Chattahoochee HS Principal Timothy Duncan Charged with Simple Battery for Slamming Student Against Wall

Chattahoochee HS principal Timothy Duncan charged with simple battery for slamming Taylor Middle School student against wall and putting his hands around his neck.

Chattahoochee HS principal Timothy Duncan was charged with simple battery for slamming a student, Calvin White Jr., against the wall. Duncan is due in a Fulton County court on Wednesday to answer to a simple battery charged filed after the student’s parent, Teresa Thomas, accused him of slamming her 13 year old son, who attends Taylor Middle School, against a wall and putting his hands around his neck. According to the AJC, the principal allegedly engaged in this behavior on September 25, after the teen was caught running in the halls.

Before you say why is a high school principal tangling with a middle school student, the incident occurred on a Sunday when a group of middle school students were at the high school as volunteers to set up for the Taste of Johns Creek, according to the AJC. What’s interesting is why Duncan picked out that student to slam against the wall, when there were other students also running down the halls.

Since the police officer who interviewed witnesses and watched the video before recommending a simple battery charge be filed against the principal, I am wondering why Timothy Duncan wasn’t placed on administrative leave? You know if a student engaged in criminal behavior, he or she would be suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. So, why not the same for Mr. Duncan?

UPDATE: The case has been held over until January 4, since Timothy Duncan strode into court this morning without a lawyer thinking this was no big deal. The judge reprimanded him for doing so. Duncan said this is one big misunderstanding and he merely put his hands on Calvin White Jr.’s shoulders, not around his neck. That’s despite witnesses corroborating the teen’s account of what transpired.