South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu Says ANC Government Worse than Apartheid Regime Over Dalai Lama Visa Flap

From International Business TimesArchbishop Desmond Tutu says African National Congress government worse than apartheid regime over Dalai Lama visa flap. Tutu was outraged at the government’s refusal to stand up to China by approving a visa for his friend, the Dalai Lama.

Speaking to reporters in Cape Town, Tutu said the African National Congress-party dominated government of President Jacob Zuma is worse than the regimes under apartheid and that he prayed for the collapse of the ANC. The Dalai Lama had been invited to Tutu’s 80th birthday celebration this month, but the Pretoria government (for the second time) didn’t grant him a proper visa, raising suspicions that the Chinese government pressured South African officials.

Tough words coming from a man of God, but China has its tentacles all over Africa and I guess it’s hard to tell them no, whether it’s on principle or not. Shameful.

15 Teens from Low-Income West Philadelphia High School Build Groundbreaking 160 MPG Biodiesel Hybrid Car

West Philly Hybrid Team, made up of 15 teens from a low-income high school in Philadelphia accomplished a major feat — building their 160 mpg Factory Five GTM biodiesel hybrid kit car, which has outperformed other fuel-efficient cars built by professional engineers and graduate students from Ivy League universities.

Yesterday, this group of teenagers — the West Philly Hybrid X Team, a motley crew of 15 high school mechanics from West Philadelphia High School — were honored with the “Next Generation Award” at the Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards, which recognizes visionaries whose innovation in the fields of technology, medicine, space exploration, automotive design, and environmental engineering is changing the world we live in. Other winners include Steven Squyres and his Spirit & Opportunity team, who created robotic surrogates for humans on Mars, as well as director James Cameron, who was honored with the “Leadership Award” for innovations in filmmaking technology used for the film Avatar. Source: Huffington Post

Way to go teens! These kids have a bright future ahead of them. This is the good news we need to tell the world about African American kids who some in our society would be only too happy to discount.

President Obama’s Approval Rating Among Blacks Continue to Plunge, Now Stands at 80%

President Barack Obama has a serious problem and that’s all tied to the economic conditions, high unemployment and foreclosure rates. His staunchest supporters are losing faith. According to a recent Gallup poll, his approval rating among blacks has fallen to 80%. Among Hispanics, it’s 54% for October 3 – October 9th, with only 40% of Americans approving of the way he’s handling the economy.

3 Killed, 8 Wounded, 1 Stabbed in Violent Weekend in New Orleans

The violence in New Orleans continues to escalate with three killed and eight wounded by gunfire and one stabbed this past weekend. According to the Times Picayune, two of the shootings stemmed from disputes inside nightclubs. The crimes occurred late Friday night through Sunday morning in neighborhoods across the city. Read more:

Paula Deen Says First Lady Michelle Obama Likes Fried Foods Too, Contrary to the Goal of her "Let’s Move" Anti-Obesity Campaign

Hypocrisy rears its ugly head as southern belle Paula Deen says Michelle Obama loves fried foods and “probably ate more than any other guest I’ve ever had on the show, she kept eating even during commercials.”

I like First Lady Michelle Obama and I find her one of the better first ladies, but I can’t understand why she keeps putting herself out there for criticism over a perceived double-standard with her childhood anti-obesity program. Of all the people for her to associate herself with in the cooking world, Paula Deen just isn’t the person. You know Paula Deen’s recipes and dishes are a recipe for high cholesterol and a heart attack waiting to happen.

“Well, I did a show with Michelle and I just loved being with her,” Deen told Yeas & Nays. “She probably ate more than any other guest I’ve ever had on the show —she kept eating even during commercials.” Deen taught Obama how to fry shrimp during a TV segment in September before the 2008 presidential election. 

“You know what their favorite foods are — it’s hot wings, you know, those kinds of foods that are not necessarily top-of-the-list healthy foods, so she’s no different than the rest of us,” Deen said. “We love those kinds of foods, we just know that we can’t eat them everyday.” The culinary superstar also said she supported the first lady’s initiative to get more Americans gardening. “So I love that,” she said. “I was really happy to see her encouraging children, you know, to plant their little gardens.” Source

Really Michelle? Why not go on Martha Stewart or Rachel Ray’s shows? The dishes they whip up are more in line with the “Let’s Move” campaign.

Christopher Wyma, Mohammad Salahat & Ehab Qasem Charged with 1st Degree Murder for Deaths of Chicago Couple John & Maria Granat

Three teens, Christopher Wyma, Mohammad Salahat & Ehab Qasem charged with first degree murder in deaths of suburban Chicago couple John and Maria Granat, whose son, John Granat is already facing murder in their deaths.

