20-Month-Old Toddler Nevaeh Bryant Mauled to Death by Aunt’s Three Pit Bulls in CT Apartment

Nevaeh Bryant, 20 months old, dies after being attacked in West Haven, Conn., home by aunt’s three pitbulls.

Twenty-month old Nevaeh Bryant, of Derby, Conn., was killed after being attacked by pit bulls at her aunt’s apartment in West Haven, Friday night. The child, who was found unconscious when paramedics arrived at the scene, was attacked by as many as three pit bulls. Um, why would anyone have that many dogs living in an apartment as well as why have a pit bull as a pet? As far as I can remember these dogs have a propensity to be violent. Sorry, I am not buying the line of reasoning that says “oh the violent ones are bred that way.” According to NBC Connecticut, the toddler’s aunt said the dogs had never been aggressive, but someone else begged to differ, saying neighbors told police the dogs have shown aggression before. The dogs have been euthanized.