Mildred Russ, a veteran teacher a Baker, Louisiana elementary school, was arrested and placed on administrative leave from the school, after she choked Kiya Rogers, a six year old girl, with her own sweater and dragged her across a playground to the office.

According to the Daily Mail, Russ, who is black, dragged the child with such force that she was pulled out of her shoes, left behind in the sand. She immobilized the girl by wrapping her legs around her body. The child’s mother admitted that her daughter oftentimes acts up, but doesn’t deserve what the teacher did. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but this teacher may have been at her wits end with this kid.

Parents, this is a lesson to you, be better parents to your kids and don’t let them become nuisances at school — plain and simple. This teacher could have taken the kid to the principal’s office to be disciplined. The mother thinks moving her daughter to another school will fix the problem. Um, the problem started at home and that’s where it needs to be fixed.