Ehab Qasem; Mohammad Salahat and Christopher Wyma charged with two counts of
first-degree murder in connection with the Sept. 10 deaths of John and Maria Granat. (Sun Times)

Christopher Wyma, Mohammad Salahat, both 17, and Ehab Qasem, 19, were charged with first degree murder in the deaths of suburban Chicago couple Maria and John Granat, whose son, John Granat, 17, is already facing murder charges in their deaths. He was charged in September with beating his father to death and stabbing his mother to death. Authorities said the three teens are either friends or classmates of John Granat. They are expected to appear in court Tuesday. All three reportedly gave detailed, videotaped confessions and led investigators to a knife, baseball bats, bloody clothing and cash taken from the victims.

Harry Belafonte Says Herman Cain May Have Broken Through, But Isn’t An Authority on Plight of Blacks in U.S.

Civil rights activist and actor Harry Belafonte slams GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain, saying “because he happened to have good fortune & broke through, doesn’t mean he’s an authority on the plight of people of color.”

Singer/actor and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte gave his two cents about GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain, who like Clarence Thomas, seems to have forgotten it was people like Belafonte who fought for racial equality and justice in this country. Belafonte says Herman Cain is a “bad apple” who knows very little about race in America.

Well, you know, it’s very hard to comment on somebody who is so denied intelligence and certainly someone who is as denied a view of history such as he reveals. He knows very little. Because he happened to have had good fortune, because he happened to have had a moment when he broke through – the moment someone blinked – does not make him the authority on the plight of people of color.” Source

You see, Herman Cain is a “good negro” who passes just fine with members of the white conservative establishment such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and others. I know some people won’t like my use of the term “good negro,” but that’s exactly what Herman Cain is. Like Peola in “The Imitation of Life.” The only problem for Cain is that he won’t make any inroads with the black community, though he seems to think he can get two-thirds of our votes despite insulting us and saying racism doesn’t hold people back in America. Um, wait, is that pizza company he built still in existence?

Watch the video:

Herman Cain fired back to Belafonte’s comments, saying he left the “Democratic plantation a long time ago.”

CDC Director Dr. Kimberly Lindsey Facing Child Molestation & Bestiality Charges, Boyfriend Thomas Westerman Also Charged with Sexually Molesting 6 Year Old

Dr. Kimberly Lindsey deputy director with CDC charged with child molestation & bestiality, while boyfriend Thomas Westerman also charged with child molestation, for sexual assault of six year old.

SHAME: Dr. Kimberly Lindsey, a deputy director with the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, was arrested in Dekalb County, on child molestation and bestiality charges after an investigation into allegations she and her boyfriend, Thomas Westerman, sexually molested his six year old son. That’s enough to make one throw up.Dr. Lindsey, who serves as the deputy director with the CDC’s Laboratory Science, Policy and Practice Program Office, is being held in the DeKalb County Jail on a $20,000 bond, while Westerman was release on a $16,000 bond.

According to the AJC, the arrest warrant states Lindsey and Westerman, who is a night watchman at the CDC, are accused of making the child participate in sexual play. The incidents occurred in August and January 2010. Investigators said Westerman allowed the boy to spank Lindsey’s nude buttocks and also let him use a sex toy on her. Lindsey is facing a felony bestiality charge for performing lewd acts on two pets. Just plain nasty.

Violence Against Women – Iranian Actress, Marizeh Vafamehr, sentenced to 90 Lashes

As we draw awareness to the recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness month in October, it is increasingly clear violence against women is a worldwide concern.An Iranian actress who starred in a film withour wearing the hijab headscarf, Marizeh Vafamehr was arrested in July for a appearing in a film produced by an Australian filmmaker.

I am outraged and appalled at the Iranian government to impose such a harsh sentence on a woman. We need to recognize that violence against women and children is a world wide problem. I am asking all women to stand up and use every media tool at your disposal to bring awareness to this issue. Everywhere women are subject to violent behavior is a threat to our security. We have seen in recent times, the imprisonment of an American hiker in Iran who was accused of entering the country illegally. This is a country known for entrenched vilence against women and its citizens who disagree with the policies of the regime. Further, Iran does not recognize the rights of women.

I am deeply saddened by this action on the part of the Iranian government. I am not surprised that a repressive regime continues to use violent methods to keep its population from expressing their feelings about life in their own country. Thousands of women around the world experience violence to their person every day. In this month and every month I am asking that we pay attention to incidents of violence against women and children. Using all methods available to you, social media, letters and emails to your elected representatives let your voice be heard. It’s time to stop the violence.