?spref=bl

Bloody Weekend in Chicago, Two Dead, 16 Wounded in Gun Violence Since Friday Afternoon

MURDER CITY CHICAGO: Chicago is in the throes of yet another bloody weekend that has seen two killed and 16 shot since Friday afternoon. According to NBC Chicago, a 74 year old man and a 50 year old man, were fatally shot. Read more: http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/chicago-crime-gun-violence-132847248.html

Christian-Affiliated Shorter University Requiring Employees to Sign Statement Rejecting Homosexuality or Face Termination

Shorter University now requiring employees to sign “Personal Lifestyle Statement” rejecting homosexuality or face termination.

SHAME: Christian-based Shorter University is now requiring its employees to sign a “Personal Lifestyle Statement” rejecting homosexuality.

Don Dowless, president of the Christian university in Rome, said anyone not signing the statement, which also requires staffers to reject premarital sex and adultery, faces termination.

“I think that anybody who adheres to a lifestyle that is outside of what the biblical mandate is and of what the board has passed, including the president, would not be allowed to continue here,” Dowless told Channel 2 Action News. Source

Students are not required to sign this statement. I don’t quite know what to make of this mess, but I think it’s a violation of one’s rights.

Glendale AZ Police Officer Brad Jones Dies After Being Shot by Suspect During Probation Meeting

Police Officer Brad Jones dies after being wounded by Ryan Heisler who shot him during meeting with probation officer in Glendale, AZ.

Glendale AZ police officer Brad Jones, 27, was fatally shot while accompanying a probation officer on a meeting with a convict, Ryan Heisler, at an apartment complex Friday night. According to Officer Down Memorial Page, during the meeting, the suspect pulled a weapon and fired at Officer Jones.

The suspect fled in the officer’s vehicle after shooting him. Officer Jones was able to make a radio call and responding officers pursued the suspect until he crashed on west Glendale Avenue. The suspect attempted to flee, but exchanged gunfire with the officers and was critically wounded. Officer Jones was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix where he died from his injuries.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Officer Jones, who served with the Glendale Police Department for four years. He is survived by a wife and two young children. According to the Arizona Republic, Heisler remains in critical condition at the Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.

RMG Radio is Kicking Off 10 Hours of Programming Devoted to the Violence & Other Issues in Oakland, Calif.

RMG Radio is set up in the Eastmont Town Center Transit Station area in Oakland and kicking off 10 hours of non-stop programming dealing with issues confronting the city through its “Candlelight’s for Community,” to bring back hope to the community and put an end to the violence. If you are in the Oakland area, stop by and visit Dion Evans and his crew. The city of Oakland seems to have a bad reputation in the media, because they tend to accentuate the negative, but there are many, many good people in Oakland and RMG Radio is making a difference in changing that image.

RMG’s PRAYDIO will be on location and on the air from 12 noon to 10 p.m. Remember, you have the power the change the world. Stop by and let your voice be heard! Join the conversation in person or check out RMG’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/RMGradio. Listen live at:  http://www.live365.com/cgi-bin/mini.cgi?station_name=religazine&site=pro&tm=6297. The Christopher Lavell Jones Foundation is also giving away some t-shirts today. The Khadafy Foundation is also giving away calendars highlighting deaths in Oakland.

Words of wisdom from PRAYDIO: Fathers shouldn’t just send the family to church. Join the mother and children in service. Don’t kiss them goodbye as they depart to church. The time of worship that comes back into your home with you. There is peace in your home because there is peace in your spirit. It’s time to end the violence in our communities, not just Oakland. It starts in the home!

Donna Williams, co-host of “Issues After Dark,” is talking about how we can be instruments of peace in the community. She said “if the church isn’t careful, we are going to wind up being an exclusive club, such as a sorority. Involvement with community-based organizations is important.”

I would urge all our readers to support Dion Evans and RMG Radio. They are making a difference across the globe, one listener and one community at a time. Visit www.rmgradio.org for more information.