Lawsuit Claims GA-Based Accord Services Steered Black Nurses from White Clients

Erika Arnold, Tracee Goodman, Debra Trawick & Christine Muchene accuse GA-based Accord Services of racial discrimination, allegedly steered black nurses from white clients.

A newly filed discrimination lawsuit claims Accord Services, based in Marietta, Ga.,  steered black nurses from white clients. The former staffers at Accord Services said the company would describe nurses as “too black, too ethnic, and too old or too ghetto” in deciding whether to send them to a home, according to a federal lawsuit, the Atlanta Journal Constitution said. The four nurses who filed the lawsuit are Erika Arnold, Tracee Goodman, Debra Trawick and Christine Muchene, who are claiming violations under the U.S. Civil Rights Act.

“Defendants intentionally discriminated against black applicants and employees, including both African Americans and Africans, in favor of Caucasian and Hispanic applicants and employees,” said the lawsuit, which seeks monetary damages.

The four plaintiffs said the “negative stereotyping of blacks created a working environment permeated with hostility towards blacks.”

A spokesman for the company, however, said the plaintiffs are simply disgruntled former employees who had either resigned or were fired. Source: AJC

Of course, the company is saying the allegations are false. Well, we have learned to bide our time and reserve judgment until a verdict is rendered. Stay tuned. There will be more to come.